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2013 Legislation

2013 Legislation by Bill Number

The status of each bill, resolution, proclamation, and memorials listed on this page are updated when the offices of the Secretary of the Senate and the Chief Clerk of the House publish the un-official daily journals and should not be deemed official. The official bill actions are located in the final journal, which are maintained by the offices of the Secretary of the Senate and the Chief Clerk of the House.  The daily journals are published at the end of each legislative day.

House Bills

Senate Bills

(*) indicates previous days action
(+) indicates ADOPTED or LAW




H0001     Income taxes, internal revenue code     LAW +
H0002     Income tax deductions     LAW +
H0003     Tax comm/identity theft     LAW +
H0004     State tax comm     LAW +
H0005     Cigarettes, wholesale sales     LAW +
H0006     Tax comm, use of foreign languages     H Rev/Tax   
H0007     Finance dept/director authority     LAW +
H0008     Commercial transactions     LAW +
H0009     Banking, limits on loans/investment     LAW +
H0010     Residential mortgage practices act     LAW +
H0011     Casualty insurance contracts     LAW +
H0012a   Sales/use tax, exemption     LAW +
H0013     Use tax liability duty     H FAILED   
H0014     Property tax, low-income housing     LAW +
H0015     Sales and use tax     LAW +
H0016     Prescription tracking     LAW +
H0017     Pharmacy board, provisions revised     LAW +
H0018     Uniform controlled substances     H Health/Wel   
H0019     Airports, state designation     LAW +
H0020     Motor fuel tax/gaseous special fuel     LAW +
H0021     Municipal airports     LAW +
H0022     Income tax, reporting/pay periods     LAW +
H0023     Beer taxation/commission/reporting     LAW +
H0024     Sales tax revenues, elections     LAW +
H0025     Property tax administration     LAW +
H0026     HVAC installation     LAW +
H0027     Plumbers, competency certificates     H Bus   
H0028     Manufact home dealr/installr licens     LAW +
H0029     Judicial districts/increase judges     LAW +
H0030a   Oaths/affirmations, administration     LAW +
H0031     Dentistry brd/limited liability cos     H Health/Wel   
H0032     Psychologist examiner brd/comm tech     LAW +
H0033     Occupational therapy licensing brd     LAW +
H0034     Speech/hearing service practice act     S Health/Wel   
H0035     Social work examiners board     LAW +
H0036     Board of nursing home administratrs     S Health/Wel   
H0037     Wood & mill yard debris comm     LAW +
H0038     Comprehensive state water plan     H Res/Con   
H0039     Recreational vehicles, license fees     LAW +
H0040     Cross country skiing committees     LAW +
H0041     Driver’s licenses/visually impaired     LAW +
H0042     Counties, boundaries defined     LAW +
H0043     Comm dept/Economic advisory council     LAW +
H0044     Employment security law     LAW +
H0045a   Engineers/survey, provisions rev’d     LAW +
H0046     Fire escapes and doors     LAW +
H0047     Watermasters, appointment     LAW +
H0048     Injection wells, well security     LAW +
H0049     Injections wells     LAW +
H0050     Hydropower     LAW +
H0051     Tax credit, ag business investment     H Rev/Tax   
H0052     Circuit breakr prprty tx relief prg     LAW +
H0053     Bond bank authority, salaries     LAW +
H0054     Health ins exchange/producers     S Com/HuRes   
H0055     Telephone solicitation act     LAW +
H0056     Minimum wage, tipped employee     H Com/HuRes   
H0057     Minimum wage     H Com/HuRes   
H0058     Lien withdrawal, procedure     H St Aff   
H0059     Closed primary election costs/pmt     H St Aff   
H0060     Voter registration/motor voter act     H St Aff   
H0061     Independent ethics commission act     H St Aff   
H0062     Sales tax exemptions     S Loc Gov   
H0063     Absentee electors’ polling places     H St Aff   
H0064     Cruelty to animals     H Agric Aff   
H0065     Education     LAW +
H0066a   Rural econ dev/integrated freight     LAW +
H0067     Education     H Educ   
H0068     Education, contracts/vacancies     H Educ   
H0069     Education and contracts     H Educ   
H0070     Tax comm, sales/withhold violations     H Rev/Tax   
H0071     Prprty acquired through tax deed     H Rev/Tax   
H0072     Income tax credit     LAW +
H0073a   Idaho technology authority     LAW +
H0074     Architectural examiners bd     H Bus   
H0075     Insurance, motorcycle training cert     H Transp   
H0076     Trust deeds, invalid trustee’s sale     LAW +
H0077     Controlled substances, fine, fund     H Jud   
H0078     Motor vehicles, fee, deposited fund     H W/M   
H0079     Emergency telecommunications fee     H Loc Gov   
H0080     Emergency communications grant fees     LAW +
H0081     Higher ed, procuring and purchasing     LAW +
H0082     Worker’s comp     LAW +
H0083     Proprietary schools     LAW +
H0084     Unsafe school facilities     LAW +
H0085     Highway district board/vacancy fill     LAW +
H0086     Taxes, deficiency redetermination     LAW +
H0087     Excise tax paid by wineries     LAW +
H0088     Income tax credit, new employee/vet     S Loc Gov   
H0089     Physician assist advisory committee     LAW +
H0090a   Liquor by the drink, retail sales     LAW +
H0091a   Exempt employment     LAW +
H0092     Insurance holding company systems     H Bus   
H0093     Rangeland fire protection assoc     LAW +
H0094     Local improvement districts     H Rev/Tax   
H0095     Bd of equalization/tax appeals     H Rev/Tax   
H0096     Veterinarians     LAW +
H0097     Veterinarians/license app fees     S Agric Aff   
H0098a   Medical indigency, provisions rev’d     LAW +
H0099     Uniform controlled substances     H Health/Wel   
H0100     Idaho opportunity fund/commerce     LAW +
H0101     Criminal history checks, prints     H Jud   
H0102     Police, forensic lab resources     LAW +
H0103     Emergency surcharge fees     LAW +
H0104     Eminent domain, damage assesment     H Jud   
