Idaho Statutes

70-1715.  Port auditor. The port commission shall appoint a port auditor who shall be a certified public accountant of the state of Idaho. The originals of all port vouchers, all canceled checks and drafts, all bank statements and other documents which in the opinion of the port auditor reasonably relate to the financial and fiscal affairs of the district shall be delivered to and held by the port auditor who shall prepare and maintain the books of account of the port district. All such vouchers, checks, drafts, instruments, books of account and records shall be public records and, upon the termination of the appointment of any port auditor, shall be forthwith delivered by such auditor to the port commission. The port auditor shall prepare such financial statements as the port commission shall direct, and not less than once each quarter shall furnish to the port commission a written statement of the receipts and disbursements of the port district for the preceding quarter year, and of all port district funds and accounts, which quarterly statements shall be certified by the port auditor. In addition thereto, the port auditor shall prepare an annual audited financial statement. The port district shall file one (1) copy of each completed audited financial statement with the legislative services office, as provided in section 67-450B, Idaho Code, within nine (9) months after the end of its fiscal year. Within thirty (30) days of the acceptance by the port commission of the annual audited financial statement, the port district shall publish a notice that the audited financial statement is available for review by the public. Such publication shall include a statement that the original of such audited financial statement is on file and may be examined at the office of the port district.

[70-1715, added 1969, ch. 55, sec. 93, p. 144; am. 2015, ch. 57, sec. 1, p. 150.]

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