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Legislation by Number

2024 Legislation by Bill Number

The status of each bill, resolution, proclamation, and memorials listed on this page are updated when the offices of the Secretary of the Senate and the Chief Clerk of the House publish the un-official daily journals and should not be deemed official. The official bill actions are located in the final journal, which are maintained by the offices of the Secretary of the Senate and the Chief Clerk of the House.  The daily journals are published at the end of each legislative day.

House Bills

Senate Bills

(*) indicates previous days action
(+) indicates ADOPTED or LAW




H0381     Preborn children     H St Aff   
H0382     Sex crimes, children, computer     H Jud   
H0383     Medical liens     H Bus   
H0384     Harmful materials, libraries     H St Aff   
H0385     Internal revenue code, definition     LAW +
H0386     Public charter schools     H Educ   
H0387     Domestic violence, penalties     S Jud   
H0388     Juvenile corrections     H Jud   
H0389     Fire code violations, misdemeanor     H Bus   
H0390     City, county employee investigation     S 3rd Rdg   
H0391     Explicit synthetic media     H Jud   
H0392     Health districts, powers, duties     H Health/Wel   
H0393     Counseling compact, fingerprinting     S 3rd Rdg *
H0394     State admin facilities, sale     H St Aff   
H0395     Electioneering messages, gov docs     H St Aff   
H0396     Mask mandates, prohibition     H St Aff   
H0397     Immunization registry, opt in     S Health/Wel   
H0398     Medicaid, legislative approval     S Health/Wel   
H0399     Maternal mortality, board, report     S 3rd Rdg   
H0400     Preborn children     H St Aff   
H0401     Homestead exemption, penalties     H Rev/Tax   
H0402     Injection wells     S 3rd Rdg   
H0403a   Soil conservation dist, supervisors     S 2nd Rdgaa *
H0404     Records, wildlife     S 3rd Rdg   
H0405     Lewd conduct, minors, penalties     H Jud   
H0406     Fentanyl trafficking, drug homicide     LAW +
H0407     FAIR elections act, synthetic media     H St Aff   
H0408     Ski patrol, volunteer, liability     S Jud   
H0409     State admin facilities, sale     S St Aff   
H0410     Income tax for tribal members     LAW +
H0411     Education data     H Educ   
H0412     Vehicles, ports of entry     S 3rd Rdg   
H0413     License plates, expiration     S Transp   
H0414     Commercial driver’s license, fees     S 3rd Rdg   
H0415     Concealed weapons, school property     S St Aff   
H0416     State govt, org membership, funds     H St Aff   
H0417     State agencies, cash payment     S 3rd Rdg   
H0418     Assistant physicians     H Health/Wel   
H0419     Medicaid expansion, conditions     H Health/Wel   
H0420     School bd trustees recall, quorum     H St Aff   
H0421     Sex, gender, definitions, rules     S St Aff   
H0422     Public charter schools     LAW +
H0423     Maternal mortality committee     H Health/Wel   
H0424     Community resident associations     H Bus   
H0425     Disaster preparedness     S Res/Env   
H0426     FAIR elections act, AI     H St Aff   
H0427     Special inquiry judge, attorney gen     H Jud   
H0428     Employment, fund size multiplier     To enrol *
H0429     PERSI, service purchase     S 3rd Rdg   
H0430     PERSI, disability, school employees     S 3rd Rdg   
H0431     PERSI, contributions     S 3rd Rdg   
H0432     PERSI, confidential records     S 3rd Rdg   
H0433     Human resources, equivalency     S Com/HuRes   
H0434     State land     H Res/Con   
H0435     Controlled substances, schedule I     S 3rd Rdg   
H0436     Allied health professionals     S 2nd Rdg *
H0437     Midwifery licensure     S 2nd Rdg *
H0438     Immunizations, exemptions     S Health/Wel   
H0439     Immunization assessment board     S Health/Wel   
H0440     Smoking products, minors, penalties     H Jud   
H0441     Fentanyl testing strips     S St Aff   
H0442     Attorney general, duty, statutes     H Jud   
H0443     Subcontractors, licensing     H Bus   