H0105     Sex offender registration fee     LAW +
H0106     Tax credit, donations     H Rev/Tax   
H0107     Absentee voting/alternativ procedur     LAW +
H0108     Coroner’s inquest, autopsy notice     H St Aff   
H0109     Pharmacy bd/experience     LAW +
H0110     Dairy products commission     LAW +
H0111a   Animal care     S Agric Aff   
H0112     Honey advertising commission     LAW +
H0113a   Agritourism promotion act     LAW +
H0114     Grape growers/wine producers comm     H Agric Aff   
H0115     Deficiency fund transfers     LAW +
H0116     Parks and recreation     H Transp   
H0117     Aeronautics, provisions revised     LAW +
H0118     Aircraft registration, fee revised     LAW +
H0119     Safety restraint use     H Transp   
H0120a   Lottery ticket sales     LAW +
H0121     Credit rating enhancement committee     LAW +
H0122     Approp, Soil & Water Com, add’l     LAW +
H0123     Approp, Lava Hot Springs, add’l     LAW +
H0124     Corrections brd, pardon/bond return     LAW +
H0125     Guardianship/conservatorship     LAW +
H0126     Assault/battery, add’l provisions     H Jud   
H0127     Occup licenses bur, background chex     LAW +
H0128     Water liens/3 year period     LAW +
H0129     Irrigation dist/delinquent assesmnt     LAW +
H0130a   Irrigation district elections     LAW +
H0131     Water     LAW +
H0132     Forest and range fire, damages     LAW +
H0133     County recorder fees     LAW +
H0134     Investments by hospitals     H Loc Gov   
H0135     Revenue allocation areas     H Loc Gov   
H0136     Local land use planning     H Loc Gov   
H0137     Urban renewal agency powers     LAW +
H0138     Plats and vacations     LAW +
H0139     Partnership income/retirement     LAW +
H0140     Prop tax exemption/reservation prop     LAW +
H0141     Wells, property tax exemption     LAW +
H0142a   Dentists     LAW +
H0143     Invasive species, permits/stickers     H W/M   
H0144     Well construction standards     H Res/Con   
H0145     Controlled hunt bonus/preference pt     H Res/Con   
H0146     Livestock, feeding emergency     H Res/Con   
H0147     Examination of case and discharge     LAW +
H0148     Guardian ad litem, counsel     LAW +
H0149     Juvenile corrections/counsel rights     LAW +
H0150     Judicial review, board decisions     LAW +
H0151     Motor vehicles     H Transp   
H0152     Judgment, terms of confinement     H Jud   
H0153     Jurors, mileage and per diem     LAW +
H0154     Judgment, sentence extension     H Jud   
H0155     Driver’s licenses, permittees     H Transp   
H0156     State employees, severence pay     H Com/HuRes   
H0157     Tax exemption, homeless shelters     S Loc Gov   
H0158     Fire protection districts     H Rev/Tax   
H0159     Retail sale of liquor     LAW +
H0160     Regulatory takings     H St Aff   
H0161     Election consolidation     LAW +
H0162     Cosmeticians, term revised     LAW +
H0163     Education, contracts     LAW +
H0164     Education, negotiations     H Educ   
H0165     Education and contracts     H Educ   
H0166     Approp, Military Division, add’l     LAW +
H0167a   Motor vehicles/consumer asset fund     LAW +
H0168     Motor carrier contracts     LAW +
H0169     License plates, special     LAW +
H0170     Local hwy jurisdictns/value estimat     LAW +
H0171a   Highways     LAW +
H0172     Encroachments on highways     H W/M   
H0173     Flooding hwys, penalties revised     H W/M   
H0174     Approp, Water Resources, add’l     LAW +
H0175     Livestock liens     LAW +
H0176     Overseas electors/voting     S FAILED   
H0177a   College savings program     LAW +
H0178     Immunization brds, insurance dept     LAW +
H0179     Health insurance exchange     H Health/Wel   
H0180     Approp, H&W Welfare Division, add’l     LAW +
H0181     Capitol maintenance reserve fund     LAW +
H0182     Horse racing     H St Aff   
H0183     Municipal corps/concealed weapons     LAW +
H0184     Incom tax/net operat loss carryback     LAW +
H0185     Drinking water/wastewater     LAW +
H0186     Taxation     H Rev/Tax   
H0187     Use tax, wine/beer tastings     LAW +
H0188     Patient care records     LAW +
H0189     Hospitalization, mentally ill     H Health/Wel   
H0190     Health care practitioner/transparnc     H Health/Wel   
H0191     Minors, tanning devices     H Health/Wel   
H0192     Licenses to carry concealed weapons     LAW +
H0193a   Emergency telecommunications     LAW +
H0194     Worker’s comp, firefighters     H Com/HuRes   
H0195     Retail sale of liquor by the drink     H St Aff   
H0196     Insurance     LAW +
H0197     Insurance holding company systems     LAW +
H0198     Insurance policies/insurer delivery     H Bus   
H0199     Self-funded health care plans     LAW +
H0200     Fire protection distircts     H Rev/Tax   
H0201     Fire protection districts/deannextn     H Rev/Tax   
H0202     Administrative procedure act     LAW +
H0203     Approp, H&W Indirect-PubHlth, amend     LAW +
H0204     Property taxation     H Rev/Tax   
H0205     Education     LAW +
H0206a   Public charter schools     LAW +
H0207     Public records/security systems     H Jud   
H0208     Livestock, sheep/goat health brd     H FAILED   
H0209     Motor carriers     H Transp   
H0210     Approp, H&W Med Assist Srvcs, amend     LAW +
H0211     Med brd/labor dept, sharing info     LAW +
H0212     Cord blood education     H Health/Wel   
H0213     Judgment, sentence extension     H Jud   
H0214     Putative fathers     LAW +
H0215     Ballots     LAW +
H0216     Guyed towers     LAW +
H0217a   Motor vehicle, negligent operation     LAW +
H0218     School bonds, amortization     LAW +
H0219     Fed firearm, mag ban enforcemnt act     S St Aff   
H0220     Horse racing     LAW +
H0221a   Education, public charter schools     LAW +
H0222     Veterans recognition fund     LAW +
H0223     Concealed weapons     LAW +
H0224     Education, pro personnel contracts     LAW +
H0225     Special apps/ed support program     LAW +
H0226     Education, alt secondary schools     LAW +
