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Legislation by Number

2012 Legislation by Bill Number

The status of each bill, resolution, proclamation, and memorials listed on this page are updated when the offices of the Secretary of the Senate and the Chief Clerk of the House publish the un-official daily journals and should not be deemed official. The official bill actions are located in the final journal, which are maintained by the offices of the Secretary of the Senate and the Chief Clerk of the House.  The daily journals are published at the end of each legislative day.

House Bills

Senate Bills

(*) indicates previous days action
(+) indicates ADOPTED or LAW




H0354     Sales and use tax on services     H Rev/Tax   
H0355     Internal revenue code     LAW +
H0356     Property tax exemptions, approval     LAW +
H0357     Property tax, forest lands     LAW +
H0358a   Property tax, county auditor     LAW +
H0359     Use tax, nonres college students     H Rev/Tax   
H0360     Tax Comm, electronic payments     LAW +
H0361     Sales and use tax/vehicle exemption     LAW +
H0362     Taxes, notice, first class mail     LAW +
H0363     Income tax, passive losses     LAW +
H0364     Income tax, retired police officers     LAW +
H0365     Income tax account     LAW +
H0366     Taxes, state agreements     H Rev/Tax   
H0367     Federal transit authority funding     LAW +
H0368a   Military div/ interop exec council     LAW +
H0369     Military division support fund     LAW +
H0370     Medical marijuana     H St Aff   
H0371     Veterans homes, admission     S St Aff   
H0372     Mineral extraction violations     LAW +
H0373     Liquor division, provisions revised     H St Aff   
H0374     Engineers and surveyors     LAW +
H0375     Plats/vacations, interior monuments     LAW +
H0376     Successor corp/asbestos related     LAW +
H0377     Oil/gas wells, permits     H Res/Con   
H0378     Oil/gas conservation commission     H Res/Con   
H0379     Oil & gas exploration     LAW +
H0380     Capitol mall, camping     H St Aff   
H0381     Elections/absentee elector’s ballot     H St Aff   
H0382     Ed, professional studies account     LAW +
H0383     Id opportunity scholarship program     LAW +
H0384     Higher education, residency     LAW +
H0385     Comm colleges account, disbursments     LAW +
H0386a   Scholarships, mil membr, spouse     LAW +
H0387a   Revenue/tax, homestead     S Loc Gov   
H0388a   Early childhd/intervention services     H FAILED   
H0389     Weights/measures dedicated fund     LAW +
H0390     Veterinarians     H Agric Aff   
H0391     Presidential preference primary     LAW +
H0392     Primary elections     H St Aff   
H0393a   Rural health care access     LAW +
H0394     Ed, interstate agreement/personnel     LAW +
H0395     Deficiency fund transfers     LAW +
H0396     Cmp aquifr mngt pln/rathdrm prairie     LAW +
H0397     Irrigation district elections     LAW +
H0398     Ditch repair and maintenance     S St Aff   
H0399     Applications to appropriate water     LAW +
H0400     Alteration of stream channels     LAW +
H0401     Irrigation districts     LAW +
H0402     Brand brd, brand inspect/personnel     LAW +
H0403     Abandoned motor vehicles/tow list     LAW +
H0404a   Capitol mall, camping     LAW +
H0405     Electronic cigarettes     LAW +
H0406     Education     H Educ   
H0407     Building safety/building code board     LAW +
H0408     Electrical brd, presiding officials     LAW +
H0409     Bldg safety division, brd mem comp     LAW +
H0410     Video service act     H Bus   
H0411     Community college district/trustees     H Educ   
H0412     Grape growers/wine producers     LAW +
H0413     Military div, disaster prep     H Transp   
H0414     State rail/intermodl fac systm plan     LAW +
H0415     Vote by mail     H St Aff   
H0416     Vote by mail     H St Aff   
H0417     Use tax, aircraft exemption     LAW +
H0418     Public employee retirement system     LAW +
H0419     Real estate appraisers, licensure     LAW +
H0420     Insurance department     LAW +
H0421     Insurance, director orders/notices     LAW +
H0422     Insurance, certified report reqmnt     LAW +
H0423     Insurance, immuniz, standards/rates     H Bus   
H0424     Treasurer, duties revised     H St Aff   
H0425     State treasurer/silver medallions     H St Aff   
H0426a   Education, 8 in 6 program     LAW +
H0427     Money judgments     H Bus   
H0428     Elections, absentee ballot     H St Aff   
H0429     Public works contracts     H Com/HuRes   
