2013 Joint Millennium Fund Committee

Charge: To make recommendations to the Legislature regarding the use of moneys in the Idaho Millennium Income Fund. Idaho Code, Section 67-1807

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Sen. Patti Anne Lodge, Co-chair
Sen. Dan Johnson
Sen. Fred Martin
Sen. Elliot Werk
Sen. Dan Schmidt
Rep. Stephen Hartgen, Co-chair
Rep. Fred Wood
Rep. Robert Anderst
Rep. John Rusche
Rep. Phylis King


Staff:  Richard Burns, Secretary: Margaret Major

Meeting Notices and Agendas:
February 4, 2013

February 1, 2012

Applications and Forms:
FY2014 Millennium Fund Grant Presentations
FY2014 Millennium Fund Grant Application Guide
FY2014 Grant Application Form (Word)
FY2014 Grant Reporting Form (Word)
FY 2014 Joint Millennium Fund Committee Report & Recommendations


    Time Organization/Program Presenter
      MONDAY, November 19th
    8:00 –  8:25 Roll Call, Introductions, Minutes, & Staff Update

    Senator Patti Anne Lodge, Chairman
    Representative Dennis Lake, Chairman
    Staff Update:  Richard Burns, Legislative Budget & Policy Analyst

    8:25 –  8:45 Millennium Fund Investment Updates
    State Treasurer’s Office
    D.A. Davidson

    Shawn Nydegger, Investment Manager,  State Treasurer’s Office
    Michael Bledsoe, Managing Partner, Capitol Investment Advisors, A Division of D.A. Davidson & Co.

    8:45 –  9:15 Community-Based Substance Abuse Treatment Services
    Idaho Department of Correction
    Grant Application
    Brent Reinke, Director
    9:15 –  9:45 Status Offender, Youth Court, and Tobacco/Alcohol Diversion Programs
    Idaho Supreme Court
    Grant Application
    Ms. Patti Tobias, Administrative Director of the Courts & Judge John Varin
    9:45 –  10:00 Detox & Crisis Mental Health Services
    Allumbaugh House
    Grant Application
    Mayor David H. Bieter, City of Boise, and Chairman of the Treasure Valley’s Medically Monitored Detoxification & Mental Health Diversion Unit, A Joint Powers Entity
    10:00 – 10:15 Break  
    10:15 – 10:45 "Lock Your Meds" Prescription Drug Ed. Campaign
    Governor’s Office of Drug Policy
    Grant Application
    Elisha Figueroa, Administrator
    10:45 – 11:15 Prescription Drug Abuse in Emergency Departments
    Idaho State University
    Grant Application
    Rex Force, Associate Dean for Clinical Research
    11:15 – 11:30 Id. Regional Alcohol Drug Awareness Resource Center
    Boise State University
    Grant Application
    Teri Carrigan, RADAR Center Director
    11:30 –  12:00  Idaho Women’s Health Check
    American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network & DHW
    Grant Application
    Stacey Satterlee, Idaho Director, Government Relations
    12:00 –  1:00 Lunch  
    1:00 –  1:30 Statewide Blood Pressure Screening Event
    American Heart Association & American Stroke Association
    Grant Application
    Adrean Cavener, Director, Government Relations
    1:30 –  2:00 Project Filter Tobacco Cessation Services & Counter Marketing Campaign
    Division of Health, Department of Health & Welfare
    Grant Application
    Jack Miller, Respiratory Health Program Manager
    2:00 –  2:15 Prevention of Minors’ Access to Tobacco Products
    Idaho State Police & Department of Health and Welfar
    Grant Application
    Lt. Colonel Ralph Powell, Deputy Director
    2:15 –  2:45  Public Health Districts’ Tobacco Cessation Programs
    Panhandle Public Health District
    Grant Application
    Lora Whalen, Director
    2:45 –  3:00 Break  
    3:00 –  3:30 FACT IS:  Fighting Against Commercial Tobacco with Idaho Students
    American Lung Association
    Grant Application
    Jan M. Flynn, Idaho State Director
    3:30 –  4:00 Parent & Teen Prevention Education Program – i2i
    Idaho Drug Free Youth
    Grant Application
    Kristi Rietze, Director
    Greg Sommers, Director of Outreach
     4:00 –  4:30 Prevention & Public Awareness Campaign
    Gina Heideman, Executive Director
    Grant Application
    K. Barth Williams, President
    4:30 Closing Comments & Adjournment
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