H0227     Scholrshp grant orgs/tax credit     H Rev/Tax   
H0228     Property tax, obsolescence     H Rev/Tax   
H0229     Firearms, explosives     H St Aff   
H0230     State amphibian, giant salamander     H St Aff   
H0231a   Public works     LAW +
H0232     Insurance contracts/notice delivery     LAW +
H0233     Approp, Arts Com, orig     LAW +
H0234     Approp, Human Resources Div, orig     LAW +
H0235     Approp, PERSI, orig     LAW +
H0236     Approp, State Lottery     LAW +
H0237     Approp, Bld Safety Div     LAW +
H0238     Approp, Finance Dept, orig     LAW +
H0239     Pharmacists     LAW +
H0240     Fiber optic service/port districts     H St Aff   
H0241     Scrap dealers     LAW +
H0242     Property taxation     LAW +
H0243     Sales tax, application software     LAW +
H0244     Fire protection district/consolidtn     LAW +
H0245     Athletic comm, costs/fees/event tax     LAW +
H0246     Dev impact fees, appeals     H Loc Gov   
H0247     Comprehensive state water plan     H Res/Con   
H0248     Health insurance exchange     LAW +
H0249     Property tax/definitions revised     H Rev/Tax   
H0250     Sales tx exmptn/girl scout cookies     S Loc Gov   
H0251     Approp, Industrial Commission, orig     LAW +
H0252     Approp, Insurance Dept, orig     LAW +
H0253     Approp, Public Utilities Com, orig     LAW +
H0254     Approp, Environmental Quality, orig     LAW +
H0255     Approp, Labor Dept, add”l/ orig     LAW +
H0256     Child protective act     LAW +
H0257     Beer/wine, electronic funds transfr     LAW +
H0258     Concealed weapons, records check     LAW +
H0259a   Education     LAW +
H0260     Education, mediators     S Educ   
H0261     Education     LAW +
H0262     Approp, Appellate Defender, orig     LAW +
H0263     Approp, Attorney General, orig     LAW +
H0264     Bd of education/authority     H Educ   
H0265a   Public works, exemption     LAW +
H0266     Veterinary medicine     LAW +
H0267     Transportation/economic dev zones     H Rev/Tax   
H0268     Minors, tanning devices     H FAILED   
H0269     Approp, Lands Department, add/orig     LAW +
H0270     Approp, Water Resources, orig     LAW +
H0271     Environmental quality dept director     LAW +
H0272     Personal property tax, exemption     H Rev/Tax   
H0273     Motor vehicle financial responsblty     LAW +
H0274     Traffic safety education program     LAW +
H0275     Education     LAW +
H0276     Personal property tax     H Rev/Tax   
H0277     Irrigation and drainage     H Held at Desk   
H0278     Fish and game     VETOED   
H0279     Vehicle registrations     S Transp   
H0280     Firearms, explosives, deadly weapon     S St Aff   
H0281     Election of city councilmen     H St Aff   
H0282     Education, state board authority     H Educ   
H0283     Approp, DHW/ChildWelfr/DD Ser, orig     LAW +
H0284     Approp, Drug Policy Off, orig     LAW +
H0285     Approp, Aging Com, Orig     LAW +
H0286     Education, contribution tax credit     S Loc Gov   
H0287     Tax law, inflation calculation     H Rev/Tax   
H0288     Dental services/medicaid     H Health/Wel   
H0289     Free-market health plans     H Bus   
H0290     Weight limitations, motor vehicles     LAW +
H0291     Mentally ill minor/hospitalization     LAW +
H0292     Assualt and battery, punishment     S FAILED   
H0293     Approp, DHW/MH/PsyHosp/SUDS, orig     LAW +
H0294     Proprietary schools, disclosures     H Educ   
H0295     Educational support program     LAW +
H0296     Approp, Pardons/Parole, orig     LAW +
H0297     Approp, Transportation, orig     LAW +
H0298     Approp, Historical Society, orig     LAW +
H0299     Approp, Financial Mgmt Div, orig     LAW +
H0300     Approp, Legislative Council, orig     LAW +
H0301     Approp, Gov, Exec Office, orig     LAW +
H0302     Approp, Military Division, orig     LAW +
H0303     Approp, Idaho State Police, orig     LAW +
H0304     Approp, Brand Insp/Racing Com, orig     LAW +
H0305     Approp, Juvenile Corr, orig     LAW +
H0306     Approp, Supreme Court, orig     LAW +
H0307     Education/fiscal 2014/certain funds     H Educ   
H0308     Indigent sick     H Health/Wel   
H0309     Medical assist, benchmark plan     H Health/Wel   
H0310     Approp, DHW Indl/Indirect/ LC, orig     LAW +
H0311     Approp, Administration, orig     LAW +
H0312     Approp, Bond Payment, orig     LAW +
H0313     Approp, Perm Building Fund, orig     LAW +
H0314     Bd of education/exclusive authority     S Educ   
H0315     Personal property tax     LAW +
H0316     Education, involuntary lv of absenc     H Educ   
H0317     Education, written evaluations     LAW +
H0318     Education     LAW +
H0319     Education     LAW +
H0320     Performance of autopsies     H St Aff   
H0321     Highways/right-of-way/map designatn     LAW +
H0322     Overweight, oversize loads     LAW +
H0323     Approp, Public Schools, orig     S FAILED   
H0324     Ed opportunity for military childrn     LAW +
H0325     Education     S Educ   
H0326     Taxes on tires and auto parts     H Rev/Tax   
H0327     Approp, DHW- SI, Welfare, MI, orig     LAW +
H0328     Approp, DHW Public Hlth Srvcs, orig     LAW +
H0329     Weed awareness week     S Agric Aff   
H0330     Medical ed/repayment of funds     H Educ   
H0331     Brd of corrections, contracting     H Jud   
H0332     Approp, DHW Med Assist Srvcs, amend     LAW +
H0333     Approp, Veterans Srvcs Div, trailer     LAW +
H0334     Approp, DHW Pub Hlth Srvcs, trailer     LAW +
H0335     Approp, Cap Comm, orig     LAW +
H0336     Wolf depredation account     H FAILED   
H0337     Sales/use tax, hwy distrib account     H Transp   
H0338     Transportation/motor fuel taxes/fee     H Transp   
H0339     Transportation/certain taxes     H Transp   
H0340     Transportation/motor fuel taxes/fee     H Transp   
H0341     Transportation/registration fees     H Transp   
H0342     Specie legal tender     H W/M   
H0343     Admin rules/expiration of     LAW +
H0344     Suspension of judgment and sentence     H Jud   
H0345     Approp, FY 2013 Year-end Transfers     LAW +