H0430     Legal tender     H St Aff   
H0431     Agriculture     H Agric Aff   
H0432     Employer duties/lunch period     H Com/HuRes   
H0433     Health insurance exchange act     H Health/Wel   
H0434     Money judgments     H Bus   
H0435     Corporate tax incntv & acctbty act     H Rev/Tax   
H0436     County central commte/post election     H St Aff   
H0437     Income tax credit     S Loc Gov   
H0438     Investment tax credit     LAW +
H0439a   Control substance prescrip database     LAW +
H0440     Fees/taxes, insurance funding     S Com/HuRes   
H0441     Indigent health care     LAW +
H0442     Nursing home, admin-in-training     LAW +
H0443     POW/MIA flag display protocol     LAW +
H0444     Retirement provisions, legislature     H St Aff   
H0445     PERSI, employee definition revised     H St Aff   
H0446     State parks passport program     LAW +
H0447     Modular bldgs, permits/inspections     H FAILED   
H0448     Police, POST fee increase     LAW +
H0449     Police fines, enforcmnt donatn fund     S Jud   
H0450a   Alcohol beverage control fund     LAW +
H0451     State poem designated     H St Aff   
H0452     Bond elections     LAW +
H0453     Levy elections, disclosure     H St Aff   
H0454     Absentee ballots     H St Aff   
H0455     Divorce actions     LAW +
H0456     F&G, hunting/firearms/children     H Res/Con   
H0457a   F&G, controlled hunt tags/permits     LAW +
H0458     F&G, wolf tags, licenses     LAW +
H0459     F&G, nonresid hunt, fishing license     LAW +
H0460     Oil and gas wells     LAW +
H0461     F&G, disabled military vet permit     LAW +
H0462     Public utility regulation     LAW +
H0463     Oil/gas conservation commission     LAW +
H0464     Oil and gas, explore/production     LAW +
H0465     Public works contractors licenses     LAW +
H0466     Plumbing/plumbers, enforce program     LAW +
H0467     HVAC contractors     LAW +
H0468     Mobile/manufactured homes, fees     LAW +
H0469     Conveyances in buildings     LAW +
H0470     Payday and title loans     H Bus   
H0471     Insurance, portable electronics     H Bus   
H0472     Idaho territory license plates     LAW +
H0473     Driver’s license/identifictn cards     LAW +
H0474     Aeronautics/lighting/marking/towers     H Transp   
H0475     Probationary period     LAW +
H0476     Electric contractrs/low volt systms     H Env   
H0477a   Lease of cottage sites     S Loc Gov   
H0478     Sale of liquor by the drink     H FAILED   
H0479a   Veterans home residnt/funds recvd     LAW +
H0480     Parking meters/state-owned bldgs     S St Aff   
H0481     Public charter schools/limitations     LAW +
H0482     Capital/surplus reports, filing     LAW +
H0483     Exercise of county powers     H Loc Gov   
H0484     Community guardian board     LAW +
H0485a   Tax deducts/energy efficient upgrad     LAW +
H0486a   Minors, phototherapy/tanning device     S Health/Wel   
H0487     Mental health, commitment costs     LAW +
H0488a   Tax credit/sun valley adapt sport     S Loc Gov   
H0489     Use tax, beverage tastings     LAW +
H0490     Sunshine law, recall elections     LAW +
H0491a   Voting machine approval     LAW +
H0492     Uniform securities act     LAW +
H0493     Product liability     H Bus   
H0494     Scaling practices board, members     LAW +
H0495     State endowment lands     S Res/Env   
H0496     Hunter education     S Res/Env   
H0497a   DNA testing, cost, conditions     LAW +
H0498     Transportation support program     LAW +
H0499     School bldg maintenance     LAW +
H0500     Occupational therapy     LAW +
H0501     Counselor/therapist, brd prov rev’d     LAW +
H0502a   Control substances/sched I/III/IV/V     LAW +
H0503     Prescription drug orders     LAW +
H0504     Urban renewal law     H Loc Gov   
H0505     Bellevue city charter, amended     H Loc Gov   
H0506     Urban renewal law     S Loc Gov   
H0507a   Urban renewal law     S Loc Gov   
H0508     Counties/nuisance weeds     H Loc Gov   
H0509     Aeronautics/public airports     H Transp   
H0510     National motto license plate     H Transp   
H0511a   Aeronautics/lighting/marking/towers     LAW +
H0512a   Sheep and goat health board     LAW +
H0513     Honey     LAW +
H0514     Disturbing the peace     S FAILED   
H0515a   Strategic plan/electronic format     LAW +
H0516     Liquor division, director     LAW +
H0517     Teacher expense deductions     LAW +
H0518     Cigarette rolling machine operators     LAW +
H0519     Site improvements     LAW +
