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Legislation by Number

2020 Legislation by Bill Number

The status of each bill, resolution, proclamation, and memorials listed on this page are updated when the offices of the Secretary of the Senate and the Chief Clerk of the House publish the un-official daily journals and should not be deemed official. The official bill actions are located in the final journal, which are maintained by the offices of the Secretary of the Senate and the Chief Clerk of the House.  The daily journals are published at the end of each legislative day.

House Bills

Senate Bills

(*) indicates previous days action
(+) indicates ADOPTED or LAW




H0308     Handheld devices, restriction ban     H Transp   
H0309     Budget stabilization fund     H Transp   
H0310     Background checks, sources     H 3rd Rdg   
H0311     Evaluation committees, counselors     H 3rd Rdg   
H0312     Daycare facilities, licensing     H 3rd Rdg   
H0313     Acupuncture, licensing     H 3rd Rdg   
H0314     Deaf, hard of hearing, terminology     H 3rd Rdg   
H0315     Controlled substances, schedule I     H PASSED *
H0316     Pharmacy act, updates     H PASSED *
H0317     Optometric physician licensing act     H Health/Wel   
H0318     Occupational licensing, division     H PASSED *
H0319     State appellate public defender     H Jud   
H0320     Criminal justice data system     H Jud   
H0321     Liquor, plazas, theaters     H PASSED *
H0322     Presidential primary, party change     H St Aff *
H0323     Approp, H&W other programs, add’l     To enrol *
H0324     Approp, parks & rec, reduced     To enrol *
H0325     Transp, funding, sales tax     H Transp   
H0326     Veteran, definition     H Transp   
H0327     Service members, veterans     H Transp   
H0328     Outfitters, computation, rules     H Res/Con   
H0329     Water resources, records, paper     H Res/Con   
H0330     Nonresident fees     H Res/Con   
H0331     Approp, STEM action center, add’l     H PASSED *
H0332     Driver’s licenses, issuance, fees     H Transp   
H0333     Motor vehicle dealers, licensing     H Transp   
H0334     Bridge inspection account, funds     H Transp   
H0335     Eminent domain, rec trails     H W/M   
H0336     Motor voter act     H W/M   
H0337     Minimum wage, political subdivision     H W/M   
H0338     Plastic bag bans, repeal     H W/M   
H0339     Physical therapy, dry needling     H Health/Wel   
H0340     Child care, treatment facility     H Health/Wel   
H0341     Medical billing, prohibitions     H Health/Wel   
H0342     Telehealth services     H Health/Wel   
H0343     Bonded wine warehouses     H 3rd Rdg   
H0344     Interim successors, publishing     H St Aff   
H0345     Vehicles, booting, registration     H Transp   
H0346     Distracted driving     H Transp   
H0347     Bond elections, eleven months     H St Aff   
H0348     Electronic recording commission     H Jud   
H0349     Marriage license, application     H Jud   
H0350     Capitol mall parking facilities     H Com/HuRes   
H0351     Medicaid reimbursements     H Health/Wel   
H0352     Grocery tax credit     H Rev/Tax   
H0353     Taxing districts, budgets     H Rev/Tax   
H0354     Tax district, recover foregone     H Rev/Tax   
H0355     Taxing districts, budgets     H Rev/Tax   
H0356     Cattle, nutrient plans     H Agric Aff   
H0357     Perm bldg fund advisory council     H Com/HuRes   
H0358     Daylight saving time, exemption     H St Aff   
H0359     Property tax repeal     H W/M *
H0360     Sales, use tax, food exemption     H W/M *
H0361     Abortion, illegal     H W/M *
H0362     Hospital liability trust act     H printing *
H0363     Pharmacy benefit managers     H printing *




HCR024     Governor’s address     ADOPTED +
HCR025     Chicken Dinner Road     H ADOPTED *
voice vote   
HCR026     Taxation, study committee     H W/M   
HCR027     Hotel Bonneville     H ADOPTED *
voice vote   
HCR028     Religious freedom day     H St Aff *
HCR029     Native Americans, name removal     H W/M *




HJM011     Itafos Conda     H Res/Con   




HJR003     Equal rights amendment     H W/M   




S1216     Cyanidation facilities     H Env   
S1217     Water diversion, cleanup     H Res/Con   
S1218     Water resources, documents, paper     S Jud   
S1219     Guardians, conservators, appt     H Jud   
S1220     Guardians, conservators, appt     S 2nd Rdg *
S1221     Criminal cases, fines, payment     S Jud   
S1222     Controlled substances, possession     S Jud   
S1223     Imported food, bread, flour     S Agric Aff   
S1224     Weighmasters, licensing     S Agric Aff   
S1225     Agriculture, reporting requirements     S Agric Aff   
S1226     Sexual orientation, gender identity     S St Aff   
S1227     Adoption, notice     H Jud   
S1228     Approp, pest deficiency transfer     H 3rd Rdg   
S1229     Approp, haz mat deficiency transfer     H 3rd Rdg   
S1230     Commercial driver’s licenses     S Transp   
S1231     Vehicles, electronic registration     H Transp *
S1232     Corrections, inmate accounts     S 2nd Rdg *
S1233     Campaign finance reports     S PASSED *
S1234     Public records, univ presidents     S Educ   
S1235     Professional studies prgm, repeal     S Educ   
S1236     Ed interpreters, qualifications     S Educ   
S1237     Swan tags, upland game bird permits     S Res/Env   
S1238     Civics requirements, course     S Educ   
S1239     Flex school schedules, elementary     S Educ   
S1240     Advanced practice registered nurse     S Health/Wel   
S1241     Hemp, controlled substances     S St Aff   
S1242     Nursing home admin, training     S Health/Wel   
S1243     State budget, overhead expenses     S St Aff   
S1244     Expenditure object codes     S St Aff   
S1245     Public officers, deposits of funds     S St Aff   
S1246     Inactive programs, commissions     S Agric Aff   
S1247     Depredation, wolf-free zones     S Res/Env   
S1248     Seed, plant certification, stndrds     S Agric Aff   
S1249     Choose life license plate     S Transp *
S1250     Distracted driving     S Transp *
S1251     Organ donation, auto registration     S Transp *
S1252     Injectable cosmetics     S Health/Wel *
S1253     Hemp, CBD     S St Aff *
S1254     Bingo and raffles     S St Aff *
S1255     Veterans, funds, transfers     S St Aff *
S1256     Bail enforcement agents, affidavit     S printing *




SCR118     Idaho women’s day     S 10th Ord *




SJR103     Warrantless arrests     S St Aff