HCR001     State of the state address     ADOPTED +
HCR002     Madison county centennial     ADOPTED +
HCR003     Education, cursive writing     ADOPTED +
HCR004     Kristin Armstrong, 2012 Olympics     ADOPTED +
HCR005     Territory anniversary/Lincoln aud     ADOPTED +
HCR006     Prescription monitoring program     ADOPTED +
HCR007     Transportation dept, rules rejected     ADOPTED +
HCR008     Transport dept achievmnts recognizd     ADOPTED +
HCR009     Environ quality dept, rule rejected     H Env   
HCR010     Time-sensitive emergency care systm     ADOPTED +
HCR011     Lottery Comm/rules rejected     H St Aff   
HCR012     Boise city sesquicentennial     ADOPTED +
HCR013     F&G, rule rejected     H Res/Con   
HCR014     F&G, rule rejected     S Res/Env   
HCR015     H&W, rule rejected     H Health/Wel   
HCR016     Invent Idaho day     ADOPTED +
HCR017     H&W, rule rejected     ADOPTED +
HCR018     Contract management/dept of admin     ADOPTED +
HCR019     Nutrition servcs     ADOPTED +
HCR020     Athletic commission, rule rejected     ADOPTED +
HCR021     Study, state acquiring fed lands     ADOPTED +
HCR022     Federal land/transfer to Idaho     ADOPTED +
HCR023     Building safety div, rule rejected     ADOPTED +
HCR024     Occupationl licnses bur/rule reject     S Com/HuRes   
HCR025     Owyhee county, sesquicentennial     ADOPTED +
HCR026     Public defense reform, study     ADOPTED +
HCR027     Printing contract, session laws     ADOPTED +
HCR028     Alcoholic beverage laws, study comm     H St Aff   
HCR029     PUC recognized, 100th anniversary     ADOPTED +
HCR030     Pancreatic cancer awareness month     ADOPTED +
HCR031     Natural resource study committee     ADOPTED +
HCR032     Rule rejected/state tax comm     ADOPTED +
HCR033     Interim comm, k-12 ed system     ADOPTED +
HCR034     Alzheimer’s planning group     ADOPTED +
HCR035     Hospital databases/advisory comm     H Health/Wel   
HCR036     LINE commission 2.0     ADOPTED +