H0520a   Electrical contractors, install     S Com/HuRes   
H0521     Education     LAW +
H0522a   Public assistance benefit cards     LAW +
H0523a   Unemployment insurance coverage     LAW +
H0524     Public depositories/qualifications     H Bus   
H0525     F&G, disabled hunters, tag exceptn     LAW +
H0526     Oil and gas     LAW +
H0527     Wind moratorium     H Env   
H0528     Domestic violence     H Jud   
H0529     Fed health care reform, oversight     H Health/Wel   
H0530     Disability insuranc, abortifacients     H Health/Wel   
H0531     Motor vehicle title transfer fees     H Jud   
H0532     Peace office standards/training     LAW +
H0533     Education, public charter schools     H Educ   
H0534     Education     LAW +
H0535     State historical society     H St Aff   
H0536     Pari-mutuel betting     LAW +
H0537     Gold star-purple heart medal plate     H Transp   
H0538     Newspapers/legal notices     H Bus   
H0539     Video service act     LAW +
H0540a   Motor vehicles, financial authority     LAW +
H0541     Health care organizations     LAW +
H0542a   Motorized vehicles/hunting from     S FAILED   
H0543     F&G, firearms, hunting     LAW +
H0544     Wolves     H Res/Con   
H0545     F&G, gray wolf tag fees     H Res/Con   
H0546     Global entrepren mission grant fund     LAW +
H0547     Judicial confirmation     H St Aff   
H0548     Youth athletes, concussions     H St Aff   
H0549     Liens, notice     LAW +
H0550     Business entity names     LAW +
H0551     Coroner, unclaimed bodies     LAW +
H0552     Motor vehicle fees     H Jud   
H0553     Civil offices     LAW +
H0554     PUC, electricity rate, disclosure     H St Aff   
H0555     Fed health care reform/oversight     S Com/HuRes   
H0556     Personnel/comm colleges, sick leave     LAW +
H0557     Port districts/authorizatn/election     H Rev/Tax   
H0558     Residential care/provisional prmts     LAW +
H0559     Economic estimates     S Loc Gov   
H0560     Urban renewal law     H Loc Gov   
H0561     Wind turbine, wind farm moratorium     H Loc Gov   
H0562a   Local economic development act     S Loc Gov   
H0563     Income taxation     LAW +
H0564a   Education     LAW +
H0565     Insurance, contractual obligations     H Bus   
H0566a   Medical savings accounts     S Loc Gov   
H0567     Administer procedures     H St Aff   
H0568     Veterans     H St Aff   
H0569     Uniform controlled substances     LAW +
H0570     Peace officer temp disability act     LAW +
H0571     Absentee voting     H St Aff   
H0572     Election consolidation law     LAW +
H0573a   Health savings accounts     S Com/HuRes   
H0574     Approp, Catastrophic Hlth, add’l     LAW +
H0575     Trademark filing and renewal     LAW +
H0576     Levy elections     LAW +
H0577     Medal of honor     LAW +
H0578a   Legal tender     H FAILED   
H0579     Retired teachers/administrators     LAW +
H0580     Urban renewal     H Loc Gov   
H0581     Streamlined sales tax     H Rev/Tax   
H0582     Income taxation/pass-through entity     LAW +
H0583     Access easements     LAW +
H0584a   Property tax/homeowner’s exemption     LAW +
H0585a   Revenue and taxation     H FAILED   
H0586     Rules of the road, bicycles     H Gen Ord   
H0587a   Out-of-state insurers     S Com/HuRes   
H0588     Education, support program apps     S Educ   
H0589     Education, avg daily attendance     H Educ   
H0590     Public charter schools     LAW +
H0591     Unclaimed property     LAW +
H0592     Revenue and taxation     H Rev/Tax   
H0593     Community infrastructure districts     LAW +
H0594a   General fund transfers     S St Aff   
H0595     Victim notification fund     LAW +
H0596     Motor vehicle fees     H Transp   
H0597     Urban renewal, brd of commissioners     H Loc Gov   
H0598     PERSI/disability retiree     LAW +
H0599     State historical society     LAW +
H0600     Approp, Prof-Tech Edu Div     LAW +
H0601     Approp, AG Research & Extension     LAW +
H0602     Approp, Finance Dept     LAW +
H0603     Education, support units/attendance     LAW +
H0604     Education, online courses     LAW +
H0605     Education, criminal history check     H Educ   
H0606a   Ag business investmt tax credit     S Loc Gov   
H0607     PERSI/employee defined     LAW +
H0608     Water rights     LAW +
H0609     Public assistance law     LAW +
H0610     Fire protection district/deannexatn     H Loc Gov   
H0611     Livestock liens     LAW +
H0612     Endowment lands     H Res/Con   
H0613     Travel/convention industry council     LAW +