H0444     County property, sale, exchange     S 3rd Rdg   
H0445     Tax deficiencies, interest     S 3rd Rdg   
H0446     Grain bin equipment, tax exemption     H Rev/Tax   
H0447     Parental choice credit, grant     H Rev/Tax   
H0448     Material harmful to minors     H St Aff   
H0449     Homestead exemption, penalties     S 3rd Rdg   
H0450     School district activity funds     S 3rd Rdg   
H0451     Reading assessment exemption     H Educ   
H0452     Digital learning academy     S 3rd Rdg   
H0453     Board of education, regions     H Educ   
H0454     Advanced opportunity scholarship     S Educ   
H0455     Codifier’s corrections     S 3rd Rdg   
H0456     State agreements, database     S St Aff   
H0457     Approp, judicial branch, orig     S 3rd Rdg   
H0458     Approp, state edu bd, 2025 maint     To enrol *
H0459     Approp, gen govt, 2025 maint     To enrol *
H0460     Approp, public schools, 2025 maint     S 3rd Rdg   
H0461     Administrative procedures     S Jud   
H0462     Commission of pardons and parole     S Jud   
H0463     State agencies, donations     H St Aff   
H0464     Compact, border security     S St Aff *
H0465     Sexual abuse, visual representation     S Jud   
H0466     Architects, practice, state     S 3rd Rdg *
H0467     Irrigation, special assessments     S Res/Env   
H0468     Rangeland improvement act     S Res/Env   
H0469     Fish and game, muzzleloader season     H Res/Con   
H0470     Office of election crimes, security     H St Aff   
H0471     Unclaimed property     S 3rd Rdg   
H0472     Land inspections, ag director     S 3rd Rdg   
H0473     Agricultural protection areas     H Loc Gov   
H0474     Pesticides, damage, false reports     S Agric Aff   
H0475     Approp, legis branch, 2025 maint     To enrol *
H0476     Abortion, sex ed curricula     H St Aff   
H0477     Auditorium districts, dissolution     H 3rd Rdg *
H0478     Idaho electric code     S Com/HuRes   
H0479     Money transmission modernization     H Bus   
H0480     Employment, benefit formula     H Com/HuRes   
H0481     Unemployment benefits, qualify     H Com/HuRes   
H0482     Juvenile corrections, hearings     S Jud   
H0483     Juvenile corrections     H Jud   
H0484     Fish and game, season setting     H Res/Con   
H0485     Livestock depredation     H Res/Con   
H0486     Veterans, property     H 3rd Rdg *
H0487     Utility successors, agreements     S St Aff   
H0488     Burden of proof for deduction     S 3rd Rdg   
H0489     Essential caregivers, visitation     S Health/Wel   
H0490     Criminal background checks     H PASSED *
H0491     Plats, notice, mail     S Loc Gov   
H0492     Rec districts, agreements     H Loc Gov   
H0493     Mask mandates, prohibition     S St Aff   
H0494     Trafficking, commercial sex     H 3rd Rdg   
H0495     Illegal products, advertising     H Jud   
H0496     Tribes, forest land, federal gov     S 3rd Rdg   
H0497     Elections, vacancies     H 3rd Rdg *
H0498     Harmful material, internet     S 2nd Rdg *
H0499     Idaho dietary supplement act     H Health/Wel   
H0500     Opportunity scholarship     S Educ   
H0501a   Medical liens     H 2nd Rdgaa *
H0502     Unclaimed human remains     S Com/HuRes   
H0503     Life insurance, notice     H Bus   
H0504     Electricity meters, prohibition     H Bus   
H0505     Occupational licensure, renewal     S Com/HuRes   
H0506     Short-term rentals, regulation     H Bus   
H0507     Timber sales, security     S Res/Env   
H0508     PERSI, police officers     S Com/HuRes   
H0509     Public works, bids, challenges     H Com/HuRes   
H0510     Workers, verification status     H Com/HuRes   
H0511     Religious security teams, immunity     H Jud   
H0512     Offenses, children, penalties     H Jud   
H0513     Sheriff, duties, traffic     H Jud   
H0514     Sexual offender registry     H 2nd Rdg *
H0515     Lewd conduct, minors, penalty     S Jud   
H0516     Ski area operators     H Jud   
H0517     Freedom of religion, speech, action     H Jud   
H0518     Medicaid fraud, penalties     S Jud   
