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69-517.  Director’s authority. The director may, upon his own motion, whenever he has reason to believe the provisions of this chapter have been violated, or upon verified complaint of any person in writing, investigate the actions of any commodity dealer licensed under the provisions of this chapter, and if he finds probable cause to do so, shall file a complaint against said commodity dealer which shall be set down for hearing before the director upon thirty (30) days’ notice served upon such license holder either by personal service, registered mail or facsimile prior to such hearing.
The director shall have the power to administer oaths, certify to all official acts and shall have the power to subpoena any person in this state as a witness, to compel through subpoena the production of books, papers and records, and to take the testimony of any person on deposition in the same manner as is prescribed by law in the procedure before the courts of this state. A subpoena issued by the director shall extend to all parts of the state and may be served by any person authorized to do so.
All powers of the director herein enumerated in respect to administering oaths, power of subpoena, and other enumerated powers in hearings on complaints shall likewise be applicable to hearings held on applications for the issuance or renewal of a commodity dealer’s license.
Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to require the director or his authorized representative to report for prosecution or to institute civil, criminal or administrative action against a commodity dealer for a violation of the provisions of this chapter when he believes that public interest will best be served by a suitable warning or other administrative action. The director shall maintain a record of any administrative action involving a commodity dealer with that commodity dealer’s license file.

[69-517, added 1982, ch. 94, sec. 2, p. 183; am. 1983, ch. 116, sec. 10, p. 255; am. 2002, ch. 258, sec. 9, p. 754.]

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