H0614     Land use planning/special use prmts     H Loc Gov   
H0615     Approp, Catastrophic Health, orig     LAW +
H0616     Approp, Arts Comm, orig     LAW +
H0617     Approp, PERSI, orig     LAW +
H0618     Approp, Human Resources Div     LAW +
H0619a   Speed limits, local authority     LAW +
H0620     Biological evidence, DNA testing     H Jud   
H0621     Approp, Treasurer State     LAW +
H0622     Approp, Insurance Dept.     LAW +
H0623     School crossing guards     H Transp   
H0624     Trust deeds     LAW +
H0625     Animal care, torture/violations     H Agric Aff   
H0626     Public school technology     LAW +
H0627     Deeds of trust, money judgments     H Bus   
H0628a   Highway width, exception     S Transp   
H0629     Hearing officers, appointment     H St Aff   
H0630     Veterans, definition revised     H Transp   
H0631a   Intermed care facility assessment     LAW +
H0632     Youth athletes/head injury guidelns     LAW +
H0633     Pub school facilities coop funding     LAW +
H0634     Income taxes paid to other states     LAW +
H0635     Admin rules/expiration of     LAW +
H0636     Approp, Military Division, orig     LAW +
H0637     Approp, Attorney General, orig     LAW +
H0638     Approp, Public Defender, orig     LAW +
H0639a   Right to sue/contracts     LAW +
H0640     Children/family legal services fund     H Jud   
H0641     Approp, Fish and Game, add’l/orig     LAW +
H0642     Approp, Comm. for Libraries     LAW +
H0643     Approp, Secretary of State     LAW +
H0644     Approp, Historical Society     LAW +
H0645     PUC/tax/industrial comm/salaries     LAW +
H0646     Transparancy/public ed expenditures     H Educ   
H0647     Municipalities, police/fire fees     S Loc Gov   
H0648     Judgment, defendant examination     LAW +
H0649     Insurance licenses     LAW +
H0650     Animal care     S Agric Aff   
H0651     Judges, salaries     LAW +
H0652     Small emplr/indiv health ins plans     H Bus   
H0653     Tax comm/filing date     LAW +
H0654     Approp, Veterans Srvcs Div, orig     LAW +
H0655     Approp, Department of Lands, orig     LAW +
H0656     Education     H Educ   
H0657     Approp, H&W 1, orig     LAW +
H0658     Approp, H&W, amend     LAW +
H0659     Approp, Edu Bd, college & univ     LAW +
H0660     Judges/justices/retirement     LAW +
H0661     New employees, income tax credit     LAW +
H0662     Youth challenge program     LAW +
H0663     Ed, charter school calculation     H Educ   
H0664     Approp, State Tax Commission     LAW +
H0665     Approp, Tax Appeals, Board     LAW +
H0666     Tax liens, due process     H Bus   
H0667     Retail liquor licenses     H St Aff   
H0668     Approp, Lava Hot Springs, orig     LAW +
H0669     Approp, Soil & Water Conservation     LAW +
H0670a   Education/scholarship orgs     H Educ   
H0671     Education     H Educ   
H0672     Schools/maintenance match money     LAW +
H0673     Cord blood banking     H W/M   
H0674     Approp, Public Utilities Commission     LAW +
H0675     Approp, Industrial Commission     LAW +
H0676     Approp, Idaho State Police, orig     LAW +
H0677     Approp, Pardons/Parole, orig/add’l     LAW +
H0678     Approp, Correction Dept, supp/orig     LAW +
H0679     Approp, Bond Payment Program     LAW +
H0680     Approp, Parks & Rec Dept, orig     LAW +
H0681     Approp, Agriculture, add’l/orig     LAW +
H0682     Approp, H&W Medicaid, LicCert, orig     LAW +
H0683     Approp, Health Education Programs     H Approp   
H0684     Approp, Bd. Ed. Special Programs     LAW +
H0685     Approp, Supreme Court, orig     LAW +
H0686     Approp, Drug Policy, orig     LAW +
H0687     Unclaimed property program     LAW +
H0688     Residency and voting     H Gen Ord   
H0689     Public assistance law     S Health/Wel   
H0690     Economic dev zones/transportation     H W/M   
H0691     Special use permits/conditions     LAW +
H0692     Daylight saving time     H St Aff   
H0693     Capitol mall, facilities management     LAW +
H0694     School district liability     S Educ   
H0695     Legislative legal defense fund     LAW +
H0696     Approp, Edu Bd, hlth ed prgrms     LAW +
H0697     Counties and property tax levies     LAW +
H0698     Ed, salary-based apportionment     LAW +
H0699     Utility consumer advocate office     H W/M   
H0700     Food freedom act     H W/M   
H0701     Approp, Supreme Court, trailer     LAW +
H0702     Approp, FY 2012 Year-end Transfers     LAW +
H0703     Approp, Attorney General, add’l     LAW +




