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2022 Legislation

2022 Legislation by Bill Number

The status of each bill, resolution, proclamation, and memorials listed on this page are updated when the offices of the Secretary of the Senate and the Chief Clerk of the House publish the un-official daily journals and should not be deemed official. The official bill actions are located in the final journal, which are maintained by the offices of the Secretary of the Senate and the Chief Clerk of the House.  The daily journals are published at the end of each legislative day.

House Bills

Senate Bills

(*) indicates previous days action
(+) indicates ADOPTED or LAW




H0436     Income tax, corporate     LAW +
H0437     Ed, content standards, adoption     H Educ   
H0438     School trustees, elections     H St Aff   
H0439     Unaffiliated voters, deadline     S St Aff   
H0440     Sexual orientation, gender identity     H W/M   
H0441     Absentee voting, residential     H St Aff   
H0442     Prohibition, rent regulation     S Com/HuRes   
H0443     Ed, leadership premiums, insurance     LAW +
H0444     Coronavirus, immunity, sunset     LAW +
H0445     Biological products, storage     LAW +
H0446     Controlled substances, nabiximols     LAW +
H0447     Idaho paid family leave act     H W/M   
H0448     Food sales, tax exemption     H W/M   
H0449     Approp, deficiency transfers     LAW +
H0450     Unemployment insurance tax rates     LAW +
H0451     Juvenile corrections act     LAW +
H0452     Juvenile corrections act     LAW +
H0453     Juvenile corrections, diversion     LAW +
H0454     Cmsn, blind, visually impaired     LAW +
H0455     Agriculture, fees, artificial rain     LAW +
H0456     Invasive species, boats, fees     H Agric Aff   
H0457     Plastic bags, municipalities     H W/M   
H0458     Minimum wage, municipalities     H W/M   
H0459     Voter registration, motorists     H W/M   
H0460     Abortion, illegal, enforcement     H W/M   
H0461     Scholarships, armed forces     LAW +
H0462     Defend the guard act     H W/M   
H0463     Public works projects, costs     LAW +
H0464     COVID vaccine, worker’s comp     H Com/HuRes   
H0465     Digital assets     H Bus   
H0466     Confined animal feeding operations     H Res/Con   
H0467     Water, revolving account loans     LAW +
H0468     Endowment land, notices, violations     H Res/Con   
H0469     POST fund     LAW +
H0470     Grocery, food tax     H W/M   
H0471     Sales tax, short-term rentals     H Rev/Tax   
H0472     Income tax, unemployment, marriage     LAW +
H0473     Security deposits     S Com/HuRes   
H0474     County property     H Loc Gov   
H0475     Military, parades, associations     S St Aff   
H0476     Youth challenge program     LAW +
H0477     Military personnel, terminology     LAW +
H0478     Military, expenses, state govt     LAW +
H0479     Utility type vehicles, definition     LAW +
H0480     Use tax, vehicles     LAW +
H0481     Property tax reduction     LAW +
H0482     Sales tax, monthly distribution     H Rev/Tax   
H0483     Conversion therapy, prohibition     H Health/Wel   
H0484     Taxes, military retirement, age     H W/M   
H0485     Absentee ballots, drop box prohib     H W/M   
H0486     Med treatment, minors, repeal     H W/M   
H0487     Ballots, sealing, challenge     H W/M   
H0488     Ed, nondiscrimination, standing     H W/M   
H0489     Food tax, revenue sharing     H W/M   
H0490     Firearms, violations, penalties     H W/M   
H0491     Personal medical information     H W/M   
H0492     Fuel tax, temp reduction     H W/M   
H0493     Sales, use tax     H W/M   
H0494     Property tax reduction     H W/M   
H0495     Income tax credit, property     H W/M   
H0496     Child protection investigations     H W/M   
H0497     Minimum wage, municipalities     H W/M   
H0498     Online sales tax, distribution     H W/M   
H0499     PERSI, emergency comm officers     LAW +
H0500     Juvenile corrections, fees     H Jud   
H0501     Capitol building, control of space     LAW +
H0502     Immunization registry, opt-in     H W/M   
H0503     Building codes, nonprofits, exempt     H Bus   
H0504     State employees, ed reimbursement     H Com/HuRes   
H0505     Postsecondary credit scholarship     H Educ   
H0506     Scholarships, armed forces     LAW +
H0507     Hunting, archery equipment     LAW +
H0508     Sex crimes, minimum penalty     H Jud   
H0509     Grocery tax credit     LAW +
H0510     Taxes, affected business entities     S Loc Gov   
H0511     Ballots, order of names     LAW +
H0512     Bond elections, failure, 11 months     S St Aff   
H0513     Cash sales     H Rev/Tax   
H0514     Mask mandates     H St Aff   
H0515a   State personnel, public health     LAW +
H0516     Public health districts, personnel     LAW +
H0517     Dentists, discipline     LAW +
H0518     Worker’s compensation     H Com/HuRes   
H0519     Boating     LAW +
H0520     Fish and game, allocated tags     LAW +
H0521     Abortion     LAW +
H0522     Treasurer, gold, silver     S St Aff   
H0523     Driver’s licenses     LAW +
H0524     Transp, interagency work group     LAW +
H0525     Driver’s licenses, permits     LAW +
H0526     Commercial license, reinstatement     LAW +
H0527     Driver’s licenses, citizenship     LAW +
H0528     Personal delivery devices     LAW +
H0529     Vehicle registration, stickers     H Transp   
H0530     Idaho-grown hops, commission     LAW +
H0531     Monuments, memorials, removal     S St Aff   
H0532     Elections, judicial review     LAW +
H0533     Master educator premiums     H Held at Desk   
H0534     State insurance fund, sick leave     H Com/HuRes   
H0535     State treasurer, investments     H St Aff   
H0536     Divorce actions, courts     LAW +
H0537     Administrative judges, magistrates     LAW +
H0538     Courts, reports, triplicate     LAW +
H0539     Suspended driver’s license, renewal     LAW +
H0540     Law enforcement     LAW +
H0541     Mortgage, foreclose     H Jud   
H0542     Court fees, deposit deadline     LAW +
H0543     Grand theft     H Jud   
H0544     Career ladder, out-of-state staff     H Educ   
H0545     Charter school revolving loan fund     S Educ   
H0546     Energy conservation code     H Bus   
H0547     Ballots, collection     S St Aff   
H0548     Elections, residence, tax exemption     LAW +
H0549     Voter identification     H St Aff   
H0550     City property tax, rebate     LAW +
H0551     PERSI, subpoenas     LAW +
H0552     PERSI, withdrawal, penalties     LAW +
H0553     PERSI, background checks     LAW +
H0554     PERSI, definitions     LAW +
H0555     PERSI, reemployment     LAW +
H0556     Securities     LAW +
H0557     Payday lenders, licensing system     H FAILED   
H0558     Stockwater rights     H Res/Con   
H0559     Confined animal feeding operations     LAW +
H0560     POST council, probabtion training     LAW +
H0561     Emergency medical services     LAW +
H0562     Pharmacists, drug outlets     LAW +
H0563     Taxable income, corporations     LAW +
H0564     Homestead exemption, investigations     LAW +
H0565a   Tax, construction, mining, logging     LAW +
H0566     Political parties, property     LAW +
H0567     Declaration of candidacy, deadline     H Gen Ord   
H0568     Recreation, fees     H Transp   
H0569     Veterans plates     H Transp   
H0570     License plates, radio amateur     H Transp   
H0571a   School buses, speed limit     S FAILED   
H0572     Civil air patrol     LAW +
H0573     Vehicles, low value, disposition     H Transp   
H0574     Gold star license plates     H Transp   
H0575     County property, jails, courthouses     LAW +
H0576     Abatement districts, members     LAW +
H0577     Religion, vaccine exemptions     H St Aff   
H0578     Required immunization liability act     H Bus   
H0579     Medical information, employers     H Bus   
H0580     Easements, commercial character     LAW +
H0581     Employee med info protection act     S Com/HuRes   
H0582a   Building codes, nonprofits     LAW +
H0583     Digital assets     LAW +
H0584     Anderson Ranch dam     LAW +
H0585     Vessels, fees     H Res/Con   
H0586     Fish and game, violations     H Res/Con   
H0587     Department of lands     H Res/Con   
H0588     Wildland firefighters, pay     LAW +
H0589     PERSI members, law enforcement     LAW +
H0590     Worker’s comp, settlements     LAW +
H0591     Industrial cmsn, appointment     H FAILED   
H0592     Idaho workforce housing fund     H Com/HuRes   
H0593     Worker’s comp, vaccine injuries     H Com/HuRes   
H0594     State employees     LAW +
H0595     State emp, compensation, increases     H Com/HuRes   
H0596     Motor owner guest, liability     LAW +
H0597     Driver’s license, revoked, fines     H FAILED   
H0598     DNA testing, employers     LAW +
H0599     Child abduction prevention act     H Jud   
H0600     Judicial council, membership     H Jud   
H0601     Assisted living, in-person visits     S Health/Wel   
H0602     Speech and hearing services     H Health/Wel   
H0603     Hospital district property     LAW +
H0604     Immunization, proof, government     H St Aff   
H0605     Vehicle dealer, salesman, training     H Transp   
H0606     Agriculture, aircraft     LAW +
H0607     State lottery, joint lotteries     LAW +
H0608     Stockwater rights, forfeiture     LAW +
H0609     Liens, mechanics     LAW +
H0610     Collection agencies, licensure     LAW +
H0611     Reinsurance claims     LAW +
H0612a   Occupational licensing, expungement     LAW +
H0613     Occupational licensing, coronavirus     H Health/Wel   
H0614     Building codes     S Com/HuRes   
H0615     Energy conservation code     H Bus   
H0616a   Filings, foundations, trusts     LAW +
H0617     Fairness in rental applications     H Jud   
H0618     Public records, personal info     H Jud   
H0619     Sex offenders     H Jud   
H0620     Booking photographs     S Jud   
H0621     Cybersecurity records, exemption     LAW +
H0622     Divorce, property     H Jud   
H0623     Trespass, process servers     H FAILED   
H0624     Rent, lease, change in terms     H Jud   
H0625     Unsolicited sexual material     H Jud   
H0626     Rental application fees     H Jud   