H0519     Critical infrastructure     H Jud   
H0520     Gender transition, public funds     H Jud   
H0521     Taxation, school facilities funds     S Loc Gov   
H0522     Cannibalism     H Jud   
H0523     Health care sharing ministries     H PASSED *
H0524     Telehealth, behavioral, schools     H Health/Wel   
H0525     Health boards, duties     S Health/Wel   
H0526     Pelvic exams, unconscious patients     H 3rd Rdg *
H0527     Pharmacy, practice     S Health/Wel   
H0528     Certified family homes     S Health/Wel   
H0529     Charter school funding     S Educ   
H0530     Emergency communications fee     H Loc Gov   
H0531     Driver’s education, parents     S 3rd Rdg *
H0532     Identification cards     S 3rd Rdg *
H0533     Commercial vehicles     S 3rd Rdg *
H0534     Fuels tax, coml electric vehicles     H Transp   
H0535     Traffic enforcement, school buses     H Transp   
H0536     Cervidae, quarantine     H Agric Aff   
H0537     Lewd conduct, four years older     H Jud   
H0538     Compelled speech, pronouns, titles     H 3rd Rdg   
H0539     School harassment and bullying     H FAILED   
H0540     Flood control districts     S Res/Env *
H0541     Coml property, capital expenditure     H Rev/Tax   
H0542     International physicians     H PASSED *
H0543     Family daycare homes     S Com/HuRes *
H0544     Adoption records, age     S Jud   
H0545     Rent, regulation, prohibition     S Com/HuRes   
H0546     Motor vehicles, manufacturers     H Transp   
H0547     Purple heart license plates     S Transp   
H0548     Cities, threats     H Loc Gov   
H0549     Chemigation     S Agric Aff   
H0550     Approp, agriculture, orig     H W/M   
H0551     Approp, historical society, orig     H W/M   
H0552     Approp, edu bd, charter comm, orig     H W/M   
H0553     Approp, soil and water, orig     H W/M   
H0554     Approp, OITS, orig     H W/M   
H0555     Approp, species conservation, orig     H W/M   
H0556     Approp, tax comm, orig     H W/M   
H0557     Outcome-based funding, education     H Educ   
H0558     Employment, benefit formula     H Com/HuRes   
H0559     Marijuana, penalty, less than 3 oz     H Jud   
H0560     Equality in financial services     H St Aff   
H0561     Canvass report, elections     H St Aff   
H0562     Scope of review, agency rules     H St Aff   
H0563     Admin rules     S St Aff   
H0564     Homestead exemption     H Rev/Tax   
H0565     Synthetic media, electioneering     H St Aff   
H0566     Reading assessment, exemption     S 3rd Rdg   
H0567     Sexuality, orientation, grade 5     H Educ   
H0568a   Artificial intelligence council     H 2nd Rdgaa *
H0569     Attorney general, reports, drugs     H Jud   
H0570     Liquor, special distributors     S St Aff   
H0571     Public works, exemptions     S Com/HuRes *
H0572     Guaranteed income prgm, preempt     H St Aff   
H0573     Absentee ballots     H St Aff   
H0574     Bond and levy disclosures     S St Aff   
H0575     Disclosing synthetic media     S St Aff *
H0576     Self-service storage facilities     S Com/HuRes *
H0577     Medicaid, directed payments     H 3rd Rdg *
H0578     Adoption and foster care     H PASSED *
H0579     Behavioral telehealth, schools     H Educ   
H0580     Military leave, public schools     S Educ   
H0581     Teachers, corporal punishment     S Educ   
H0582     Impact fees, school facilities     H Filed Office Chief Clerk   
H0583     Vehicles, residency, 30 days     S Transp *
H0584     Daylight saving time, exemption     H St Aff   
H0585     Digital assets     H Bus   
H0586     Antlers, nonresidents, license     H 2nd Rdg *
H0587     Fish and game permits, nonresidents     H Res/Con   
H0588     Public records requests, residency     S St Aff *
H0589     HOAs, disclosures, fees     H 2nd Rdg *
H0590     Community resident assoc, notices     H 2nd Rdg *
H0591     Cervidae, quarantine     S Agric Aff *
H0592     Depredation     S Res/Env *
H0593     State public defender, time off     H Com/HuRes   
H0594     Adult workforce diploma program     H Educ   
H0595     Outcomes-based funding     H Educ   
