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67-903.  Duties of secretary of state. 1. To keep a register of and file and attest the official acts of the governor, including all executive orders issued by him pursuant to the provisions of section 67-802, Idaho Code.
2.  To affix the great seal, with his attestation, to commissions, pardons, and other public instruments to which the official signature of the governor is required.
3.  To record in proper books all conveyances made to the state, and all articles of incorporation of domestic corporations filed in his office.
4.  To receive and record in proper books the official bonds of all the officers whose bonds are required to be filed with him.
5.  To take and file in his office receipts for all books distributed by him.
6.  To furnish on demand to any person paying the fees therefor a certified copy of all, or any part, of any law, record, or other instrument filed, deposited, or recorded in his office.
7.  To present to the legislature, at the commencement of each session thereof, a full account of all purchases made and expenses incurred by him on account of the state.
8.  To designate each act of the legislature which has become a law by its appropriate chapter number.
9.  To promulgate in accordance with chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code, such rules and regulations as he deems necessary or proper in the performance of his duties.

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