HCR029     State of the state address     ADOPTED +
HCR030     State-owned bank     H Bus   
HCR031     National electric code/rule     S Com/HuRes   
HCR032     Occupational licences/rule rejected     H Env   
HCR033     Tax commission, rule rejected     ADOPTED +
HCR034     Energy plan     ADOPTED +
HCR035     Administration dept, rule rejected     H Com/HuRes   
HCR036     Steven R. Appleton, honored     ADOPTED +
HCR037     Veterinary med brd, rule rejected     ADOPTED +
HCR038     Ag dept, rule rejected     S Agric Aff   
HCR039     Arts, student learning urged     ADOPTED +
HCR040a   Pay, CEC recommend, state employees     S Com/HuRes   
HCR041     Pay, CEC recommend, state employees     H Com/HuRes   
HCR042     H&W, rule rejected     S Health/Wel   
HCR043     H&W rule/rejected     S Health/Wel   
HCR044     H&W, promulgate rule     S Health/Wel   
HCR045     Private health insurance exchanges     S Com/HuRes   
HCR046     Darrell Manning, honored     ADOPTED +
HCR047     Parking facility, authorizing     ADOPTED +
HCR048     Idaho education association     ADOPTED +
HCR049     Mildred Rinker Bailey, honored     ADOPTED +




