Idaho Statutes

7-1306.  Notice of filing of petition — Contents — Service by publication and posting. (1) Notice of the filing of the petition shall be given by the clerk of the court, under the seal thereof, stating in brief outline the contents of the petition and showing where a full copy of any instrument therein mentioned may be examined.
(2)  The notice shall be served:
(a)  By publication at least once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks by three (3) weekly insertions, in the official newspaper or papers of general circulation within the jurisdiction; the publication shall meet the following requirements: The notice shall be of a format and in such size and type that distinguishes it from legal notices. The notice shall be requested to run in the newspaper’s main news section, far forward, and the rate to be paid for advertising placed under this section shall be no more than the current rate card posted by the newspaper for similar forms of advertising in volume and frequency to that which is ordered, in order to meet the requirements of this section; provided, the rates and type requirements provided in section 60-105, Idaho Code, for public agency advertisements shall not apply to advertisements published under the requirements of this section; and
(b)  By posting the same in a prominent place at or near the main door of the administrative office of the political subdivision at least thirty (30) days prior to the date fixed in the notice for the hearing on the petition.
(3)  Jurisdiction shall be complete after such publication and posting.

[7-1306, added 1988, ch. 219, sec. 1, p. 416; am. 1994, ch. 173, sec. 2, p. 399.]

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