H0596     Pharmacy benefit managers     H 3rd Rdg *
H0597     Immunizations, exemptions     H Health/Wel   
H0598     Organized retail theft     H Jud   
H0599     Ballot harvesting prohibited     H St Aff   
H0600     Assault, battery, penalties     H 2nd Rdg *
H0601     Security teams     H Jud   
H0602     Taxpayer funds, teachers unions     H St Aff   
H0603     State agencies, donations     H St Aff   
H0604     Electrical contractors, journeymen     H Bus   
H0605     Labor unions, notice     H Com/HuRes   
H0606     Marijuana, penalty, less than 3 oz     H Jud   
H0607     Public works, bids, challenges     H Com/HuRes   
H0608     Agricultural protection areas     H Loc Gov   
H0609     Compensation security, public     H Com/HuRes   
H0610     Overtaking a school bus     S Jud *
H0611     Water resources, material injury     H Res/Con   
H0612     Wolf depredation control board     H PASSED *
H0613     Advertising illegal products     H Jud   
H0614     National forests, good neighbor     H 2nd Rdg *
H0615     Public benefits, lawful presence     H Health/Wel   
H0616     Child, mental health, disclosures     H Health/Wel   
H0617     Syringe, needle exchange, repeal     H Health/Wel   
H0618     Electioneering messages     S St Aff   
H0619     Wildfire reinsurance, mitigation     H Bus   
H0620     Knives, regulation     H St Aff   
H0621     Homeowner’s assoc, conflicts     H Bus   
H0622     Criminal record, retainable offense     H Jud   
H0623     Domestic terrorism     H Jud   
H0624     Commercial property     H PASSED *
H0625     Assessments, burden of proof     H Rev/Tax   
H0626     Admin procedure, scope of review     H St Aff   
H0627     Gold, silver, legal tender     H St Aff   
H0628     Qualified electors     H St Aff   
H0629     Divorce, guardian ad litem     H 2nd Rdg *
H0630     Cassia, Minidoka, county boundaries     H St Aff   
H0631     Public works, contracts, limits     H Bus   
H0632     Naturopathic doctors, licensure     H Health/Wel   
H0633     Public assistance, pregnancy     H Health/Wel   
H0634     Broadband, state board of ed     H 3rd Rdg *
H0635     School boards, libraries     H Educ   
H0636     Office of early childhood     H Educ   
H0637     Countywide highway districts     H Transp   
H0638     Strategic initiative grants, LHTAC     H Transp   
H0639     Dwellings, heat, fire walls     H Bus   
H0640     Vehicles, service-only facilities     H Transp   
H0641     Unlawful detainer, illegal drugs     H Jud   
H0642     Motor vehicles, manufacturers     H Transp   
H0643     Improper state corporations     H St Aff   
H0644     Board of education, regions     H 2nd Rdg *
H0645     School district trustees     H St Aff *
H0646     Counties, boundaries     H St Aff   
H0647     Occupational licensing, renewal     H Bus   
H0648     Approp, OITS, trailer     H PASSED *
H0649     Approp, OSC, trailer     H PASSED *
H0650     Approp, arts comm, trailer     H PASSED *
H0651     Costs of recapture, reimbursement     H Jud   
H0652     Initiative petitions     H St Aff   
H0653     Pesticides, warning labels     H Bus   
H0654     Corrections, employment, benefits     H Jud   
H0655     Illicit substance tracking portal     H Health/Wel   
H0656     Admin procedure, judicial review     H St Aff   
H0657     Homeowner’s associations     H Bus   
H0658     Hospital property tax exemption     H Rev/Tax   
H0659     Public utilities     H St Aff   
H0660     State agreements, notice     H St Aff   
H0661     Independent candidates     H St Aff   
H0662     Electrical code     H Bus   
H0663     School internet use policy     H Educ   
H0664     Synthetic media, elections     H St Aff *
H0665     State investments, foreign     H St Aff *
H0666     Sex education, abortion     H St Aff *
H0667     Absentee ballots     H St Aff *
H0668     No public funds, gender transition     H Jud *
H0669     Equality in financial services     H 2nd Rdg *
H0670     Organ harvesting, genetic tech     H Health/Wel *
H0671     Prescription drugs, billing     H Health/Wel *




