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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


72-223.  Third party liability. (1) The right to compensation under this law shall not be affected by the fact that the injury, occupational disease or death is caused under circumstances creating in some person other than the employer a legal liability to pay damages therefor, such person so liable being referred to as the third party. Such third party shall not include those employers described in section 72-216, Idaho Code, having under them contractors or subcontractors who have in fact complied with the provisions of section 72-301, Idaho Code; nor include the owner or lessee of premises, or other person who is virtually the proprietor or operator of the business there carried on, but who, by reason of there being an independent contractor or for any other reason, is not the direct employer of the workmen there employed.
(2)  Action may be instituted against such third party by the employee, or in event compensation has been claimed and awarded, by the employee and employer jointly, in the employee’s name, or, if the employee refuses to participate in such action, by the employer in the employee’s name.
(3)  If compensation has been claimed and awarded, the employer having paid such compensation or having become liable therefor, shall be subrogated to the rights of the employee, to recover against such third party to the extent of the employer’s compensation liability.
(4)  Unless otherwise agreed, upon any recovery by the employee against the third party, the employer shall pay or have deducted from its subrogated portion thereof, a proportionate share of the costs and attorney’s fees incurred by the employee in obtaining such recovery unless one (1) or more of the following circumstances exist:
(a)  If prior to the date of a written retention agreement between the employee and an attorney, the employer has reached an agreement with the third party, in writing, agreeing to pay in full the employer’s subrogated interest;
(b)  If the employee alleges or asserts a position in the third party claim adverse to the employer, then the commission shall have jurisdiction to determine a reasonable fee, if any, for services rendered to the employer;
(c)  If there is a joint effort between the employee and employer to pursue a recovery from the third party, then the commission shall have jurisdiction to determine a reasonable fee, if any, and apportion the costs and attorney’s fees between the employee and employer.
(5)  If the amount recovered from the third party exceeds the amount of the subrogated portion payable to the employer for past compensation benefits paid, then to the extent the employer has a future subrogated interest in that portion of the third party recovery paid to the employee, the employer shall receive a credit against its future liability for compensation benefits. Such credit shall apply as future compensation benefits become payable, and the employer shall reimburse the employee for the proportionate share of attorney’s fees and costs paid by the employee in obtaining that portion of the third party recovery corresponding to the credit claimed. The employer shall not be required to pay such attorney’s fees and costs related to the future credit prior to the time the credit is claimed. However, the employer and employee may agree to different terms if approved by the industrial commission.
(6)  If death results from the injury or occupational disease and if the employee leaves no dependents entitled to benefits under this law, the surety shall have a right of action against the third party for recovery of income benefits, reasonable expenses of medical and related services and burial expense actually paid by the surety and for recovery of amounts paid into the industrial special indemnity account pursuant to section 72-420, Idaho Code, and such right of action shall be in addition to any cause of action of the heirs or personal representatives of the deceased.
(7)  All rights and restrictions herein granted to the employer have previously been intended to be, and are hereby expressly granted to the industrial special indemnity account.

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