Idaho Statutes

34-411.  Application for registration — Contents. (1) Each elector who requests registration shall supply the following information under oath or affirmation:
(a)  Full name and sex.
(b)  Mailing address, residence address or any other necessary information definitely locating the elector’s residence.
(c)  The period of time preceding the date of registration during which the elector has resided in the state.
(d)  Whether or not the elector is a citizen.
(e)  That the elector is under no legal disqualifications to vote.
(f)  The county and state where the elector was previously registered, if any.
(g)  Date of birth.
(h)  Current driver’s license number or identification card issued by the Idaho transportation department. In the absence of an Idaho driver’s license or state issued identification card, the last four (4) digits of the elector’s social security number.
(2)  As provided for in section 34-404, Idaho Code, each elector shall select an affiliation with a political party qualified to participate in elections pursuant to section 34-501, Idaho Code, or select to be designated as "unaffiliated." The selection of party affiliation or designation as "unaffiliated" shall be maintained within the voter registration system as provided for in section 34-437A, Idaho Code. If an elector shall fail or refuse to make such a selection, the county clerk shall record as "unaffiliated" such elector within the voter registration system as provided for in section 34-437A, Idaho Code.
(3)  Any elector who shall supply any information under subsection (1) of this section, knowing it to be false, is guilty of perjury.
(4)  Each elector who requests registration may, at the elector’s option, supply the elector’s telephone number. If the telephone number is supplied by the elector, the telephone number shall be available to the public.

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