Idaho Statutes

69-205.  Inspection and classification of warehouses, storage, warehousing, weighing and certification of commodities — Duties of warehousemen. Upon application by any person for license to conduct a warehouse under this chapter, the department is authorized to investigate and determine whether the public warehouse for which licenses are applied, or have been previously issued, under this chapter, is suitable for the proper storage of agricultural commodities and the department is authorized with or without application, to wit:
To inspect any warehouse licensed under this chapter; to inspect every licensed warehouse at least once every calendar year; to investigate the storage, warehousing, classifying according to grade, and otherwise weighing and certification of agricultural commodities therein conducted; to classify warehouses, licensed or applying for license, in accordance with their capacity and to prescribe, within the limitations of this chapter, the duties of the warehousemen conducting warehouses licensed under this chapter with respect to their care of and responsibility for agricultural commodities.

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