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70-1808.  Funding or refunding bonds. The port commission of any port district may by resolution, from time to time provide for the issuance of funding or refunding revenue bonds to fund or refund any outstanding revenue or other warrants, bonds, and any premiums thereon, and coupons evidencing interest upon any such bonds at or before the maturity or first optional redemption date of such coupons, warrants or bonds, and may combine various outstanding revenue warrants and parts or all of various series and issues of outstanding revenue bonds and matured coupons in the amount thereof to be funded or refunded.
The port commission shall create a special fund for the sole purpose of paying the principal of and interest on such funding or refunding revenue bonds, into which fund the commission shall obligate and bind the port district to set aside and pay any part or parts of, or all of, or a fixed proportion of, or a fixed amount of the gross revenue of the port district sufficient to pay such principal and interest as the same shall become due, and if deemed necessary to maintain adequate reserves therefor.
Such funding or refunding bonds shall be negotiable instruments within the provisions and intent of the laws of this state, and the tax revenue of the port district may not be used to pay, secure, or guarantee the payment of the principal of and interest on such bonds.
The port district may exchange such funding or refunding bonds for the warrants, bonds, and coupons being funded or refunded, or it may sell such funding or refunding bonds in the manner and at such price as the port commission shall deem to be for the best interest of the district and its inhabitants, either at public or private sale.
The provisions of this act relating to the terms, conditions, covenants, issuance, and sale of revenue bonds shall be applicable to such funding or refunding bonds except as may be otherwise specifically provided in this section.

[70-1808, added 1969, ch. 55, sec. 107, p. 144; am. 2001, ch. 164, sec. 1, p. 574.]

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