HCR019     Governor’s address     ADOPTED +
HCR020     Traditional family values month     H St Aff   
HCR021     Joint rule 3, bill hearings     H Jud   
HCR022     Water resources, management     H Res/Con   
HCR023     Joint rule 11     S St Aff   
HCR024     Transportation, study cmte     H 3rd Rdg   
HCR025     Holocaust education     S Educ   
HCR026     University of Idaho, corporation     H St Aff   
HCR027     PANDAS/PANS awareness     H 3rd Rdg   
HCR028     Paul Nettleton, honoring     H St Aff   
HCR029     Dept of admin, rule rejection     H 3rd Rdg   
HCR030     Medicaid waivers     H Health/Wel   
HCR031     America250 in Idaho     H St Aff *




HJM006     BLM rules, opposing     H 2nd Rdg *
HJM007     United Nations, world econ forum     H St Aff   
HJM008     Biden admin, immigration     H St Aff   
HJM009     Snake river dam, flows     H Res/Con   




HJR001     Sectarian appropriations     H St Aff   
HJR002     Indebtedness, limits     H Gen Ord *
HJR003     Elections, highest number of votes     H St Aff   




HR006     Texas, supporting     H St Aff   




S1216     Driver’s licenses, revoke, cancel     H Transp   
S1217     Rights-of-way, public lands, waters     S Transp   
S1218     Campaign disclosure, minimum amnts     S FAILED   
S1219     State employees, telework     S St Aff   
S1220     Domestic terrorism     H Jud   
S1221     School library materials review     S St Aff   
S1222     Children’s device protection act     S St Aff   
S1223     State procurement, notice     H Com/HuRes   
S1224     State contracts, multiple awards     S 14th Ord   
S1225     Interagency contracts, higher ed     H Com/HuRes   
S1226     Space force     H Transp   
S1227     Patient medical rights     S St Aff   
S1228     Colleges, concealed weapons     S St Aff   
S1229     Abortion, exceptions     S St Aff   
S1230     Wine imports, retailers     S St Aff   
S1231a   Fish and game, licenses, eligibile     H Res/Con   
S1232a   Child protection, parental rights     H Jud   
S1233     Vehicles, aftermarket crash parts     S Com/HuRes   
S1234     Contraception, six months     H 3rd Rdg   
S1235     Library board elections, terms     H St Aff   
S1236     Bingo-raffle board     H St Aff   
S1237     Sexual orientation, gender identity     S St Aff   
S1238     Worker’s comp, notice of hearing     H Com/HuRes   
S1239a   School dist trustees, quorum     H Educ   
S1240     Military and militias     S St Aff   
S1241     Young entrepreneurs     S Loc Gov   
S1242     Diversity statement, higher ed     S St Aff   
S1243     Grazing rights, state land     H 2nd Rdg *
S1244     Electioneering at polls prohibited     H St Aff   
S1245     Pesticides, warning labels     S FAILED   
S1246     State board of ed, retirement     H Com/HuRes *
S1247a   Crisis response holds     S 2nd Rdgaa *
S1248     Sexual offender management     S Jud   
S1249     Teacher spending accounts     S Educ   
S1250     Liquor licenses, waterfront resorts     H St Aff   
S1251     Political committees, definition     H St Aff   
S1252     Defend the guard act     S 2nd Rdg *
S1253     Children’s device protection     H St Aff   
S1254     Firefighter’s day     S St Aff   
S1255     Peace officer’s day     S St Aff   
S1256     Elected officials, convictions     S St Aff   
S1257     Encroachments     S Res/Env   
S1258     Public rights-of-way     H Transp   
S1259     Bargaining, secret ballots     S Com/HuRes   
S1260     City elections, population req     H St Aff   
