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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


73-205.  Powers and duties of commission. The commission is hereby authorized, empowered and directed to enter into and execute contracts it may deem necessary and proper with any publishing company, with respect to general laws, repeals and amendments which may be enacted by each regular session of the legislature hereafter, and beginning with the thirtieth session, and with respect to bringing up to date annotations, notes and indexes of general law continuing in force, for the publication thereof, and publication of any other compilation within the purview of this act. The intent hereof is that as soon as practicable after each session of the legislature the Idaho Code be brought up to date. Similar contracts relating to and after one or more special sessions may be entered into and executed if the commission deems it necessary and desirable. Whenever one or more volumes of the Idaho Code becomes too bulky, or for other reason it appears to the commission to be necessary or desirable, the commission may contract for republication of such volume or volumes, or additional volumes. When the commission deems it necessary or advisable, it may, in its sole discretion, assist the Supreme Court of the state of Idaho in any preliminary work or studies necessary in the preparation of rules of said court and any proposed legislation which may from time to time be necessary to segregate substantive from procedural law, and may contract for the publication in replacement or additional volumes of such rules as may be made, prescribed and promulgated by said court.
The contracts shall appropriately describe specifications of the editing, content of compilation, printing, binding, size of type to be used in text and notes, grade and weight of paper to be used, style of page, provisions for insertion of new matters, with appropriate section numbers in existing or changed titles and chapters, and shall require in full new and amended laws, repeals of laws, or parts thereof, constitutional changes, new and additional annotations, notes and indexes, references and cross-references relating to the existing laws of this state and to decisions of the Supreme Court of the state of Idaho, Idaho Court of Appeals, Supreme Court of the United States and federal courts citing and construing the same, formal Idaho attorney general opinions since January 1, 1983, citing and construing the same, history of the law or section, and shall contain such other information and ancillaries as the commission may deem necessary and proper, or as the publishers may include with the consent of the commission.

[73-205, added 1949, ch. 167, sec. 5, p. 355; am. 1953, ch. 250, sec. 3, p. 398; am. 1955, ch. 59, sec. 1, p. 116; am. 1987, ch. 114, sec. 1, p. 227.]

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