H0627     Ed, enrollment-based, alternative     H Educ   
H0628     Homeowner’s association act     H Bus   
H0629     Admin hearings, contested cases     LAW +
H0630     Short-term rental marketplace, tax     S Loc Gov   
H0631     Mask mandates, prohibition     S St Aff   
H0632     Human rights, immunization     H Health/Wel   
H0633     Execution, confidentiality     H Held at Desk   
H0634     Approp, pub schls teachers, addl     LAW +
H0635     Cities, annexation, area of impact     S FAILED   
H0636     Accessory dwelling units     H Loc Gov   
H0637     Comm infrastructure districts     LAW +
H0638     Off-highway vehicle operation     H Transp   
H0639     Driver’s ed, parents     H Transp   
H0640a   Broadband, right-of-way     LAW +
H0641     Veterinarians, chiropractors     H Agric Aff   
H0642     Soil, water conservation commission     LAW +
H0643     Subdivisions, county, exemptions     H Loc Gov   
H0644     Evidence, counseling sessions     H Jud   
H0645     Community college trustee elections     H St Aff   
H0646     Fermented beverages, homemade     LAW +
H0647     Personhood, animals, objects     H St Aff   
H0648     Tax, county budget limits     S Loc Gov   
H0649     Supplemental curriculum, approval     H Educ   
H0650a   Curricular materials adoption cmtes     LAW +
H0651     Teachers, drug testing     H FAILED   
H0652     Pub sch employees, health insurance     H Educ   
H0653     School levies, disclosure, purpose     S St Aff   
H0654     School counselors, professional     LAW +
H0655     Education, dyslexia     H Educ   
H0656     Career ladder     LAW +
H0657     Approp, commerce, add’l     H FAILED   
H0658     Execution, confidentiality     LAW +
H0659     Deceased voters, public records     H St Aff   
H0660a   Energy conservation code     LAW +
H0661     Approp, dept of H&W, add’l     LAW +
H0662     Cash payment, requirement     H Rev/Tax   
H0663     Property tax, building investments     S Loc Gov   
H0664     Audiology, compact     LAW +
H0665     Const defense council, attorney gen     S St Aff   
H0666     Harmful material, minors, defense     S St Aff   
H0667     Employment security, integrity     S Com/HuRes   
H0668     Patient visitation rights     H Health/Wel   
H0669     Hope, opportunity scholarships     H Educ   
H0670     Unemployment, oversight     H Com/HuRes   
H0671     School board trustee vacancies     S St Aff   
H0672     Fish and game, violations     LAW +
H0673     New construction roll     LAW +
H0674     Justifiable homicide, reimbursement     H Jud   
H0675     Genital mutilation, children     S St Aff   
H0676     Firearms, public, preemption     H St Aff   
H0677     Corporate activities tax     LAW +
H0678     Semiconductors, tax incentives     LAW +
H0679     Approp, military division, add’l     LAW +
H0680     School clubs, permission     H Educ   
H0681     Biological products     LAW +
H0682     Election zones, boundary changes     LAW +
H0683     Driver’s ed, parental instruction     S Transp   
H0684     Higher ed, free speech     S 14th Ord   
H0685     Postsecondary credit scholarship     LAW +
H0686     Approp, endow fund invest, orig     LAW +
H0687     Approp, aging com, orig     LAW +
H0688     Opioid settlement fund     LAW +
H0689     State tax commission     LAW +
H0690     County, city prop tax relief fund     S Loc Gov   
H0691     Education, enrollment-based funding     H Educ   
H0692     Voting identification, USA license     H St Aff   
H0693     Ballots, drop boxes     S St Aff   
H0694     Election register, deceased voters     LAW +
H0695     Recall petitions, signatures     LAW +
H0696     Dept of lands, private attorneys     H St Aff   
H0697     Gold star license plates     LAW +
H0698     Worker’s comp, vaccine injuries     S Com/HuRes   
H0699     Evidence, counseling, disclosures     LAW +
H0700     Off-highway vehicles, speed limit     LAW +
H0701     Idaho workforce housing fund     LAW +
H0702     Fish and game, claims, payments     LAW +
H0703     Homeowner’s association act     LAW +
H0704     Refugee resettlement, notification     H St Aff   
H0705     Extreme emergencies, govt limits     LAW +
H0706     Utilities, smart meters     H St Aff   
H0707     Voter registration, identification     S St Aff   
H0708     Immunization, requirements     S St Aff   
H0709     County, city prop tax relief fund     H Rev/Tax   
H0710     Approp, human resources, add’l     LAW +
H0711     Approp, public television, orig     LAW +
H0712     Crisis standards of care     H Health/Wel   
H0713     Income tax, affected entities     LAW +
H0714     Taxes, bonus depreciation     LAW +
H0715     Income tax, credit, refund     LAW +
H0716     Education, content standards     LAW +
H0717     School age     H Educ   
H0718     Med school, out of state, contract     LAW +
H0719     Vaccines, religious exemption     S St Aff   
H0720     Personhood, animals, objects     LAW +
H0721     Approp, public defense com, orig     LAW +
H0722     Approp, insurance, orig     LAW +
H0723a   Pub sch funding, enrollment, cmte     H Held at Desk   
H0724     Approp, PERSI, orig     LAW +
H0725     Approp, edu bd, charter com, orig     LAW +
H0726     Approp, human resources, orig     LAW +
H0727     Federal action, nonrecognition     H St Aff   
H0728a   PERSI, assets, Russia     LAW +
H0729     Business info infrastructure fund     LAW +
H0730     Rental app fees, unfair collection     H FAILED   
H0731     Dyslexia interventions     LAW +
H0732     School attendance     H Gen Ord   
H0733     Schools, data collection     H Educ   
H0734     Schools, masks, exemption     S Educ   
H0735a   County indigent services     LAW +
H0736     Approp, charter schools     H Educ   
H0737     State govt, investment, boycotts     H Bus   
H0738     Community college trustees     S Educ   
H0739     State elective officers, salaries     H W/M   
H0740     Refugee resettlement, notification     H St Aff   
H0741     Tax, property, sales, food     H Rev/Tax   
H0742     Approp, financial mgmt, orig     LAW +
H0743     Approp, STEM action center, orig     LAW +
H0744     Alcoholic beverages, donation     LAW +
H0745     Voter identification     H St Aff   
H0746     Campaign finance, foreign nationals     H St Aff   
H0747     Elective officials, salaries     LAW +
H0748     Water rights, transfer     LAW +
H0749     Lemhi Basin, settlement agreement     LAW +
H0750     Approp, state police, orig     LAW +
H0751     Approp, parks & rec, orig     LAW +
H0752     Approp, administration, orig     LAW +
H0753     Approp, labor, orig     LAW +
H0754     Approp, commerce, orig     H FAILED   
H0755     Approp, lands, orig     LAW +
H0756     Crisis standards of care act     LAW +
H0757     Approp, soil & water, orig     LAW +
H0758     Approp, hispanic affairs com, orig     LAW +
H0759     Approp, edu bd, comm college, orig     LAW +
H0760     Telehealth, behavioral health     S 14th Ord   
H0761     Voter identification     S St Aff   
H0762     Natural hair braiding     LAW +
H0763     Approp, DEQ, orig     LAW +
H0764     Approp, H&W welfare division, orig     LAW +
H0765     Approp, legislative branch, orig     LAW +
H0766     Approp, capitol com, orig     LAW +
H0767     Approp, H&W public hlth srvs, orig     LAW +
H0768     Approp, agriculture, orig     LAW +
H0769     Approp, water resources, orig     LAW +
H0770     Approp, supreme court, orig     LAW +
H0771     Approp, DOPL, orig     LAW +
H0772     Approp, transportation, orig     LAW +
H0773     Approp, H&W fam comm srvs, orig     LAW +
H0774     Idaho patient act     H Bus   
H0775     Refugee resettlement, notification     S Jud   
H0776     Approp, edu bd, college univ, orig     LAW +
H0777     Approp, H&W medicaid, orig     LAW +
H0778     Idaho patient act     LAW +
H0779     Approp, perm bldg fund, orig     LAW +
H0780     Psychologists, service extenders     LAW +
H0781     County indigent services     H Rev/Tax   
H0782     Judicial council, judges, salary     H Held at Desk   
H0783     Approp, tax com, orig     LAW +
H0784     Approp, libraries com, orig     H Approp   
H0785     Approp, pardons & parole, orig     LAW +
H0786     Approp, lieutenant gov, orig     LAW +
H0787     Approp, transportation, add’l     LAW +
H0788     Approp, pub schls children’s, orig     LAW +
H0789     Approp, edu department, orig     LAW +
H0790     Literacy, levies     LAW +
H0791     Approp, perm bldg fund, add’l     LAW +
H0792     Approp, pub schls admin, orig     LAW +
H0793     Approp, pub schls teachers, orig     LAW +
H0794     Approp, pub schls deaf blind, orig     LAW +
H0795     Approp, pub schls cntrl srvs, orig     LAW +
H0796     Approp, pub schls facilities, orig     LAW +
H0797     Approp, pub schls operations, orig     LAW +
H0798     Public sch staff, admin, salaries     LAW +
H0799     Approp, edu bd, career tech, orig     LAW +
H0800     Approp, supreme court, trailer     LAW +
H0801     Approp, military division, add’l     LAW +
H0802     Approp, const officers, trailer     LAW +
H0803     Approp, commerce, orig     LAW +
H0804     Approp, edu department, add’l     LAW +
H0805     Approp, pub schls teachers, add’l     LAW +
H0806     Approp, libraries com, orig     H Approp   
H0807     Approp, pub schls, add’l     LAW +
H0808     Approp, admin hearing, orig     LAW +
H0809     Approp, edu bd, office orig     LAW +
H0810     Campaign contact, disclosures     LAW +
H0811     Public records, legislature     LAW +
H0812     Family advocacy center, tax credit     H W/M   
H0813     Real estate investment fees     H W/M   
H0814     Criminal records, firearms     H W/M   
H0815     Criminal history records, shielded     H W/M   
H0816     Tax, property, sales, food     H W/M   
H0817     Tax-free food committee     H W/M   
H0818     Capitol bldg, roadways, authority     H W/M   
H0819     Advertising signs, landscaping     H W/M   
H0820     Targeted picketing     H W/M   
H0821     Medical kidnapping     H W/M   
H0822     Education savings account act     H W/M   
H0823     Taxes, electric utilities     H W/M   
H0824     Approp, libraries com     H FAILED   
H0825     Approp, OITS     LAW +
H0826     Approp, libraries com, FY 2023     H FAILED   
H0827     Approp, libraries comm     LAW +