HJM001     Frank Church-River of No Return     ADOPTED +
HJM002     FCC enforcement encouraged     S St Aff   
HJM003     Airports/air traffic control towers     H Transp   




HP001     Peter Morrill, commended     ADOPTED +




HR001     House attaches compensation     ADOPTED +
HR002     House rule 76, amended     ADOPTED +
HR003     House rule 64, amended     H W/M   




S1001     F&G, disease research     LAW +
S1002     F&G/license exmptns     S Res/Env   
S1003a   F&G/licenses     LAW +
S1004     F&G, three year licenses     LAW +
S1005     Education, online courses     S Educ   
S1006a   Tranportation board, power/duties     LAW +
S1007     Motor vehicle reg/staggered reg     LAW +
S1008     Vehicle salvage certificates     LAW +
S1009     Equalization brd/appeals deadline     LAW +
S1010     Medicaid, behav health services     LAW +
S1011     Immunization, registry information     S Health/Wel   
S1012     Immunization registry     S Health/Wel   
S1013a   Telecomm service assist/link-up     LAW +
S1014     Insurance, fees and taxes     LAW +
S1015     Putative fathers     S Health/Wel   
S1016     Producer licensing/bail agent     LAW +
S1017     Magistrate division proceedings     LAW +
S1018a   Juror contempt     LAW +
S1019     Nurses, criminal history checks     S Com/HuRes   
S1020     Nurses, admin fine maximum     S Com/HuRes   
S1021     Nurses, board, exec dir authority     LAW +
S1022     Income withholding/child support     S Jud   
S1023     H&W/behavioral health services     S Health/Wel   
S1024     Sheep and goat health board     LAW +
S1025     Wine, container size     LAW +
S1026     Initiative/referendum, prov rev’d     S St Aff   
S1027     Education     LAW +
S1028     Education, mastery advancemnt prog     LAW +
S1029     Codifier corrections     LAW +
S1030     County commissioners     S St Aff   
S1031     Consumer transactions     LAW +
S1032     Public assistance/property transfer     LAW +
S1033a   Conservators/powers of attorney     LAW +
S1034     County jails, prisoners     LAW +
S1035     County jails, detention officers     LAW +
S1036     County jails, reimbursement prov     S Jud   
S1037     Education     S Educ   
S1038     Education/employee ct appeals     S Educ   
S1039     Education/employee negotiations     S Educ   
S1040a   Education     LAW +
S1041     Disabled vets/noncompetitive apptmt     S FAILED   
S1042     Health insurance exchange     H Health/Wel   
S1043     Motor vehicles, id cards/veterans     LAW +
S1044     Motorcycles     LAW +
S1045a   Veterans, definition revised     LAW +
S1046     Eminent domain, trails/paths     S Loc Gov   
S1047a   Garnishment for tax pmts     LAW +
S1048a   Driver’s license suspsension     LAW +
S1049a   Oil and gas conservation commission     LAW +
S1050     Motor vehicle/wholesale dealer lic     LAW +
S1051     Aeronautics, unmanned aircraft     S Transp   
S1052     Motor vehicles     S Transp   
S1053     SNAP benefits     S Health/Wel   
S1054     Reading requirement, high school     S Educ   
S1055     Education/internet based expend     LAW +
S1056     School attendance, deny enrollment     S Educ   
S1057a   Education, instruct staff allowance     LAW +
S1058     Keg beer     LAW +
S1059a   Venereal diseases control, prisons     LAW +
S1060     Prostitution, penalties     LAW +
S1061     Threatened/endangered species     LAW +
S1062a   Trespass, orange colored postings     LAW +
S1063     Medical consent/natural death act     LAW +
S1064     Oversized load permits     LAW +
S1065     Guyed wire standards/cb radio tower     LAW +
S1066     Oversize loads, permits     S Transp   
S1067     Aeronautics     S Transp   
S1068a   Armed servic membr/spouse/licensure     LAW +
S1069     Solid waste disposal     S Loc Gov   
S1070     Motor vehicle traffic incident resp     S FAILED   
S1071     Organ donations/auto accidents     S Health/Wel   
S1072a   Organ donation contribution fund     LAW +
S1073     Immunization registry     S Health/Wel   
S1074     Liquor license, retail     H St Aff   
S1075     Uniform limited convention act     S St Aff   
S1076     Approp, Hispanic Affairs Com, add’l     LAW +
S1077     Approp, Blind Comm, add’l     LAW +
S1078     Religious groups, campus access     LAW +
S1079     Internet crimes against child unit     LAW +
S1080a   County officers, attorney gen duty     VETOED   
S1081     Motor vehicle registration     LAW +
S1082a   EMS license plates     S FAILED   
S1083     License plates, special     LAW +
S1084     Road construction/business access     S Transp   
S1085     School counseling act     S Educ   
S1086     Education, class sizes     S Educ   
S1087     Driver’s licenses/academic progress     S Educ   
S1088     School districts, consolidation     S Educ   
S1089     Education     LAW +
S1090     Education     S Educ   
S1091a   Education, online course portal     LAW +
S1092     Education     LAW +
S1093     Education     LAW +
S1094     Education     S Educ   
S1095     Education, employee negotiations     S Educ   
S1096     Education     S Educ   
S1097a   Education     LAW +
S1098     Education, open session negotiation     LAW +
S1099     Firearm suppressors     S St Aff   
S1100     Health care sharing ministries     LAW +
S1101     Approp, Parks & Rec, add’l     LAW +
S1102     Approp, Regulatory Bds, revise     LAW +
S1103     Approp, State Tax Comm, add’l     LAW +
S1104     Approp, Fish and Game, add’l     LAW +
S1105     Legislative dept/audit     LAW +
S1106a   Health savings accounts/st employee     LAW +
S1107a   Valuation assess notice, transmit     LAW +
S1108     Initiative and referendum elections     LAW +
S1109a   Annuity contracts/exmtn of proceeds     LAW +
S1110     Attorney’s fees, insurer     S Jud   
S1111     Condominium property act     LAW +
S1112     PUC, authority     LAW +
S1113     Approp, Medical Boards, revise     LAW +
S1114a   Behavioral health services     H Health/Wel   
S1115     Radiologic imaging     S Health/Wel   
S1116a   Organ donor notification     LAW +
S1117     Overweight/oversize loads, permits     LAW +
S1118a   Beer brewer/wholesaler     H St Aff   
S1119     Child support/income withholding     LAW +
S1120     Approp, Lieutenant Gov, orig     LAW +
S1121     Sheep, abandonment, misdemeanor     S Agric Aff   
S1122     Child custody     LAW +
S1123     Prostitution     LAW +
S1124     Public charter high schools     S Educ   
S1125     Education support program     S Educ   
S1126     Lottery prizes     LAW +
S1127     Bingos/raffles, license provisions     LAW +
S1128     Approp, St Indpend Liv Cncl, orig     LAW +
S1129     Approp, Species Conservation, orig     LAW +
S1130     Approp, Energy Resources, orig     LAW +
S1131     Approp, Endow Fund Inv Bd, orig     LAW +
S1132     Approp, Fish and Game, orig     LAW +
S1133a   School security plans     H 3rd Rdgaa   
S1134a   Unmanned aircraft/restrictions     LAW +
S1135     Medical discipline, licensees     LAW +
S1136     Synthetic drug listing     LAW +
S1137     Garnishments     S Jud   
S1138a   Local planning act     LAW +
S1139     Approp, Public Hlth Districts, orig     LAW +
S1140     Approp, Medical Boards, orig     LAW +
S1141     Approp, Treasurer State, orig     S Fin   
S1142     Approp, Blind Com, orig     LAW +
S1143     Approp, Veterans Srvcs Div, orig     LAW +
S1144     Approp, Ag Research Extension, orig     LAW +
S1145     Worker’s comp/premium tax reduced     LAW +
S1146     Education     LAW +
S1147a   Education, agreement terms     LAW +
S1148a   Education, contract renewal     S FAILED   
S1149     Education, employee negotiations     LAW +
S1150     Education, professional personnel     LAW +
S1151     Criminal procedure, felony convictn     LAW +
S1152     Approp, Prof-Tech Edu Div, orig     LAW +
S1153     Approp, CAT Fund, reduce     LAW +
S1154     Approp, Libraries Com, orig     LAW +
S1155     Watermaster compensation     LAW +
S1156     Irrigation districts     LAW +
S1157     Irrigation districts, voting     LAW +
S1158     Soc security benefits, police/fire     LAW +
S1159     Solid waste disposal     S Loc Gov   
S1160     Approp, Liquor Div, State, orig     LAW +
S1161     Approp, Regulatory Boards, orig     LAW +
S1162     Approp, Controller, orig     LAW +
S1163     Approp, Hispanic Affairs Com     LAW +
S1164     Approp, Voc Rehab Div, orig     LAW +
S1165     Attorney’s fees     LAW +
S1166a   Domestic cervidae     H Agric Aff   
S1167     Approp, Secretary of State, orig     LAW +
S1168     Approp, Public Television, orig     LAW +
S1169     Approp, Tax Appeals, Board, Orig     LAW +
S1170     Approp, Soil Water Conserv, orig     LAW +
S1171     Approp, Agriculture, orig     LAW +
S1172     Approp, Lava Hot Springs, orig     LAW +
S1173     Approp, Parks & Rec Dept, orig     LAW +
S1174     Approp, Commerce, orig     LAW +
S1175     Approp, State Tax Commission     LAW +
S1176     Approp, Catastrophic Hth Care, orig     LAW +
S1177     Approp, Public Instruc Supt, orig     LAW +
S1178     Approp, Treasurer, State, orig     LAW +
S1179     Transport brd, state agreements     LAW +
S1180     Approp, Edu Bd, special prgms, orig     LAW +
S1181     Approp, Millennium Fund, orig     LAW +
S1182     Approp, Correction Dept, add’l/orig     LAW +
S1183     Approp, Ed Board, hlth ed programs     LAW +
S1184     Liberty preservation act     S St Aff   
S1185     Tribal gaming actions     S St Aff   
S1186     Approp, Edu Bd, college univ, orig     LAW +
S1187     Approp, Edu Bd, Off of, orig     LAW +
S1188     Approp, Edu Bd, Comm college, orig     LAW +
S1189     Idaho code/statutory construction     LAW +
S1190     Approp, DHW Med Assist Srvcs, orig     LAW +
S1191     Initiative/referendum elections     LAW +
S1192a   Capitol mall     LAW +
S1193     Abortion     S St Aff   
S1194     Approp, DHW Mntl Hlth Svcs, trailer     S Fin   
S1195     Approp, Attorney General, trailer     H Approp   
S1196     Approp, Attorney General, trailer     LAW +
S1197     Approp, Commerce, trailer     LAW +
S1198     Id uniform business code     S Jud   
S1199     Education     LAW +
S1200     Approp, Public Schools, orig     LAW +