S1261     State employee telework     H St Aff   
S1262     Harassment, telecommunications     S 2nd Rdg *
S1263     Liens, deeds of trust     H Bus   
S1264     Annexation by cities     S Loc Gov   
S1265     Audits, minimum requirements     H Rev/Tax   
S1266     Approp, pub safety, 2025 maint     LAW +
S1267     Approp, const officers, 2025 maint     LAW +
S1268     Approp, HHS, 2025 maint     LAW +
S1269     Approp, nat resources, 2025 maint     LAW +
S1270     Approp, econ dev, 2025 maint     LAW +
S1271     Global mission grant prgm, repeal     H Com/HuRes   
S1272     Safe haven act, newborns     H Health/Wel   
S1273     Voter guides     H St Aff   
S1274     Diversity statements, prohibition     H Educ   
S1275     Immunity, employer, firearms     S 3rd Rdg   
S1276     Courts, electronic payment fees     H Jud   
S1277     Jud officers, address confidential     H Jud   
S1278     Ignition interlock system     S Jud   
S1279     Encroachments     H Res/Con   
S1280     Adoption, residency reqs     S 2nd Rdg *
S1281     Temp caregivers, background check     H Health/Wel   
S1282     Vehicles, temp reg permits     H Transp   
S1283     PERSI, employee, definition     S 3rd Rdg   
S1284     Hospitals, claims, liens, mail     H Bus *
S1285     Payday loans, rate cap     S Com/HuRes   
S1286     Homeowner’s assoc, grass lawns     S Com/HuRes   
S1287     Health orgs, requirements     S Health/Wel   
S1288     Youth athletes, chiropractic phys     S 2nd Rdg *
S1289     Libraries, harmful materials     S FAILED   
S1290     Election dates     H St Aff   
S1291     Public contracts, boycotts     H St Aff   
S1292     Land board, dept, legal rep     S 3rd Rdg   
S1293a   Cities, annexation     S 2nd Rdgaa *
S1294     Rural development partnership     S PASSED *
S1295     Barbers, wigs, hairpieces, toupees     H Bus *
S1296     Bitcoin protection act     S Com/HuRes   
S1297     Mechanics, release of liens     S 3rd Rdg   
S1298     Plats and surveys     S 3rd Rdg *
S1299     Labor     S 3rd Rdg *
S1300     Child labor     S Com/HuRes   
S1301     Credit unions     S PASSED *
S1302     Working animals     S Loc Gov   
S1303a   Personal service contracts     S 2nd Rdgaa *
S1304     Open meetings, public testimony     S St Aff   
S1305a   Urban agriculture     S 2nd Rdgaa *
S1306     Parent-as-teacher microschool     S Educ   
S1307     Adoptions, unlicensed     S Jud   
S1308     Education, adoption     S Educ   
S1309     Adoption expenses     S 14th Ord *
S1310     Weapons, public property     S St Aff   
S1311     Military burial eligibility     H Transp   
S1312     State budget requests     H Approp   
S1313     Indian affairs, cochairs     H St Aff   
S1314     State investments, silver and gold     S St Aff   
S1315     PERSI, reemployment     S Com/HuRes   
S1316     Cemetery districts, elections     H Loc Gov *
S1317     License plates, don’t tread on me     H Transp   
S1318     Broadband, dig once policy     S Transp   
S1319     Special license plates     H Transp   
S1320     Road maintenance, right-of-way     S 14th Ord   
S1321     Disabled vet plates, two vehicles     H Transp *
S1322     Invasive species     H Res/Con *
S1323     Public utilities, terms     S Res/Env   
S1324     Enticing of children, felony     S Jud   
S1325     Uniform public expression     S 3rd Rdg   
S1326     Aggravated driving while reckless     H Jud *
S1327     Unlawful detainer, records     H Jud *
S1328a   Runaways     S 2nd Rdgaa *
S1329     Parental rights, medical decisions     H Jud *