HJM004     U.S. District Court Judges/add’l     ADOPTED +
HJM005     Public moneys, expenditures     H St Aff   
HJM006     Right to work     H St Aff   
HJM007     Sergeant Chris Tschida/medal of hnr     ADOPTED +
HJM008     No child left behind/request repeal     ADOPTED +
HJM009     Shoshone county/superfund site     H Env   
HJM010     Rights of conscience act     S St Aff   
HJM011     Amendment convention     H FAILED   
HJM012     Broadband development, urged     H St Aff   
HJM013     Beyond the border action plan     ADOPTED +
HJM014     Basque country/ETA truce     ADOPTED +




HJR001a   Manner of passing bills     H FAILED   
HJR002a   Right to hunt, trap and fish     ADOPTED +




HP005     Ada county/hwy district commended     ADOPTED +




HR003     House attaches compensation     ADOPTED +
HR004     House rule 78, added     H Jud   




S1213     District court/magistrate’s div     LAW +
S1214     State bar/license fees     LAW +
S1215a   Escape/rescue of prisoners     LAW +
S1216     Income tax credits, donations     S Loc Gov   
S1217     Education     S Educ   
S1218     Agriculture, wheat commission     S Agric Aff   
S1219     Juvenile corrections act     LAW +
S1220     Student harassment/intimid/bullying     S Educ   
S1221     Homicide/first degree murder     S Jud   
S1222     Judges, language/terms revised     LAW +
S1223     Real and personal property     LAW +
S1224     Education, evaluations     LAW +
S1225     Real estate license law, exam fee     LAW +
S1226     Real estate license law, premium     LAW +
S1227     Real estate license law, contin ed     LAW +
S1228     Real estate license law, indiv lic     LAW +
S1229     Rules of the road, speed limits     S Transp   
S1230     Foreign judgments, filing     S Jud   
S1231a   Motor vehicle inspection/maint prog     LAW +
S1232     Prudent investor act     LAW +
S1233     Guardians of minors     H Jud   
S1234     Proprietary schools, disclosures     S Educ   
S1235     Lobbying     S St Aff   
S1236     Agric Dept, commercial feed     LAW +
S1237     Education, online course/definition     LAW +
S1238     Financial disclosure     S St Aff   
S1239     F&G, snare/trap checking     S Res/Env   
S1240     Unemploymnt/corp officrs families     S Com/HuRes   
S1241     Prescription monitoring program     S Health/Wel   
S1242     Public employees     S St Aff   
S1243a   License plate programs, special     LAW +
S1244     Elected officials, contributions     S St Aff   
S1245     Public officials/cooling-off period     S St Aff   
S1246     Campaign finances/lobbyists     S St Aff   
S1247     Fair elections act     S St Aff   
S1248     Income tax credits/expiration     S Loc Gov   
S1249     Property tax exempt, homestead     S Loc Gov   
S1250     Energy facility siting     S St Aff   
S1251     Motor vehicles/cell phone use     S Transp   
S1252     Texting while driving     S Transp   
S1253     Service by publication, affidavit     LAW +
S1254     Injury to children, reporting abuse     S Jud   
S1255a   Records exempt from disclosure     LAW +
S1256a   F&G, bighorn sheep tags, auction     LAW +
S1257     Approp, Administration, amend     LAW +
S1258     Approp, Libraries, amend     LAW +
S1259     Wheat commission     LAW +
S1260     Nursing board authority, discipline     LAW +
S1261     Nurses, brd powers/duties     LAW +
S1262     Nursing, applicant history check     LAW +
S1263     Victim notification fund     H Jud   
S1264     Venereal diseases     S Jud   
S1265     Execution, death warrant return     LAW +
S1266     Stay of execution     LAW +
S1267     Approp, Voc Rehab Div, amend     LAW +
S1268     Vehicle insurance deductibles/incrs     LAW +
S1269a   Public charter schools     S Not Concur   
S1270     Brds/comms, legislativ appointments     LAW +
S1271     Lands dept, grazing leases     LAW +
S1272     Telegraphs, arrest warrants     LAW +
S1273     Nurses, adv practice regist license     LAW +
S1274a   Texting while driving     LAW +
S1275     Traffic safety education program     H Jud   
S1276     H&W, adoption services     S Health/Wel   
S1277a   Dietetic licensure brd compensation     LAW +
S1278     Athletic trainers, compensation     LAW +
S1279     Legal guardians     LAW +
S1280     Respiratory care practice act, brd     LAW +
S1281     Adoption of children/parent contact     S Health/Wel   
S1282     Special incentive hunting tags     S Res/Env   
S1283     Controlled hunt tag/sale of     S FAILED   
S1284     Motorcycle instruction, liability     S Transp   
S1285     Lottery dividend transfers     H St Aff   
S1286     Bingo/raffles, licensees     LAW +
S1287     City irrigation system, authorized     S Res/Env   
S1288     Floodplain zoning laws     S Res/Env   
S1289     Irrigation districts, appeals     LAW +
S1290     Drainage districts     LAW +
S1291     Rangeland center, univ of idaho     LAW +
S1292     Executions, practice of medicine     LAW +
S1293     Food stamps, unauthorized use     LAW +
S1294a   Medical consent/natural death act     LAW +
S1295a   Massage therapist/licensing     LAW +
S1296     Livestock proceeds     S Agric Aff   
S1297     School district, grievance prcdrs     S Educ   
S1298     Codifier Corrections     LAW +
S1299     Academic credit for military trng     LAW +
S1300     Child custody/visit, deployd parent     S Jud   
S1301     Ed, supervisn/regs, extracurricular     LAW +
S1302     Dogs, regulation of     H Gen Ord   
S1303a   Animal cruelty, penalties     LAW +
S1304     Barley commission     LAW +