SCR101     Power county/100th anniversary     ADOPTED +
SCR102     Opposition to use of “IDAHO” mark     ADOPTED +
SCR103     Unmanned aircraft system test site     ADOPTED +
SCR104     Taiwan, reaffirming relationship     ADOPTED +
SCR105     Tax appeals brd, rules rejected     ADOPTED +
SCR106     Fish and game/rule rejected     ADOPTED +
SCR107     F&G, rule rejected     H Res/Con   
SCR108     F&G, rule rejected     ADOPTED +
SCR109     F&G, rule rejected     H Res/Con   
SCR110     F&G, rule rejected     ADOPTED +
SCR111     Freight system transprtatn task frc     S Transp   
SCR112     Opposing Id marijuana legalization     ADOPTED +
SCR113     Freight transportation task force     S Transp   
SCR114     State police, rules rejected     ADOPTED +
SCR115     State police, rules rejected     ADOPTED +
SCR116     Harmful substnces/househld products     S Health/Wel   
SCR117     PUC, rule rejected     ADOPTED +
SCR118     Admin dept, rules rejected     ADOPTED +
SCR119     Admin dept, rules rejected     ADOPTED +
SCR120     Boise school distrit/read rgth awrd     ADOPTED +
SCR121     Occupatnl licens bur, rule rejected     ADOPTED +
SCR122     Architectural examnrs/rule rejected     ADOPTED +
SCR123     Idaho servicemen, honored     S St Aff   
SCR124     Idaho servicemen honored     ADOPTED +
SCR125     Fee rules/adopted, rejected     ADOPTED +
SCR126     Temporary rules     ADOPTED +
SCR127     Interim committee, energy/env/tech     ADOPTED +
SCR128     Id criminal justic systm/study comm     ADOPTED +
SCR129     Joint rule/stmt of purpose     ADOPTED +
SCR130     Joint rule 21, added     S Jud   
SCR131     Joint rule 21, added     ADOPTED +




SJM101     Drug-free policy     S FAILED   
SJM102     SNAP benefits/no unhealthy food     H St Aff   




SJR101     Const Amndmt/legislative sessions     S St Aff   
SJR102     State military duty     S St Aff   




SR101     Senate rule 8, amended     ADOPTED +

2013 Subject Index

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     (A) = Adopted      (V) = Vetoed
     Approp = Appropriation      Assn = Association
     Bd = Board      Com = Commission
     Comm = Committee      Dept = Department
     DEQ = Department of Environmental Quality      Dist = District
     Div = Division      F&G = Fish and Game
     Govt = Government      H&W = Health and Welfare
     PERSI = Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho      PUC = Public Utilities Commission
     UCC = Uniform Commercial Code      Univ = University