S1330     Approp, PUC, orig     S Fin   
S1331     Approp, libraries comm     S Fin   
S1332     Approp, drug policy, orig     S Fin   
S1333     Approp, energy resources, orig     S Fin   
S1334     Approp, arts comm, orig     S Fin   
S1335     Approp, financial mgmt, orig     S Fin   
S1336     Approp, tax appeals, orig     S Fin   
S1337a   Irrigation districts, lands     S 2nd Rdgaa *
S1338     Irrigation districts, boundaries     H Res/Con   
S1339     Rights-of-way     H Res/Con *
S1340     Outfitters, wildlife tags, wolves     S Res/Env   
S1341     Eastern Snake, ground water     H Res/Con   
S1342     Grazing leases     S 3rd Rdg   
S1343     False reports, explosives, violence     S Jud   
S1344     Prostitution, minors, exemption     S Jud   
S1345     Private property     S Jud   
S1346     Incest, statute of limitations     H Jud *
S1347     Judges, retirement, vacancies     S Jud   
S1348     Courts, debt collection     S 14th Ord *
S1349     Guardians, custodians, uniform     S Jud   
S1350     Juvenile corrections, reporting     H Jud *
S1351     Health records, research, stats     S 3rd Rdg   
S1352     Counselors, therapists, principles     S PASSED *
S1353     Medical records, costs     S Health/Wel   
S1354     Electroconvulsive treatment, age     S 14th Ord   
S1355     Medicaid legislative review panel     H Health/Wel *
S1356     School strategic plans     S Educ   
S1357     Higher ed, diversity, funds     S St Aff   
S1358     Empowering parents grant     S Educ   
S1359     Education, advanced opportunities     H Educ *
S1360     Teacher debit cards     S Educ   
S1361a   School district boards, public     S 2nd Rdgaa *
S1362a   Public schools, flags     S 2nd Rdgaa *
S1363     Voting machines     S St Aff   
S1364a   Beer, brewer’s license     S 2nd Rdgaa *
S1365a   Driver’s licenses, next of kin     S 2nd Rdgaa *
S1366     Electronic smoking device directory     S St Aff   
S1367     Public defense, indigent persons     S Jud   
S1368     Adoptions, unlicensed     S 2nd Rdg *
S1369     Manslaughter, penalties     S Jud   
S1370     Water, subdivisions     S Loc Gov   
S1371     Primary elections, presidential     S 3rd Rdg   
S1372     Approp, dept of ag, trailer     S 3rd Rdg   
S1373     Approp, soil and water, trailer     S 3rd Rdg   
S1374     Weapons, public property     S St Aff   
S1375     Naturopath doc licensure, voluntary     S Com/HuRes   
S1376     Public officials, ballot measures     S St Aff   
S1377     Petitions, paid signature gatherers     S St Aff   
S1378     Salaries of judges     S Jud   
S1379     Congregate care, child placement     S printing *
S1380     Health, social srvcs ombudsman     S printing *
S1381     Liquor, resort city restaurants     S printing *




SCR109     Natl conf state legislatures     S St Aff   
SCR110     COVID-19, study committee     S St Aff   
SCR111     Veterinarians     H Agric Aff   
SCR112     Article V convention     S 10th Ord   
SCR113     Nuclear energy, supporting     H Env   
SCR114     Constitutional convention     S Jud   
SCR115     Balanced budget     S Jud   
SCR116     Civics education     H Educ   
SCR117     Erik Peterson, honoring     H St Aff   




SJM102     Immigration, labor, security     H Agric Aff   
SJM103     Snake river dams, breaching, oppose     H Res/Con   
SJM104     Hearing protection act     H St Aff *




SJR104     Extraordinary sessions, limit     H St Aff   
SJR105     School attendance, home, private     S St Aff   




SR101     Rule 3, organization, seating     S 10th Ord