Idaho Statutes

69-511.  Inspection of premises, books and records — Authorization to copy. The department may inspect the premises used by any commodity dealer in the conduct of his business at any reasonable time. The department is authorized through officials, employees, or agents of the department designated by it, to examine all books, accounts, records and papers pertaining to any commodity or seed crop purchased, contracted for, or in the possession of, any commodity dealer licensed under the provisions of this chapter. A commodity dealer licensed in this state who does not have a place of business within the state shall, upon the request of the director, make available and furnish to the department at any reasonable time and place the department may set, all books, accounts, records and papers relating to agricultural commodity transactions within the state of Idaho. Where there is good cause to believe that a person is doing business as a commodity dealer in the state of Idaho without a license, the department may inspect the books, papers and records of the person which pertain to agricultural commodity purchases. The department is authorized to make copies of any documents or records relevant to compliance with the provisions of this chapter.

[69-511, added 1982, ch. 94, sec. 2, p. 181; am. 1990, ch. 184, sec. 5, p. 411; am. 2002, ch. 258, sec. 6, p. 753; am. 2003, ch. 149, sec. 2, p. 429.]

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