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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


34-411.  APPLICATION for registration — Contents — proof of identity and residence. (1) The secretary of state shall prescribe the form for the registration application consistent with the provisions of this section. Each elector who requests registration shall show proof of identity and residence in accordance with subsections (3) and (4) of this section and shall supply the following information under oath or affirmation:
(a)  Full name and sex;
(b)   Residence address or any other necessary information definitely locating the elector’s residence;
(c)  Mailing address, if different from residence address;
(d)  The period of time preceding the date of registration during which the elector has resided in the state;
(e)  Whether or not the elector is a citizen;
(f)  That the elector is under no legal disqualifications to vote;
(g)  The county and state where the elector was previously registered, if any;
(h)  Date of birth; and
(i)  Current driver’s license number or identification card issued by the Idaho transportation department. In the absence of an Idaho driver’s license or state issued identification card, the last four (4) digits of the elector’s social security number.
(2)  As provided for in section 34-404, Idaho Code, each elector shall select an affiliation with a political party qualified to participate in elections pursuant to section 34-501, Idaho Code, or select to be designated as unaffiliated. The selection of party affiliation or designation as unaffiliated shall be maintained within the voter registration system as provided for in section 34-437A, Idaho Code. If an elector shall fail or refuse to make such a selection, the county clerk shall record as unaffiliated such elector within the voter registration system as provided for in section 34-437A, Idaho Code.
(3)  An individual shall prove identity for the purpose of registering to vote by showing one (1) of the following forms of photo identification:
(a)  A current driver’s license or identification card issued pursuant to title 49, Idaho Code;
(b)  A current passport or other identification card issued by an agency of the United States government;
(c)  A current tribal identification card; or
(d)  A current license or enhanced license to carry concealed weapons issued under section 18-3302, Idaho Code, or section 18-3302K, Idaho Code.
(4)(a)  An individual shall prove residence for the purpose of registering to vote by showing one (1) of the following documents that displays the applicant’s name and current Idaho physical address:
(i)    Any form of photo identification listed in subsection (3)(a), (c), or (d) of this section;
(ii)   A current proof of insurance;
(iii)  A deed of trust, mortgage, or lease or rental agreement;
(iv)   A property tax assessment, bill, or receipt;
(v)    A utility bill, excluding a cellular telephone bill;
(vi)   A bank or credit card statement;
(vii)  A paystub, paycheck, or government-issued check;
(viii) An intake document from a residential care or assisted living facility licensed pursuant to the provisions of chapter 33, title 39, Idaho Code;
(ix)   Enrollment papers issued for the current school year by a high school or an accredited institution of higher education located within the state of Idaho; or
(x)    A communication on letterhead from a public or private social service agency registered with the secretary of state verifying the applicant is homeless and attesting to the applicant’s residence for registration purposes.
(b)  Any document that displays only a post office box address does not satisfy the requirements of this subsection.
(5)(a)  The registration application shall contain the following warning:

WARNING: Any elector who supplies any information, knowing it to be false, is guilty of perjury.

(b)  The elector shall read the warning set forth in this subsection and shall sign the elector’s name in an appropriate place on the completed application.
(6)  The registration application completed and signed as provided in this section constitutes the official registration application of the elector. The county clerk shall upload such applications to the statewide voter registration database. Such applications shall be considered confidential and unavailable for public inspection and copying except as provided by section 74-106(25), Idaho Code.
(7)  Any elector who shall supply any information under subsection (1) of this section, knowing it to be false, is guilty of perjury.
(8)  Each elector who requests registration may, at the elector’s option, supply the elector’s telephone number. If the telephone number is supplied by the elector, the telephone number shall be available to the public.
(9)  The statewide voter registration database maintained by the office of the secretary of state shall constitute the register of electors.

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