HCR026     Governor’s address, joint session     ADOPTED +
HCR027     Rule rejection, content standards     H Educ   
HCR028     Harry Fox LeMoyne, honoring     ADOPTED +
HCR029     Traumatic childhood experiences     ADOPTED +
HCR030     PANDAS/PANS awareness     ADOPTED +
HCR031     Idaho Falls Bandits, honoring     ADOPTED +
HCR032     Mission43     ADOPTED +
HCR033     Brian Ness, honoring     ADOPTED +
HCR034     Miners memorial day     ADOPTED +
HCR035     Louise McClure, honoring     ADOPTED +
HCR036     Sunshine Mine     H Res/Con   
HCR037     Fee approval, agricultural affairs     ADOPTED +
HCR038     WWAMI medical education slots     ADOPTED +
HCR039     Rule reject, state board of ed     ADOPTED +
HCR040     Disaster emergency ended     S St Aff   
HCR041     Endowment fund, Russia, investments     ADOPTED +
HCR042     Fee rule approval, transp dept     ADOPTED +
HCR043     Rules, judiciary committees     S Jud   
HCR044     Fee rules approval, judiciary cmte     S Jud   
HCR045     Rule rejection, board of education     ADOPTED +
HCR046     Rules, judiciary committees     H Jud   
HCR047     Rule approval, health and welfare     ADOPTED +
HCR048     Fee rules approval, business     ADOPTED +
HCR049     Rule approval, House commerce cmte     ADOPTED +
HCR050     Rule approval, judiciary committees     ADOPTED +
HCR051     Sawtooth national recreation area     H FAILED   
HCR052     Env, social, gov standards, study     S St Aff   
HCR053     Rule approval, education cmtes     ADOPTED +




