Idaho Legislature
2024 Session

Who May Apply

Internships are open to students who are approved by their institution of higher education and who also have a faculty sponsor who will oversee their internship. Arrangements for academic credit must be made directly between students and their institutions. Legislative internships are unpaid positions.

Volunteer positions are available to those who do not wish to apply as an intern or who do not have a faculty sponsor or approval from an institution. If you apply as a Volunteer, submitting your institution, GPA/current transcripts, and identifying a faculty sponsor is optional. All other questions and information are required.

Internships and volunteer positions will be served during the 2024 Legislative Session at the Idaho State Capitol building in Boise. The session will begin on Monday, January 8, 2023, and is expected to conclude in late March or early April. Applicants should indicate their preferred workdays and times on their application.

Applicants must submit a one-page personal statement, their most recent transcript, and a current résumé with their application. The personal statement should detail the applicant’s qualifications and interest in a legislative internship or volunteer position. The résumé must include three references. Applicants who fail to submit all required materials will not be considered for an internship or volunteer position.

Appointment to an internship or volunteer position may be dependent on a personal interview. Applicants may be asked to sit for an interview with members of the Legislature prior to being appointed as interns.

All interns and volunteers must attend a half-day orientation and respectful workplace training early in the legislative session. Information about the orientation will be provided later.

Submission Information
Applicants seeking an internship or volunteer position must submit their application materials through the online portal at:  by Friday, November 10, 2023. Questions may be directed to Paul Headlee, Deputy Director, Legislative Services Office, at 208.334.4746 or


Idaho Legislature
2024 Session