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69-238.  Warehouseman’s obligations — Duty to deliver deposited commodities — Damages. (1) The duty of the warehouseman to deliver agricultural commodities deposited shall be governed by the provisions of this chapter and the requirements of the uniform commercial code. Upon the return of a properly endorsed negotiable warehouse receipt to the warehouseman, and upon payment or tender of all advances and legal charges, agricultural commodities of the grade and quantity named therein shall be delivered to the holder of the negotiable warehouse receipt, except as provided by the uniform commercial code.
(2)  A warehouseman’s duty to deliver any agricultural commodity is fulfilled if delivery is made pursuant to the contract with the depositor, or if no contract exists, then to the several owners in the order of demand as rapidly as it can be done by ordinary diligence. When delivery is made within thirty (30) days from date of demand, or as agreed upon in writing by all parties concerned, such delivery is deemed to comply with the provisions of this section. An extension of the delivery period may be granted by the department upon written request.
(3)  A warehouseman shall not fail to deliver an agricultural commodity as provided in this section, and delivery shall be made at the warehouse or station where the agricultural commodity was received, unless otherwise agreed.
(4)  In addition to being subject to penalties provided in this chapter for a violation of the provisions of this section, any warehouseman failing to deliver agricultural commodities within the time provided in this section is subject to suit by the person entitled to delivery of the agricultural commodities and may be ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction to pay actual damage or liquidated damages of one percent (1%) of the value for each day’s delay.

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