HJM003     Yellowstone, crimes     ADOPTED +
HJM004     Butte County, stats area     ADOPTED +
HJM005     Washington, fuel tax, exports     ADOPTED +
HJM006     Ukraine, Russia invasion, condemn     ADOPTED +




HR005     Idaho Day of Tears     ADOPTED +
HR006     ARPA, state employee insurance fund     H Com/HuRes   
HR007     ARPA, Idaho foodbank     H Com/HuRes   
HR008     ARPA, child care     H Com/HuRes   
HR009     ARPA, workforce development     H Com/HuRes   
HR010     Women’s prison, funding     H Jud   
HR011     ARPA, extradition shuttle     H Jud   
HR012     ARPA, wastewater, corrections     H Jud   
HR013     ARPA, domestic violence     H Jud   
HR014     ARPA, dept of correction     H Jud   
HR015     ARPA, supreme court     H Jud   
HR016     State police, helicopter, air div     H Jud   
HR017     Correction, medical annex     H Jud   
HR018     Correction, reentry center     H Jud   
HR019     Supreme court, abortion     ADOPTED +
HR020     St. Patrick’s Day     ADOPTED +
HR021     Greater Idaho     H W/M   
HR022     House, cmte on ethics and policy     ADOPTED +
HR023     Libraries, harmful material     ADOPTED +




S1226     Self-directed learners     S Educ   
S1227     Coeur d’Alene river, lake cmsn     LAW +
S1228     Fences, reservoirs, dumps     LAW +
S1229     Minimum wage     S St Aff   
S1230     Ranked-choice voting     S St Aff   
S1231     Transportation, reporting reqs     LAW +
S1232     Architects, board, landscape     LAW +
S1233     Occupational licenses, records     S Com/HuRes   
S1234     Dental hygienists     LAW +
S1235     Engineers, land surveyors     LAW +
S1236     Health savings accounts, state     LAW +
S1237     Veterans, human resources     LAW +
S1238     Ed, self-directed learners     LAW +
S1239a   Legislature, adjournment     H St Aff   
S1240     Restrictive covenants, race     LAW +
S1241     Property taxes, circuitbreaker     H Rev/Tax   
S1242     Empowering parents grant program     S Educ   
S1243     Board of environmental quality     LAW +
S1244     Occupational licenses, admin duties     LAW +
S1245     Pharmacists, definitions     LAW +
S1246     Controlled substances     LAW +
S1247     Coop service agency, career tech     LAW +
S1248     Water, sewer, board, compensation     LAW +
S1249     Taxing districts, budget limits     LAW +
S1250     Leg srvcs office, custodian     S Jud   
S1251     State lands, exchange     S Res/Env   
S1252     Taylor grazing act     S Res/Env   
S1253     Workforce development, youth prgms     LAW +
S1254a   Air quality programs     LAW +
S1255     Empowering parents grant program     LAW +
S1256     Background checks, signatures     LAW +
S1257     Southwest Idaho treatment center     LAW +
S1258     Health and welfare, state hospitals     LAW +
S1259     Property tax, medicaid income     LAW +
S1260     Insurance, contraception     H FAILED   
S1261     Adult content filters     S St Aff   
S1262     Disasters, firearm reg limits     LAW +
S1263a   Homeowner’s associations, fines     S FAILED   
S1264     Land remediation, rescission     H Env   
S1265     Deaths, notifications     S Health/Wel   
S1266     Deceased persons     LAW +
S1267     Stopping, inspection, exemption     LAW +
S1268     Identification cards, homeless     LAW +
S1269     Underinsured vehicle coverage     S Com/HuRes   
S1270     Down syndrome, diagnosis info     LAW +
S1271     School districts, state support     S Educ   
S1272     Liquor, donation, charity     H St Aff   
S1273     Sec of state, credit card payments     LAW +
S1274     Postelection audits     LAW +
S1275     Irrigation districts, nominee oaths     LAW +
S1276a   Irrigation, canals, notice     LAW +
S1277     Irrigation districts, voting     LAW +
S1278     Water rights, property transfers     H Res/Con   
S1279     County jails, temp guards, security     LAW +
S1280     Education, dyslexia programs     H Educ   
S1281     Underinsured vehicle coverage     S Com/HuRes   
S1282     Abstracters of title     LAW +
S1283     Medicaid, ground emerg transport     LAW +
S1284     Age of tobacco use, possession     LAW +
S1285a   Tobacco, local regs prohibited     LAW +
S1286     Psychologists, service extenders     H FAILED   
S1287     Rural nursing loan repayment prgm     S FAILED   
S1288     District judges, elections     LAW +
S1289a   Legislature, const actions     LAW +
S1290     Rural, underserved ed program     LAW +
S1291a   Charter schools, certifications     LAW +
S1292     Approp, edu bd, office, add’l     LAW +
S1293     Electronic payments, fees     S Com/HuRes   
S1294     Sick leave, employees, penalty     S Com/HuRes   
S1295     Credit unions, powers     LAW +
S1296     Occupational licensing     LAW +
S1297     Occupational licenses, records     LAW +
S1298a   Subscription cancellations     LAW +
S1299     Architects, licensure     LAW +
S1300     Emergencies, health care services     S 14th Ord   
S1301     Storage facilities, valuation     VETOED   
S1302     School levies, taxes     S Loc Gov   
S1303     Urban renewal, property tax     S Loc Gov   
S1304     Coroners, disposition of bodies     LAW +
S1305     Pysch interjurisdiction compact     LAW +
S1306     Youth athletes, chiropractors     S Health/Wel   
S1307     License plates, single     S Transp   
S1308     Liquor, serving, age     H St Aff   
S1309     Fetal heartbeat, preborn child     LAW +
S1310     Econ outlook, revenue committee     H St Aff   
S1311     State cut, gemstones     LAW +
S1312     Fences, barbed wire     S Agric Aff   
S1313     Water storage rights     S Res/Env   
S1314     Literacy intervention, funding     S Educ   
S1315     Full-day kindergarten     S Educ   
S1316     Full-day kindergarten     S Educ   
S1317     Kindergarten savings accounts     S Educ   
S1318     Kindergarten     S Educ   
S1319     School bus, contracts, fed funding     LAW +
S1320     Adoption records     LAW +
S1321     Assault, utility employees     LAW +
S1322     Sex offender, registration, address     LAW +
S1323     Rape, penetration     LAW +
S1324     Sexual abuse, battery, photographic     LAW +
S1325     Sex crimes     LAW +
S1326     Licensing, health, occupational     S Health/Wel   
S1327     Hospitalization, mentally ill     LAW +
S1328     Telehealth, patient relationship     S Health/Wel   
S1329     Extended employment srvcs prgm     S Health/Wel   
S1330a   Naturopaths, doctors, licensing     LAW +
S1331     Approp, H&W medicaid, add’l     LAW +
S1332     Witness confidentiality     LAW +
S1333     Fourth jud district, judges, Elmore     LAW +
S1334     Correctional industries, employers     LAW +
S1335     Codifier’s corrections     LAW +
S1336     Essential caregivers, visitation     S Health/Wel   
S1337a   Campaign finance, reporting     H St Aff   
S1338     Campaign contact information     H Gen Ord   
S1339     Public records, custodian, terms     H Jud   
S1340     Theft, owner definition     LAW +
S1341     Election results, release     LAW +
S1342     Alcohol, licenses, theaters     H St Aff   
S1343     Fetal heartbeat, preborn child     S St Aff   
S1344     Rural veterinarians, loan repayment     S Agric Aff   
S1345     Fences, barbed wire, exposure     H Agric Aff   
S1346a   Medical records, request, fees     H Health/Wel   
S1347     Approp, species conservation, orig     LAW +
S1348     Approp, voc rehab, orig     LAW +
S1349     Approp, SILC, orig     LAW +
S1350     Medicaid, hospital assessments     LAW +
S1351     Voter registration, report     LAW +
S1352     Absentee ballots, investigations     LAW +
S1353     Essential caregivers, visitation     LAW +
S1354     Barbers, apprenticeships     LAW +
S1355     Commercial transactions, property     LAW +
S1356     Extended employment srvcs prgm     S Health/Wel   
S1357     Ballot measures, numbering     S FAILED   
S1358     Fetal heartbeat     LAW +
S1359     Approp, transportation, add’l     LAW +
S1360     Supreme court justices, salary     S 14th Ord   
S1361     Approp, blind com, orig     LAW +
S1362a   Delinquent prop tax, interest rate     S FAILED   
S1363     Approp, wolf depred control, orig     LAW +
S1364     Approp, finance, orig     LAW +
S1365     Approp, exec office gov, orig     LAW +
S1366     Approp, liquor division, orig     LAW +
S1367a   Campaign finance, lobbyists     H St Aff   
S1368     Occupational licensing, character     LAW +
S1369     Approp, drug policy, orig     LAW +
S1370     Approp, lottery, orig     LAW +
S1371     Approp, historical society, orig     LAW +
S1372     Lands, counsel, attorney general     H St Aff   
S1373     Full-day kindergarten, funding     H Educ   
S1374     Career exploration courses     H FAILED   
S1375     Voter identification     S St Aff   
S1376     Absentee ballot return     S St Aff   
S1377     Elections, deadlines     H St Aff   
S1378     Endangered missing person alert     LAW +
S1379     Political subdivisions, purchasing     H Com/HuRes   
S1380     Rural veterinarians loan repayment     H Agric Aff   
S1381     Coronavirus pause act     VETOED   
S1382     Judicial council, appointments     S 14th Ord   
S1383     Alcohol, licensing     S St Aff   
S1384     Approp, H&W behav hlth, orig     LAW +
S1385     Approp, juvenile corrections, orig     LAW +
S1386     Approp, fish & game, orig     LAW +
S1387     Approp, bond payments, orig     LAW +
S1388     Approp, SAPD, orig     LAW +
S1389     Approp, attorney gen, orig     LAW +
S1390     Approp, edu bd, office, orig     H FAILED   
S1391     Approp, arts com, orig     LAW +
S1392     Approp, edu bd, special prgms, orig     LAW +
S1393     Approp, PUC, orig     LAW +
S1394     Approp, military division, orig     LAW +
S1395     Approp, millennium fund     LAW +
S1396     Approp, energy resources, orig     LAW +
S1397     Negotiated rulemaking, temp rules     S 14th Ord   
S1398     Domestic terrorism     H Jud   
S1399     Extended employment services     LAW +
S1400     Approp, OITS, orig     S Fin   
S1401     Approp, H&W other programs, orig     LAW +
S1402     Approp, industrial com, orig     LAW +
S1403     Approp, education related, chg     LAW +
S1404     Approp, pub schls, add’l     LAW +
S1405     Disfavored investments     LAW +
S1406     Approp, secretary of state, orig     LAW +
S1407     Approp, tax appeals, orig     LAW +
S1408     Approp, work dev council, add’l     LAW +
S1409     Approp, treasurer, orig     LAW +
S1410     Approp, veterans srvs, orig     LAW +
S1411     Approp, work dev council, orig     LAW +
S1412     Outfitters, guides, liability     S Jud   
S1413     Public officers, harassment     S Jud   
S1414     Sex crimes, applicability     S 14th Ord   
S1415     Notification, nat gas pipelines     S Res/Env   
S1416     Approp, controller, orig     LAW +
S1417     Commissioner salaries     LAW +
S1418     Approp, edu bd, hlth prgms, orig     LAW +
S1419     Approp, edu bd, ag research, orig     LAW +
S1420     Approp, correction, orig     LAW +
S1421     Approp, perm bldg fund, add’l     LAW +
S1422     Approp, fish & game, trailer     LAW +
S1423     Approp, agriculture, add’l, trailer     S Fin   
S1424     Approp, H&W behav hlth, trailer     LAW +
S1425     Approp, edu bd, spec prgm, trailers     LAW +
S1426     Approp, state police, add’l     LAW +
S1427     Approp, health and welfare, trailer     LAW +
S1428     Various funds, year-end cash trans     LAW +
S1429     Approp, agriculture, add’l     LAW +