    Medical abortions, abortifacients, restrictions     S1193
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    See also EMERGENCIES
    City traffic safety education, infraction alternative     H0274 – Ch.292
    Death information, communication center, organ banks     S1116 – Ch.247
    Higher education students, worker’s comp coverage     H0082 – Ch.46
    Loaned vehicle, accident liability, insurance coverage     H0217 – Ch.217
    Notification by emergency workers to organ banks     S1071
    Traffic accident response, cost recovery by city/county     S1070
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    Fish and Game Acct, director replaces wildlife vet     S1001 – Ch.69
    Sportsman access programs, earmarked funds     H0278 – (V)
    Wolf depredation account, tag fee uses     H0336
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    Acquisitions of Control/Insurance Holding Company Act     H0197 – Ch.266
    Agritourism Promotion Act, add     H0113 – Ch.177
    Child Protective Act, amend     H0256 – Ch.287
    Condominium Property Act, amend     S1111 – Ch.192
    Consumer Assurance of Radiologic Excellence Act, add     S1115
    Early Voting Opportunity Act, add     H0063
    Elementary/Secondary (nonpublic) School Scholarship Act     H0227
    Elementary/Secondary (nonpublic) School Scholarship Act     H0286
    Entity Transactions Act, repeal     S1198
    Federal Firearm/Magazine/Register Ban Enforcement Act     H0219
    Free-Market Health Insurance Act, add     H0289
    Health Care Professional Transparency Act, add     H0190
    Health Care Sharing Ministries Freedom to Share Act     S1100 – Ch.156
    Health Insurance Exchange Act, add     S1042
    Health Insurance Exchange Act, add     H0248 – Ch.170
    Health Insurance Exchange Act, trailer bill     H0179
    Hire One More Employee Act of 2013, add     H0088
    Idaho Opportunity Fund Act, add     H0100 – Ch.106
    Independent Ethics Commission Act, add     H0061
    Interstate Compact…Education…for Military Children     H0324 – Ch.301
    Liberty Preservation Act, add     S1184
    Motor Vehicle Lease and Rental Tax, add     H0338
    Motor Vehicle Lease and Rental Tax, add     H0339
    No Telephone Solicitation Contact Act, amend     H0055 – Ch.130
    Pharmacy Act, amend     H0017 – Ch.28
    Preserving Freedom from Unwarranted Surveillance Act     S1051
    Preserving Freedom from Unwarranted Surveillance Act     S1067
    Private Election Taxpayer Compensation Act, add     H0059
    Regional Behavioral Health Services Act, add     S1023
    Regional Behavioral Health Services Act, add     S1114
    Residential Mortgage Practices Act, amend     H0010 – Ch.64
    Safe Roads Act of 2013, add     H0338
    Safe Roads Act of 2013, add     H0339
    Safe Roads Act of 2013, add     H0340
    Safe Roads Act of 2013, add     H0341
    Scholarships and State Aid Act, add     S1027 – Ch.72
    School Counseling Act, add     S1085
    Specie Legal Tender Act, add     H0342
    Uniform Business Organization Code, add     S1198
    Uniform Controlled Substances Act, amend     H0018
    Uniform Controlled Substances Act, amend     H0099
    Uniform Limited Convention Act, add     S1075
    Uniform Limited Liability Company Act, repeal     S1198
    Uniform Limited Partnership Act, repeal     S1198
    Uniform Partnership Act, repeal     S1198
    Veterans Recognition Act, disabled vet activities     H0222 – Ch.277
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    Approp     H0311 – Ch.295
    Approp, bond payment program     H0312 – Ch.296
    Approp, Capitol Com     H0335 – Ch.307
    Approp, Public Works Div     H0313 – Ch.297
    Capitol Mall exterior use rules rejected     SCR118 – (A)
    Capitol Mall exterior use rules rejected     SCR119 – (A)
    Idaho Technology Authority created, replaces ITRMC     H0073 – Ch.173
    Improve state contract management     HCR018 – (A)
    State employee high deductible health savings accounts     S1106 – Ch.213
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    See also RULES
    Agency fee rules approved, exceptions     SCR125 – (A)
    Agency rules, continue in force and effect     H0343 – Ch.352
    Agency temporary rules approved and extended     SCR126 – (A)
    Tax Com rulemaking notices, fiscal impact information     H0202 – Ch.284
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    Putative father registry, paternity proceedings, notice     S1015
    Putative father registry, paternity proceedings, notice     H0214 – Ch.138
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    Health care professional, advertising requirements     H0190
    Honey Advertising Com, member compensation     H0112 – Ch.81
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    Guyed tower standard exemption, power agency     H0216 – Ch.182
    Guyed tower standards, amateur radio towers exempt     S1065 – Ch.210
    Unmanned aircraft system test site, Idaho proposal     SCR103 – (A)
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    Approp     H0285 – Ch.228
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    Agency fee rules approved, exceptions     SCR125 – (A)
    Agricultural value-added income tax credit     H0051
    Agritourism Promotion Act, limit liability     H0113 – Ch.177
    Animal damage control dist, add’l fee     H0208
    Dairy Products Com, powers and duties     H0110 – Ch.176
    Dept, approp     S1171 – Ch.205
    Dept, approp, Pest Control Deficiency Fund     H0115 – Ch.33
    Domestic cervidae, chronic wasting disease testing     S1166
    Farm vehicles, 2,000 lb weight overages allowed     H0290 – Ch.350
    Freight transportation system review and plan     SCR113
    Freight transportation system review and plan     SCR111
    Grape growers/wine producers com membership     H0114
    Highway encroachment, flooding, costs     H0172
    Highway flooding, penalties, reasonable inspections     H0173
    Honey Advertising Com, member compensation     H0112 – Ch.81
    Livestock services lien, licensed auction, public sale     H0175 – Ch.86
    Sheep, abandoning or aiding abandonment, misdemeanor     S1121
    Soil and Water Conservation Com, approp, add’l.     H0122 – Ch.48
    State rail/intermodal facility system plan     H0066 – Ch.78
    Turkish trademark application on “Idaho”, oppose     SCR102 – (A)
    Winter feeding, deer/elk, private property depredation     H0146
    Wool growers/goat raisers, state audits     S1024 – Ch.91
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    Aerial search operations, aircraft registration or tax     H0117 – Ch.107
    Aircraft registration fees revised     H0118 – Ch.108
    Unmanned aircraft, unwarranted surveillance prohibited     S1051
    Unmanned aircraft, unwarranted surveillance prohibited     S1067
    Unmanned aircraft, unwarranted surveillance prohibited     S1134 – Ch.328
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    Airport siting and designation by state repealed     H0019 – Ch.11
    FAA plans to close Idaho airport night shifts, oppose     HJM003
    Federal assistance applications, repeal state approval     H0021 – Ch.12
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    See LIQUOR
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    See also WILDLIFE
    Animal cruelty law, fish/aquatic animals exempt     H0064
    Animal cruelty, torture of companion animals     H0111
    Domestic cervidae, chronic wasting disease testing     S1166
    Historical horse race wagering authorized     H0220 – Ch.139
    Historical horse race wagering authorized     H0182
    Idaho Giant Salamander, state amphibian     H0230
    Practice of veterinary medicine defined, drug delivery     H0266 – Ch.290
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    Appellate Public Defender, approp     H0262 – Ch.127
    County commissioner final decisions, judicial review     H0150 – Ch.282
    Equalization bds, property tax exemption decisions     H0095
    Impact fee challenges, burden of proof on gov’t     H0246
    Misdemeanor criminal appeal procedures repealed     S1017 – Ch.37
    Permit approval standards, reconsideration process     S1138 – Ch.216
    Tax Appeals Bd, approp     S1169 – Ch.218