S1305     Control of/depredation of wolves     S Res/Env   
S1306     Dept of labor/civil penalty     S Com/HuRes   
S1307     Secured transactions     LAW +
S1308     Sick leave, teachers     LAW +
S1309     Pseudoephedrine sales     LAW +
S1310     Idaho mobility council created     H Transp   
S1311     Motor vehicles/texting defined     S Transp   
S1312     Motor vehicles, fee exemptions     LAW +
S1313     Hazardous waste disposal fees     LAW +
S1314     Institutional funds/gift instrument     LAW +
S1315     Property tax, delinquencies     S Loc Gov   
S1316     Pub funds/hospital district invest     H Loc Gov   
S1317a   Highways/bridges     H Transp   
S1318     Rulemaking, notices     S St Aff   
S1319     Proof of liability insurance     LAW +
S1320     Irrigation districts/elections     S Res/Env   
S1321a   F&G, winter feeding account     LAW +
S1322     Beer brewers     S St Aff   
S1323a   Library district trustees/recall of     LAW +
S1324     Attorney’s fees     LAW +
S1325     Bail bonds     S Jud   
S1326     Vocational rehabilitation     LAW +
S1327     Education, employee contracts/rules     LAW +
S1328     Education     LAW +
S1329     Education     LAW +
S1330     Air navigation facilities     LAW +
S1331     Ed/salary-based apportionmnt adjust     H Educ   
S1332     Attorney’s fees/witness fees/expnse     LAW +
S1333     Approp, Secretary of State, add’l     LAW +
S1334     Vehicle inspection waivers     S Transp   
S1335     Energy resources authority     LAW +
S1336a   Worker’s comp/firefighters     H St Aff   
S1337a   Sexual exploitation of a child     LAW +
S1338     Enticing a child     LAW +
S1339a   Trade secrets act     S Jud   
S1340     Court ordered testing, costs     LAW +
S1341     Sexual offender registration act     LAW +
S1342     Open access to work act     S St Aff   
S1343     State police director, lt. governor     LAW +
S1344     Brewers’ financial interests     LAW +
S1345     Livestock proceeds     Lay on Table   
S1346     Livestock proceeds     LAW +
S1347     Transportation board standards     S Transp   
S1348a   Medical consent, natural death act     LAW +
S1349     Abortion, ultrasound images     S St Aff   
S1350     Approp, Lottery, State     LAW +
S1351     Approp, Public Hlth Districts     LAW +
S1352     Approp, Medical Boards, orig     LAW +
S1353     Approp, Bld Safety Div     LAW +
S1354     Approp, Hispanic Affairs Com     LAW +
S1355     Hwys/rights-of-way, quiet title     S Transp   
S1356a   Hwy districts, corporate powers     LAW +
S1357a   Personal property tax liens     LAW +
S1358a   Student harassment, cyberbullying     H Educ   
S1359     Approp, Environmental Quality     LAW +
S1360     Approp, Endowment Fund Inv Bd     LAW +
S1361     Approp, Energy Resources Office     LAW +
S1362a   Uniform limited convention act     S FAILED   
S1363     Unclaimed property     LAW +
S1364     PUC     S St Aff   
S1365     Unclaimed property     LAW +
S1366     Administrative rules     LAW +
S1367     Approp, Gov, Exec Office, orig     LAW +
S1368     Approp, Lieutenant Gov, orig     LAW +
S1369     Labor dept, reporting/labor hiring     H Com/HuRes   
S1370     Venereal diseases     LAW +
S1371     Primary election ballots     LAW +
S1372     Procurement/public works constrctn     H St Aff   
S1373     Open access to work act     LAW +
S1374     Historical horse races/wagering on     S St Aff   
S1375     Approp, Aging Com, orig     LAW +
S1376     Approp, St Indpend Liv Cncl, orig     LAW +
S1377     Approp, Voc Rehab Div, orig     LAW +
S1378     Floodplain zoning ordinances     S Res/Env   
S1379     City irrigation systems     S St Aff   
S1380a   Child custody orders/servicemembers     H Jud   
S1381     Approp, Public Broadcasting     LAW +
S1382     Approp, Species Conservation, orig     LAW +
S1383a   Maintenance/ditches/canals/conduits     LAW +
S1384     Approp, Labor Dept of     LAW +
S1385     Apportionment plans/challenges     S St Aff   
S1386     Civil air patrol     LAW +
S1387     Abortion, ultrasound imaging     H St Aff   
S1388     Approp, Blind Com, orig     LAW +
S1389     Approp, Water Resources, add’l/orig     LAW +
S1390a   Certificates of insurance     LAW +
S1391     Approp, Liquor Div, State, orig     LAW +
S1392     Approp, Self-Gov Agencies, reg brds     LAW +
S1393     Approp, State Controller     LAW +
S1394     Approp, Transportation Dept     LAW +
S1395     Insurance fund/board of directors     LAW +
S1396     Approp, Juvenile Corr, supp, orig     LAW +
S1397     Approp, Community Colleges     LAW +
S1398     Approp, Office of Education, Bd.     LAW +
S1399     Approp, Perm Building Fund     LAW +
S1400     Approp, Cap Comm     LAW +
S1401     Approp, Legislative Council, orig     LAW +
S1402     Approp, Financial Mgmt Div, orig     LAW +
S1403     Approp, Superintendent/Pub Instruct     LAW +
S1404     Approp, H&W SI, Wel, Med Ind, orig     LAW +
S1405     Approp, H&W MH, Psy Hosp, SUD, orig     LAW +
S1406     Approp, Dept of Admin     LAW +
S1407     Commerce department, title     LAW +
S1408     Approp, Millennium Fund, supp/orig     LAW +
S1409     Approp, Commerce, orig     LAW +
S1410     Approp, Public Schools, orig     LAW +
S1411     Garnishments/attorneys’ pwrs/dty     S Jud   
S1412     Approp, Idaho State Police, trailer     LAW +
S1413     Constitutional Defense Fund, transf     LAW +
S1414     Approp, H&W Chld Wel, Dev Dis, orig     LAW +
S1415     Approp, Voc Rehab Div, amend     LAW +
S1416     Approp, Historical Society, trailer     LAW +