SCR114     Ed Cheff, honoring     ADOPTED +
SCR115     Education, civics standards     ADOPTED +
SCR116     Rule rejection, dept of labor     H Com/HuRes   
SCR117     Sawtooth national recreation area     H FAILED   
SCR118     Education, U.S. history     ADOPTED +
SCR119     Taiwan-Idaho relationship     ADOPTED +
SCR120     Rule rejection, medicaid, develop     ADOPTED +
SCR121     Rule rejection, tax commission     ADOPTED +
SCR122     Rule rejection, parks, grant funds     ADOPTED +
SCR123     Admin rules, fees, resources     ADOPTED +
SCR124     Fee rules, state affairs, approval     ADOPTED +
SCR125     Admin rules, resources, approval     ADOPTED +




SJR103     Equal rights amendment     S St Aff   




SR101     Idaho Day of Tears     ADOPTED +

2022 Subject Index

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     (A) = Adopted      (V) = Vetoed
     Approp = Appropriation      Assn = Association
     Bd = Board      Com = Commission
     Comm = Committee      Dept = Department
     DEQ = Department of Environmental Quality      Dist = District
     Div = Division      F&G = Fish and Game
     Govt = Government      H&W = Health and Welfare
     PERSI = Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho      PUC = Public Utilities Commission
     UCC = Uniform Commercial Code      Univ = University


