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72-528.  Statistical information required. (1) In addition to all information that sureties, self-insurers, the state insurance fund, the industrial special indemnity fund and noninsured employers now supply to the industrial commission, they shall, upon request of the commission, be required to report to the industrial commission all litigation expenses paid by them in any case litigated before the industrial commission, and if appealed to a higher court, all costs expended on appeal. This reporting requirement shall include all fees paid to attorneys, all expenses charged by attorneys, charges for reports or testimony of witnesses, costs of any depositions taken, any costs for investigation made before or during the hearing, costs of research or legal briefs, and all filing fees paid on account of the litigation.
(2)  All attorneys engaged in representing any claimant in any litigated worker’s compensation claim must, upon request of the commission, report to the industrial commission all attorney’s fees and all expenses which were incurred in the litigation and charged to the claimant. This requirement shall extend to any appeal or appeals that may be taken to a higher court by or on behalf of the claimant.
(3)  The industrial commission shall supply all attorneys representing claimants with a form upon which a report in compliance with this section can be made.
(4)  Reports requested hereunder must be filed with the industrial commission not later than thirty (30) days following the date of the request, which will be subsequent to the time of entry of an award by the industrial commission; or in the event of an appeal to a higher court, subsequent to a final ruling by the court.
(5)  The industrial commission may make such rules as are necessary to require compliance with the provisions of this section, including refusing to allow attorneys who fail to comply with the provisions of this section the right to appear before the industrial commission.

[72-528, added 1988, ch. 357, sec. 1, p. 1059; am. 2010, ch. 139, sec. 1, p. 294.]

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