Idaho Statutes

7-1404.  Jurisdiction for suspension of a license. (1) Upon petition of an obligee of a child support order, a person entitled to visitation with a minor child pursuant to court order, or the department of health and welfare, a court may issue an order suspending a license on any of the grounds provided in section 7-1403, Idaho Code.
(2)  Upon notification by the department of a child support delinquency, a licensing authority shall initiate proceedings to suspend a license in accordance with its statutory process, petition the court, or refer the matter to the department to initiate proceedings for suspension of the license in accordance with the requirements of this chapter. Upon referral, or if the licensing authority takes no action within thirty (30) days after notification of the delinquency by the department, the department is authorized to commence a license suspension proceeding under this chapter. The licensing authority shall notify the department of all action taken in response to the notification of the delinquency.
(3)  The department may commence an administrative proceeding under this chapter to suspend a license for failure to comply with a subpoena in a paternity or child support proceeding.
(4)  More than one (1) license may be the subject of a suspension proceeding under this chapter.
(5)  An order issued pursuant to this chapter does not prevent the obligee, department, or individual entitled to visitation under a court order, from seeking any other remedy provided by law or from seeking additional relief under this chapter.

[7-1404 added 1996, ch. 429, sec. 1, p. 1458.]

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