Idaho Statutes

7-1410.  Order suspending a license. (1) The court, licensing authority or department shall issue an order suspending a license unless:
(a)  After notice and hearing, the licensee is found to have paid the delinquency and the current month’s support in full, or complied with the subpoena;
(b)  The department or obligee files a certification that the obligor has paid current support and has entered into a reasonable schedule for repayment of any child support delinquency; or
(c)  At a hearing, the licensee shows other good cause why the request for license suspension should be denied or stayed.
(2)  The court shall issue an order suspending a license for a period up to one hundred eighty (180) days for substantial noncompliance with an order for visitation with the minor child.
(3)  The order suspending a license shall include the last known address of the licensee.
(4)  An order suspending a license by the court or department shall also state that the licensee is subject to the penalties of the licensing authority if a final order of suspension is violated.
(5)  A final order suspending a license issued by a court or the department shall be forwarded to the appropriate licensing authority.
(6)  If the court or department finds that the petition for suspension should be denied, the petition shall be dismissed without prejudice.

[7-1410, added 1996, ch. 429, sec. 1, p. 1460; am. 1998, ch. 250, sec. 5, p. 817.]

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