Idaho Statutes

69-220.  Inspection and grading of diseased or insect infested commodities. Any diseased or insect infested agricultural commodity complained of by the department or any person having interest in the warehouse or agricultural commodities stored in a warehouse licensed under this chapter shall be inspected and graded by a representative of the department or a person duly licensed to grade the same under this chapter, and if such inspection or grading shows such agricultural commodity to be in a condition that its continued storing or retention would injure or damage the warehouse or other commodities stored therein the owner shall, by order of the director, forthwith remove and dispose of such agricultural commodity as directed. If the owner of such commodity is unknown to the inspector or warehouseman, the warehouseman shall proceed to remove or make disposition of such commodity in a manner that will tend to save and realize the values contained in such commodity by the owner, under such rules and regulations as may be promulgated under this chapter or the uniform commercial code.

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