Idaho Statutes

69-212.  Schedule of charges — Posting. Every licensed warehouseman shall annually, during the first week of July, publish by posting in a conspicuous place in his warehouse, a schedule of storage, handling, conditioning or any other charges or discounts for the ensuing year, which schedule shall be kept posted in a conspicuous place in said warehouse. Further, the warehouseman shall annually, during the first week in July, mail to the department, a copy of such charges. All charges made by any public warehouseman hereunder for the handling and storage of agricultural commodities shall be just, fair and reasonable; and the director is hereby vested with the power and authority upon the complaint of any person interested or upon his own motion, after a full hearing, to declare any existing charge for the handling or storage of any agricultural commodity to be unreasonable or unjust and to determine and order what shall be a just and reasonable charge to be imposed or enforced in place of that found to be unreasonable or unjust. Failure to file and post scheduled charges for the current year will keep in full force and effect the latest previously posted and filed schedule of rates.

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