SCR110     Alzheimer’s planning group     S Health/Wel   
SCR111     Cocolalla lake level, water approp     S Res/Env   
SCR112     Alzheimer’s planning grp, endorsing     ADOPTED +
SCR113     Tax commission, rules rejected     H W/M   
SCR114     H&W, rules rejected     ADOPTED +
SCR115     Occupational licences/rule rejected     ADOPTED +
SCR116     Study/wastewater discharge     H 3rd Rdg   
SCR117     Ag dept, rule rejected     ADOPTED +
SCR118     Building safety div, rule rejected     ADOPTED +
SCR119     Group insurance/rule rejected     ADOPTED +
SCR120     Cocolalla lake     ADOPTED +
SCR121     F&G rule, rejected     ADOPTED +
SCR122     State police, rules rejected     ADOPTED +
SCR123     Billingsley creek/bonds     ADOPTED +
SCR124     Idaho digital learning academy     ADOPTED +
SCR125     Sage-grouse task force     ADOPTED +
SCR126     Constitutional conventions     S St Aff   
SCR127     Wind farms, energy comm instructed     S St Aff   
SCR128     Administrative rules     ADOPTED +
SCR129     Temporary rules, extended     ADOPTED +
SCR130     Union pacific railroad/anniversary     ADOPTED +
SCR131     Volunteer emergecy srvcs provdrs     ADOPTED +
SCR132     Territorial sesquicentennial     ADOPTED +
SCR133     Idaho servicemen, honored     ADOPTED +




SJM103     Community forest trust pilot     ADOPTED +
SJM104     HHS regulation, requesting reject     ADOPTED +
SJM105     Fed law, role of states     ADOPTED +




SJR102     Control of state prisons/const amen     ADOPTED +
SJR103     Const amendment/hunt, fish and trap     S Res/Env   
SJR104     Right to hunt     S Res/Env   
SJR105     Right to hunt     S Res/Env   
SJR106     Const amend,right to hunt/fish/trap     H Res/Con   




SR103     Jeannine Wood/Rusti Horton, honored     ADOPTED +
SR104     Ariane Drake/Emily Kladar recognizd     ADOPTED +
SR105     Senate rule 39, amended     ADOPTED +
SR106     Senate rule 7, amended     ADOPTED +
SR107     Senate rule 53, amended     ADOPTED +