    Abortion, conditions and guidelines, amend     H0521 – Ch.177
    Abortion, day of tears, annually, January 22     HR005 – (A)
    Abortion, day of tears, annually, January 22     SR101 – (A)
    Abortion, supreme court jurisprudence, reverse     HR019 – (A)
    Fetal heartbeat preborn child protection act, amend     S1309 – Ch.152
    Fetal heartbeat preborn child protection act, amend     S1343
    Fetal heartbeat preborn child protection act, amend     S1358 – Ch.153
    Idaho abortion human rights act, new     H0460
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    Education savings account act, new     H0822
    Health savings accounts, state employees, deposits     S1236 – Ch.57
    Kindergarten savings account, establish     S1317
    Liquor account, transfer to POST fund     H0469 – Ch.50
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    Coronavirus limited immunity act, extend sunset date     H0444 – Ch.9
    Coronavirus pause act, add     S1381 – (V)
    Crisis standards of care act, add     H0712
    Crisis standards of care act, add     H0756 – Ch.253
    Defend the guard act, add, national guard deployment     H0462
    Digital assets act, add     H0583 – Ch.284
    Digital assets act, add     H0465
    Down syndrome diagnosis information act, add     S1270 – Ch.80
    Education savings account act, add     H0822
    Employee medical information protection act, add     H0581
    Fetal heartbeat preborn child protection act, amend     S1343
    Fetal heartbeat preborn child protection act, amend     S1309 – Ch.152
    Fetal heartbeat preborn child protection act, amend     S1358 – Ch.153
    Homeowner’s association act, add     H0628
    Homeowner’s association act, add     H0703 – Ch.323
    Idaho abortion human rights act, add     H0460
    Idaho broadband dig once and right-of-way act, add     H0640 – Ch.208
    Idaho child abduction prevention act, add     H0599
    Idaho credit union act, amend     S1295 – Ch.78
    Idaho land remediation act, amend     S1264
    Idaho paid family leave act, add     H0447
    Idaho patient act, amend, extraordinary collection     H0778 – Ch.263
    Idaho patient act, amend, extraordinary collection     H0774
    Idaho pharmacy act, amend     S1245 – Ch.45
    Idaho safe boating act, amend     H0519 – Ch.218
    Idaho semiconductors for America act, add     H0678 – Ch.162
    Motor voter act, add, voter registration     H0459
    Occupational licensing protection act, add     H0613
    Parental rights protection of minors act, add     S1261
    Patient visitation rights act, add     H0668
    Protecting campus free speech in higher ed act, add     H0684
    Public integrity in elections act, amend     H0566 – Ch.179
    Public records act, amend, certain jail booking photos     H0620
    Public records act, amend, cybersecurity     H0621 – Ch.232
    Public records act, amend, death penalty, involvement     H0633
    Public records act, amend, death penalty, involvement     H0658 – Ch.182
    Real estate investment fees act, add, resort cities     H0813
    Regional air quality council act, amend/rename     S1254 – Ch.110
    Required immunization liability act, add     H0578
    Sawtooth national recreation act, 50th anniversary     SCR117
    Sawtooth national recreation act, 50th anniversary     HCR051
    Terrorist control act, amend, domestic terrorism     S1398
    Uniform securities act, amend     H0556 – Ch.101
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    Approp     H0752 – Ch.137
    Approp, bond payments program     S1387 – Ch.131
    Approp, capitol com     H0766 – Ch.163
    Approp, public works div     H0779 – Ch.256
    Approp, public works div, add’l     H0791 – Ch.233
    Approp, public works div, add’l     S1421 – Ch.254
    Capitol building, allocation and control of space     H0501 – Ch.61
    Capitol building, roads adjacent, control use     H0818
    Public works projects, delegate, project cost     H0463 – Ch.64
    Rules, fee, approve     SCR124 – (A)
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    See also RULES
    Administrative hearings office, create     H0629 – Ch.287
    Administrative rules, temporary rules, emergencies     S1397
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    Adoptions, birth certificate and birth records     S1320 – Ch.282
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    Chiropractors, advertising/treatment, animals     H0641
    Idaho hop growers com, promote beer     H0530 – Ch.89
    Outdoor advertising signs, landscape control permits     H0819
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    Approp     H0687 – Ch.103
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    Agricultural operation, agricultural aircraft, access     H0606 – Ch.116
    Commercial fertilizers, tonnage fees, repeal     H0455 – Ch.27
    Confined animal feeding operations fund, create     H0559 – Ch.51
    Confined animal feeding operations fund, create     H0466
    Dept, approp     H0768 – Ch.274
    Dept, approp, animal/plant industries programs     S1423
    Dept, approp, pest control deficiency warrant fund     H0449 – Ch.2
    Dept, approp, plant industries program     S1429 – Ch.313
    Dept, rules, fee, approve     HCR037 – (A)
    Fences, barbed wire, disrepair, injure livestock     S1345
    Fences, barbed wire, disrepair, injure livestock     S1312
    Grape growers & wine producers com, rules, fee, approve     HCR048 – (A)
    Grazing preference rights, compensable property right     S1252
    Idaho barley com, rules, fee, approve     HCR037 – (A)
    Idaho beef council, rules, fee, approve     HCR037 – (A)
    Idaho hop growers com, promote beer     H0530 – Ch.89
    Idaho hop growers com, rules, fee, approve     HCR037 – (A)
    Idaho oilseed com, rules, fee, approve     HCR037 – (A)
    Idaho state police/state brand bd, rules, fee, approve     HCR037 – (A)
    Idaho wheat com, rules, fee, approve     HCR037 – (A)
    Rainfall, artificial production, repeal chapter     H0455 – Ch.27
    Rural veterinarians loan repayment program, establish     S1344
    Rural veterinarians loan repayment program, establish     S1380
    Soil and plant amendments, tonnage fees, repeal     H0455 – Ch.27
    Soil and water conservation com, members     H0642 – Ch.271
    Soil and water conservation districts, creation, repeal     H0642 – Ch.271
    State contracts, companies boycotting Idaho, prohibit     H0737
    Stockwater rights, forfeiture, procedure     H0558
    Stockwater rights, forfeiture, procedure     H0608 – Ch.215
    Univ of Idaho, approp, agricultural research/extension     S1419 – Ch.245
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    Agricultural operation, agricultural aircraft, access     H0606 – Ch.116
    Civil air patrol, Idaho wing, financial support     H0572 – Ch.154
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    See LIQUOR
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    First responders, peer support counseling communication     H0699 – Ch.303
    First responders, peer support counseling communication     H0644
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    See also WILDLIFE
    Chiropractors, advertising/treatment, animals     H0641
    Confined animal feeding operations fund, create     H0466
    Confined animal feeding operations fund, create     H0559 – Ch.51
    Personhood status, limit     H0647
    Personhood status, limit     H0720 – Ch.322
    Sex offender registration, child age 16 and bestiality     S1414
    Sexual abuse of an animal, crime, new     S1325 – Ch.124
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    Annexation by cities, landowner consent, area of impact     H0635
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    State appellate public defender, approp     S1388 – Ch.126
    Tax appeals bd, approp     S1407 – Ch.206
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    Administration dept     H0752 – Ch.137
    Administration dept, bond payments program     S1387 – Ch.131
    Administration dept, capitol com     H0766 – Ch.163
    Administration dept, public works div     H0779 – Ch.256
    Administration dept, public works div, add’l     H0791 – Ch.233
    Administration dept, public works div, add’l     S1421 – Ch.254
