Idaho Statutes

71-240.  Delivery in bulk — Duplicate delivery ticket showing weight. When a vehicle delivers to an individual purchaser a commodity in bulk, and the commodity is sold in terms of weight units, the delivery shall be accompanied by a duplicate delivery ticket with the following information clearly stated, in ink or by means of other indelible marking equipment and, in clarity, equal to type or printing, (1) the name and address of the vendor, (2) the name and address of the purchaser, and (3) the net weight of the delivery expressed in pounds, and, if the net weight is derived from determinations of gross and tare weights, such gross and tare weights also shall be stated in terms of pounds. One (1) of these tickets shall be retained by the vendor, and the other shall be delivered to the purchaser at the time of delivery of the commodity, or shall be surrendered, on demand, to the director, or the bureau chief or the inspector, who, if he desires to retain it as evidence, shall issue a weight slip in lieu thereof for delivery to the purchaser; provided, that, if the purchaser, himself, carries away his purchase, the vendor shall be required only to give to the purchaser at the time of sale a delivery ticket stating the number of pounds of commodity delivered to him.

[71-240, added 1969, ch. 43, sec. 24, p. 108; am. 1974, ch. 18, sec. 240, p. 364.]

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