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Remote Testimony Meeting Protocols

Remote Testimony Meeting Protocols

Those wishing to testify must use the registration form above within the allowed time frame. Walk-ins will not be permitted at this time. The House Education Committee chair may limit the amount of time allotted for each individual testimony as well as the time allotted for the Remote Testimony Committee meeting.

Registering to testify at a remote location does not constitute a guarantee that registrants will be permitted to testify if the committee chair determines that public testimony must be limited.

Registrants may not be able to testify if there are technical issues preventing communication between the remote location and the Statehouse. Due to this possibility, written testimony will be required at the time of registration.

AT ALL TIMES, registrants and visitors are required to maintain proper committee protocols. Registrants who choose not to follow the rules for remote testimony established by the committee chair will forfeit their opportunity to testify. Committee meetings can often be delayed or rescheduled and there is no guarantee a bill will be heard when originally scheduled. The committee chair will strive to prevent these circumstances; however, there are often situations beyond the chair’s control.

Please see the link for resource documents and video on how to testify before a remote testimony committee, committee protocols, and pointers for a remote testimony committee meeting and how a bill becomes a law.