    Administrative hearings office     H0808 – Ch.294
    Aging com     H0687 – Ch.103
    Agriculture dept     H0768 – Ch.274
    Agriculture dept, animal/plant industries programs     S1423
    Agriculture dept, plant industries program     S1429 – Ch.313
    Arts com     S1391 – Ch.147
    Attorney general     S1389 – Ch.128
    Attorney general, state legal services program     H0802 – Ch.327
    Blind/visually impaired com     S1361 – Ch.69
    Budget stabilization fund, cash transfer     S1428 – Ch.308
    Commerce dept     H0754
    Commerce dept     H0803 – Ch.304
    Controller, state     S1416 – Ch.242
    Controller, state, administration program     H0802 – Ch.327
    Correction dept     S1420 – Ch.300
    DEQ     H0763 – Ch.189
    Education bd, career technical education div     H0799 – Ch.265
    Education bd, community colleges     H0759 – Ch.143
    Education bd, Idaho public television     H0711 – Ch.86
    Education bd, Idaho public television, add’l     S1395 – Ch.196
    Education bd, office of     S1390
    Education bd, office of     H0809 – Ch.295
    Education bd, office of, add’l     S1403 – Ch.298
    Education bd, office of, administration program     S1292 – Ch.15
    Education bd, public charter school com     H0725 – Ch.139
    Education bd, vocational rehabilitation div     S1348 – Ch.79
    Education bd, vocational rehabilitation div, trailer     S1427 – Ch.258
    Education bd/univ of Idaho, colleges/universities     H0776 – Ch.176
    Education bd/univ of Idaho, health education programs     S1418 – Ch.244
    Education bd/univ of Idaho, special programs     S1392 – Ch.151
    Education bd/univ of Idaho, special programs, trailer     S1425 – Ch.260
    Education dept     H0789 – Ch.255
    Education dept, administration program     H0802 – Ch.327
    Education dept, student services, content standards     H0804 – Ch.280
    Endowment fund investment bd     H0686 – Ch.114
    F&G dept     S1386 – Ch.132
    F&G dept, wildlife program     S1422 – Ch.316
    Finance dept     S1364 – Ch.102
    Governor, executive office of     S1365 – Ch.96
    Governor, executive office of, administration     H0802 – Ch.327
    Governor, office of, drug policy     S1369 – Ch.121
    Governor, office of, energy & mineral resources     S1396 – Ch.148
    Governor, office of, financial management div     H0742 – Ch.164
    Governor, office of, human resources div     H0726 – Ch.166
    Governor, office of, human resources div, add’l     H0710 – Ch.167
    Governor, office of, info tech services office     S1400 – (V)
    Governor, office of, info tech services office     H0825 – Ch.296
    Governor, office of, military div     S1394 – Ch.149
    Governor, office of, military div, add’l     H0801 – Ch.317
    Governor, office of, military div, add’l     H0679 – Ch.115
    Governor, office of, species conservation office     S1347 – Ch.74
    Governor, office of, state liquor div     S1366 – Ch.95
    Governor, office of, STEM action center     H0743 – Ch.140
    Governor, office of, STEM action center, add’l     S1403 – Ch.298
    H&W dept, child welfare, disabled, service integration     H0773 – Ch.211
    H&W dept, community hospitalization program     S1424 – Ch.261
    H&W dept, domestic violence council     H0661 – Ch.63
    H&W dept, indirect support, licensing, councils     S1401 – Ch.210
    H&W dept, medicaid div     H0777 – Ch.252
    H&W dept, medicaid div, add’l     S1331 – Ch.30
    H&W dept, medicaid div, add’l     H0661 – Ch.63
    H&W dept, psychiatric hospitalization div     H0661 – Ch.63
    H&W dept, public health services div     H0767 – Ch.199
    H&W dept, public health services div, add’l     H0661 – Ch.63
    H&W dept, services div, extended employment services     S1427 – Ch.258
    H&W dept, substance abuse, mental health, hospitals     S1384 – Ch.127
    H&W dept, welfare div     H0764 – Ch.190
    Hazardous substance emergency response fund     H0449 – Ch.2
    Hispanic affairs com     H0758 – Ch.198
    Idaho opportunity fund, cash transfer     H0657
    Idaho state historical society     S1371 – Ch.100
    Idaho state lottery     S1370 – Ch.91
    Idaho state police     H0750 – Ch.135
    Idaho state police, endangered missing person alert     S1426 – Ch.259
    Idaho workforce housing fund, cash transfer     S1428 – Ch.308
    Individual high risk reinsurance pool, cash transfer     S1428 – Ch.308
    Industrial com     S1402 – Ch.171
    Industrial com, add’l     S1417 – Ch.243
    Insurance dept     H0722 – Ch.187
    Juvenile corrections dept     S1385 – Ch.125
    Labor dept     H0753 – Ch.188
    Lands dept     H0755 – Ch.251
    Legislative services office     H0765 – Ch.241
    Libraries com     H0824
    Libraries com     H0827 – Ch.321
    Libraries com     H0826
    Libraries com     H0784
    Libraries com     H0806
    Libraries com, add’l     S1403 – Ch.298
    Lieutenant governor     H0786 – Ch.221
    Lieutenant governor, add’l     H0802 – Ch.327
    Pardons and parole com     H0785 – Ch.292
    Parks and recreation dept     H0751 – Ch.201
    PERSI     H0724 – Ch.273
    Pest control deficiency warrant fund     H0449 – Ch.2
    Public charter school debt reserve fund, cash transfer     H0736
    Public defense com     H0721 – Ch.138
    Public education stabilization fund, cash transfers     S1428 – Ch.308
    Public health districts, educational materials     S1395 – Ch.196
    Public school funding formula, study committee     H0807 – Ch.320
    Public schools support, administrative/classified staff     H0798 – Ch.264
    Public schools support, administrators division     H0792 – Ch.248
    Public schools support, administrators division, add’l     H0807 – Ch.320
    Public schools support, administrators division, add’l     S1404 – Ch.170
    Public schools support, central services division     H0795 – Ch.238
    Public schools support, children’s programs     H0788 – Ch.293
    Public schools support, children’s programs, add’l     H0634 – Ch.17
    Public schools support, children’s programs, adjust     S1403 – Ch.298
    Public schools support, deaf/blind services     H0794 – Ch.240
    Public schools support, facilities division     H0796 – Ch.234
    Public schools support, operations division     H0797 – Ch.247
    Public schools support, operations division, add’l     S1404 – Ch.170
    Public schools support, operations division, add’l     H0807 – Ch.320
    Public schools support, teachers division     H0793 – Ch.239
    Public schools support, teachers division, add’l     H0805 – Ch.266
    Public schools support, teachers division, add’l     H0634 – Ch.17
    Public schools support, teachers division, add’l     S1404 – Ch.170
    Public utilities com     S1393 – Ch.150
    Public utilities com, add’l     S1417 – Ch.243
    Recovery Idaho, nine community recovery centers     S1395 – Ch.196
    Secretary of state     S1406 – Ch.204
    Secretary of state, secretary of state program     H0802 – Ch.327
    Self-governing agencies dept, occupational licenses div     H0771 – Ch.155
    Soil and water conservation com     H0757 – Ch.197
    State appellate public defender     S1388 – Ch.126
    State employees, compensation, increase     H0726 – Ch.166
    State independent living council     S1349 – Ch.58
    State-directed opioid settlement fund, cash transfer     S1428 – Ch.308
    Supreme court     H0770 – Ch.315
    Supreme court, add’l     H0800 – Ch.325
    Tax appeals bd     S1407 – Ch.206
    Tax com     H0783 – Ch.207
    Tax com, add’l     S1417 – Ch.243
    Transportation dept     H0772 – Ch.156
    Transportation dept, add’l     S1359 – Ch.56
    Transportation expansion and congestion mitigation fund     H0787 – Ch.220
    Treasurer, state     S1409 – Ch.203
    Treasurer, state, add’l     H0802 – Ch.327
    Treasurer, state, add’l     S1428 – Ch.308
    Twenty-seventh payroll fund, cash transfer     S1428 – Ch.308
    Univ of Idaho, agricultural research/extension     S1419 – Ch.245
    Veterans services div     S1410 – Ch.237
    Waste tire disposal deficiency warrant fund     H0449 – Ch.2
    Water resources dept     H0769 – Ch.279
    Wolf depredation control bd     S1363 – Ch.130
    Workforce development council     S1411 – Ch.249
