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67-910.  Fees of secretary of state. (1) The secretary of state, for services performed in his office, shall charge and collect the following fees:
(a)  For a copy of any law, resolution, record or other document or paper on file in his office, twenty-five cents (25¢) per page.
(b)  For affixing certificate and seal of the state, ten dollars ($10.00).
(c)  For filing and indexing any map or other paper where the fee for the same is not already fixed by law, four dollars ($4.00).
(d)  For searching legislative journals for records of enacted and reenacted laws, and certifying to the same, ten dollars ($10.00).
(e)  For certifying and attaching certificate to any state law, published in pamphlet form, which shall include comparing the same with the enrolled act, ten dollars ($10.00).
(f)  For any other certificate required of the secretary of state, the fee for which is not hereinbefore prescribed, ten dollars ($10.00).
(g)  For provision of electronic access to databases and provision of other automated data services, such fees as the secretary of state may require by duly promulgated administrative rule.
(2)  The secretary of state may enter into agreements with private companies to provide access to services for which a fee is collected in accordance with subsection (1)(g) of this section. Such agreements may provide for the private company to collect the prescribed fee and remit such fee to the state treasurer on behalf of the secretary of state. The private company may also charge and collect a reasonable additional fee for its services.
(3)  For all services not hereinbefore provided for, the secretary of state shall charge and collect such fees therefor as may now be provided by law, or as may be prescribed by the state board of examiners.
(4)  No member of the legislature or state officer may be charged for any search relative to matters connected to the duties of their offices; nor may they be charged any fee for a certified copy of any law or resolution passed by the legislature relating to their official duties.
(5)  In his discretion, the secretary of state may grant to persons, without charge, access to files in his office for the purpose of making copies if a benefit to his office will thereby be obtained.
(6)  In the secretary of state’s discretion, a business entity filing may be deleted from the secretary of state’s files if the payment for the filing is not completed in a timely manner.

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