    Workforce development council, add’l     S1408 – Ch.236
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    Architects and landscape architects bd, create     S1232 – Ch.42
    Architects, license, mutual recognition agreement     S1299 – Ch.44
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    Com, approp     S1391 – Ch.147
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    County assessor, homeowners exemption, investigate     H0564 – Ch.92
    County assessor, new construction roll, requirements     H0673 – Ch.310
    Hospitals, assessments, calculation, fund, amend     S1350 – Ch.133
    Land, ownership identification, evidence, remove code     S1282 – Ch.75
    Self-service storage facilities, market valuation     S1301 – (V)
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    Assisted living facilities, in-person visitation right     H0601
    Long-term care facilities, absentee voting assistance     H0441
    Occupational licensing protection act, new     H0613
    Patient visitation rights act, new     H0668
    Patient/resident, essential caregivers, visitation     S1336
    Patient/resident, essential caregivers, visitation     S1353 – Ch.134
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    Homeowner’s association act, new     H0628
    Homeowner’s association act, new     H0703 – Ch.323
    Homeowner’s associations, violations, notice/fine     S1263
    Interagency working group (IWG), head start association     H0524 – Ch.70
    Unorganized associations and parades, repeal statute     H0475
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    Ed Cheff, Lewis-Clark state college, baseball coach     SCR114 – (A)
    Idaho Falls bandits, American legion world series     HCR031 – (A)
    School sports, concussion evaluations, chiropractors     S1306
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    Approp     S1389 – Ch.128
    Approp, state legal services program     H0802 – Ch.327
    Attorney general, compensation, increase     H0747 – Ch.326
    Attorney general, compensation, increase     H0739
    Constitutional defense council, remove attorney general     H0665
    Lands dept, legal counsel, not attorney general     H0696
    Lands dept/bd, legal counsel, not attorney general     S1372
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    Attorney fees, mechanics/materialmen liens     H0609 – Ch.66
    Industrial com, attorney member, judicial council     H0591
    Judicial council, membership, duties, records     S1382
    Judicial council, membership, duties, records     H0600
    Judicial council, membership, duties, records     H0782 – (V)
    Lands dept, legal counsel, not attorney general     H0696
    Lands dept/bd, legal counsel, not attorney general     S1372
    Public defense com, approp     H0721 – Ch.138
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    Elections, audits, secretary of state and county clerk     S1274 – Ch.32
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    Federalism comm, ESG standards, study     HCR052
    Financial companies, boycotting Idaho companies, list     H0737
    Idaho credit union act, amend     S1295 – Ch.78
    Regulated/payday lenders, licensing     H0557
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    Barber, apprentice program, high school students     S1354 – Ch.250
    Barber/cosmetology, license, exemption, hair braiding     H0762 – Ch.291
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    Alcoholic beverages, sell, age 17     S1308
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    Idaho beef council, rules, fee, approve     HCR037 – (A)
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    See LIQUOR
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    Alcoholic beverages, sell, age 17     S1308
    Idaho hop growers com, promote beer     H0530 – Ch.89
    Mead, cider, other fermented beverages, brew/tasting     H0646 – Ch.136
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    Health benefit plans, contraception, coverage     S1260
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    Blind/visually impaired com, approp     S1361 – Ch.69
    Blind/visually impaired com, vocational rehabilitation     H0454 – Ch.4
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    Architects and landscape architects bd, create     S1232 – Ch.42
    Community college districts, board, elections/vacancies     H0738
    Community college districts, board, elections/vacancies     H0645
    Community infrastructure district bd, members     H0637 – Ch.181
    Correction bd, rules, proclamation, approve     HCR043
    Correction bd, rules, proclamation, approve     HCR050 – (A)
    Correction bd, rules, proclamation, approve     HCR046
    Endowment fund investment bd, approp     H0686 – Ch.114
    Endowment fund investment bd, rules, fee, approve     SCR124 – (A)
    Endowment fund investment bd, Russian assets, divest     HCR041 – (A)
    Environmental quality bd, members     S1243 – Ch.107
    Idaho state police/state brand bd, rules, fee, approve     HCR037 – (A)
    Idaho water resource bd, revolving development fund     H0467 – Ch.90
    Irrigation districts, board, elections, nominee’s oath     S1275 – Ch.106
    Juvenile corrections, custody review board     H0451 – Ch.23
    Land board, state lands, exchanges     S1251
    Naturopathic health care board, create     S1330 – Ch.194
    Nursing bd, advisory committee, repeal     S1244 – Ch.48
    PERSI, retirement board, Russian assets, divest     H0728 – Ch.309
    Schools, trustees, recall, election, vacancy     H0438
    Schools, trustees, recall, election, vacancy     H0671
    Sexual offender management bd, rules, fee, approve     HCR044
    Sexual offender management bd, rules, fee, approve     HCR043
    Sexual offender management bd, rules, fee, approve     HCR046
    Sexual offender management bd, rules, fee, approve     HCR050 – (A)
    Treasurer investment advisory bd, IRAs, review/website     H0535
    Water/sewer districts, board, members, compensation     S1248 – Ch.16
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    Idaho safe boating act, amend     H0519 – Ch.218
    Vessels, invasive species and other fees     H0568
    Vessels, invasive species fees     H0456
    Vessels, motorized, nonresident, fee     H0585
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    Administration dept, approp, bond payments program     S1387 – Ch.131
    Bond/levy elections, taxing districts, limit elections     H0512
    Elections, bond/levy/initiative/referendum/recall, date     S1377
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    Idaho state police/state brand bd, rules, fee, approve     HCR037 – (A)
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    Budget request, correction dept, medical annex     HR017
    Budget request, correction dept, Pocatello reentry cntr     HR018
    Budget request, Idaho state police, air support div     HR016
    Economic outlook and revenue assessment comm, create     S1310
    Taxing districts, budget requests, limitation     S1249 – Ch.8
    Taxing districts, budget requests, property taxes     H0648
    Taxing districts, budget requests, property taxes     H0709
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    Building codes, amend     H0614
    Counties, erection of buildings and lease terms     H0575 – Ch.319
    Counties, erection of buildings and lease terms     H0474
    Electrical/plumbing/HVAC, licenses, nonprofits, exempt     H0582 – Ch.301
    Electrical/plumbing/HVAC, licenses, nonprofits, exempt     H0503
    Idaho energy conservation code, new     H0660 – Ch.302
    Idaho energy conservation code, new     H0546
    Idaho energy conservation code, new     H0615
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    School bus, drivers, PERSI, contribution/reemployment     H0555 – Ch.216
    School bus, interstate highways, maximum speed limit     H0571
    School bus, services, contracts, federal funding, term     S1319 – Ch.87
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    Business information infrastructure project/fund     H0729 – Ch.165
    Business, taxation by out-of-state taxing entities     H0677 – Ch.312
    Coronavirus pause act, new