    Tax Appeals Bd, certain rules rejected     SCR105 – (A)
    Tax Appeals Bd, deadline to submit appeals     S1009 – Ch.24
    Teacher appeals, court grounds to affirm/set aside     S1038
    Teacher dismissal, court appeal, grounds to set aside     S1150 – Ch.331
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    Economic Advisory Council, members, terms     H0043 – Ch.102
    Highway dist bds, filling mid-term vacancy     H0085 – Ch.18
    Oil/Gas Conservation Com, governor to appoint members     S1049 – Ch.189
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    Highway agency, property value, no licensed appraiser     H0170 – Ch.137
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    Administration Dept     H0311 – Ch.295
    Administration Dept, bond payment program     H0312 – Ch.296
    Administration Dept, Capitol Com     H0335 – Ch.307
    Administration Dept, Public Works Div     H0313 – Ch.297
    Aging Com     H0285 – Ch.228
    Agriculture Dept     S1171 – Ch.205
    Appellate Public Defender     H0262 – Ch.127
    Arts Com     H0233 – Ch.116
    Attorney General, add’l.     S1195
    Attorney General, add’l.     S1196 – Ch.324
    Attorney General, legal fee allocation     H0263 – Ch.128
    Blind/Visually Impaired Com     S1142 – Ch.164
    Blind/Visually Impaired Com, add’l.     S1077 – Ch.27
    Budget Stabilization Fund     H0345 – Ch.308
    Catastrophic Health Care Cost Fund, approp revised     S1153 – Ch.195
    Catastrophic Health Care Fund     S1176 – Ch.313
    Commerce Dept     S1174 – Ch.311
    Commerce Dept, approp revised     S1197 – Ch.325
    Correction Dept     S1182 – Ch.318
    DEQ     H0254 – Ch.125
    Education Bd, community colleges     S1188 – Ch.322
    Education Bd, Idaho Public Television     S1168 – Ch.203
    Education Bd, Office of     S1187 – Ch.321
    Education Bd, Professional-Technical Education Div     S1152 – Ch.194
    Education Bd, Vocational Rehabilitation Div     S1164 – Ch.201
    Education Bd/Univ of Idaho, colleges/universities     S1186 – Ch.320
    Education Bd/Univ of Idaho, medical education programs     S1183 – Ch.319
    Education Bd/Univ of Idaho, special programs     S1180 – Ch.316
    Education Dept, public schools, teacher salary, intent     H0323
    Education Dept, public schools, teacher salary, intent     S1200 – Ch.326
    Education Dept/Sup’t of Public Instruction     S1177 – Ch.314
    Endowment Fund Investment Bd     S1131 – Ch.160
    Energy Resources, Office of     S1130 – Ch.159
    Finance Dept     H0238 – Ch.121
    Fire Suppression Deficiency Fund     H0115 – Ch.33
    Fish and Game Dept     S1132 – Ch.161
    Fish and Game Dept, add’l.     S1104 – Ch.77
    Governor, Executive Office of     H0301 – Ch.274
    Governor, Office of, Drug Policy Office     H0284 – Ch.227
    Governor, Office of, Financial Management Div     H0299 – Ch.233
    Governor, Office of, Human Resources Div     H0234 – Ch.117
    Governor, Office of, Military Div     H0302 – Ch.234
    Governor, Office of, Military Div, add’l.     H0166 – Ch.50
    Governor, Office of, Species Conservation Office     S1129 – Ch.158
    Governor, Office of, State Liquor Div     S1160 – Ch.197
    H&W Dept     H0283 – Ch.226
    H&W Dept, approp revised     H0203 – Ch.68
    H&W Dept, approp revised     H0210 – Ch.87
    H&W Dept, independent councils/indirect support/license     H0310 – Ch.238
    H&W Dept, Medicaid     S1190 – Ch.323
    H&W Dept, medical assistance, reappropriation repealed     H0332 – Ch.304
    H&W Dept, mental health     H0293 – Ch.229
    H&W Dept, mental health services, intent     S1194
    H&W Dept, public health immunizations, intent     H0334 – Ch.306
    H&W Dept, public health services     H0328 – Ch.303
    H&W Dept, self-reliance programs     H0327 – Ch.302
    H&W Dept, Welfare Div, add’l.     H0180 – Ch.52
    Hazardous Substance Emergency Response Fund     H0115 – Ch.33
    Hispanic Affairs Com     S1163 – Ch.200
    Hispanic Affairs Com, add’l.     S1076 – Ch.26
    Historical Society, Idaho State     H0298 – Ch.232
    Idaho State Lottery     H0236 – Ch.119
    Industrial Com     H0251 – Ch.122
    Insurance Dept     H0252 – Ch.123
    Juvenile Corrections Dept     H0305 – Ch.237
    Labor Dept, approp revised     H0255 – Ch.126
    Lands Dept, fire protection     H0269 – Ch.171
    Lava Hot Springs Foundation     S1172 – Ch.309
    Lava Hot Springs, add’l     H0123 – Ch.49
    Legislative Council     H0300 – Ch.273
    Libraries Com     S1154 – Ch.196
    Lieutenant Governor     S1120 – Ch.100
    Pardons and Parole Com     H0296 – Ch.230
    Parks and Recreation Dept     S1173 – Ch.310
    Parks and Recreation Dept, add’l.     S1101 – Ch.74
    PERSI     H0235 – Ch.118
    Pest Control Deficiency Fund     H0115 – Ch.33
    Police, Idaho State     H0303 – Ch.235
    Police, Idaho State, brand inspection, racing com     H0304 – Ch.236
    Public health districts     S1139 – Ch.162
    Public Utilities Com     H0253 – Ch.124
    Revenue and Taxation Dept, Tax Appeals Board     S1169 – Ch.218
    Secretary of State     S1167 – Ch.202
    Self-Governing Agencies Dept, Building Safety Div     H0237 – Ch.120
    Self-Governing Agencies Dept, medical bds, revised     S1113 – Ch.99
    Self-Governing Agencies Dept, medical boards     S1140 – Ch.163
    Self-Governing Agencies Dept, regulatory boards     S1161 – Ch.198
    Self-Governing Agencies Dept, Veterans Services Div     S1143 – Ch.165
    Self-Governing Agencies, regulatory boards, revision     S1102 – Ch.75
    Self-Governing Agencies, Veterans Services Div, special     H0333 – Ch.305
    Soil and Water Conservation Com     S1170 – Ch.204
    Soil and Water Conservation Com, add’l.     H0122 – Ch.48
    State Controller     S1162 – Ch.199
    State Independent Living Council     S1128 – Ch.157
    Supreme Court     H0306 – Ch.275
    Tax Com     S1175 – Ch.312
    Tax Com, add’l.     S1103 – Ch.76
    Tobacco/drug programs, Millennium Income Fund     S1181 – Ch.317
    Transportation Dept     H0297 – Ch.231
    Treasurer, State     S1141
    Treasurer, State     S1178 – Ch.315
    University of Idaho, Agricultural Research/Extension     S1144 – Ch.166
    Water Resources Dept     H0270 – Ch.172
    Water Resources Dept, add’l.     H0174 – Ch.51
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    Architect qualifications, seal security, foreign corp.     H0074
    Occupational Licenses architect rule rejected     SCR122 – (A)
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    Com, approp     H0233 – Ch.116
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    Assessor valuation assessment notices, electronic     S1107 – Ch.191
    Business inventory tax exemption, site improvements     H0204
    Immunization assessments, extend program to 2015     H0178 – Ch.283
    Insurer premium tax offsets     H0196 – Ch.265
    Land developer site improvements, tax exemption     H0242 – Ch.276
    Local improvement dist, benefits must exceed costs     H0094
    Low-income housing, calculation of net operating income     H0014 – Ch.7
    Personal property taxation, excludes fixtures     H0249
    Property assessment, obsolescence must be proved     H0228
    Property tax administration, miscellaneous changes     H0025 – Ch.21
    Tax Appeals Bd, deadline to submit appeals     S1009 – Ch.24
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    Nonprofit rangeland fire protection associations     H0093 – Ch.59
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    Agency fee rules approved, exceptions     SCR125 – (A)
    Athletic Com rule rejected     HCR020 – (A)
    Kristin Armstrong, Olympic gold medalist, honor     HCR004 – (A)
    State Athletic Com, event tax, cost recovery     H0245 – Ch.345
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    Approp, add’l.     S1195
    Approp, add’l.     S1196 – Ch.324
    Approp, legal fee allocation     H0263 – Ch.128
    County officials, investigations by Attorney General     S1080 – (V)
    Independent Ethics Commission created     H0061
    Internet Crimes Against Children Unit established     S1079 – Ch.245
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    Appellate Public Defender, approp     H0262 – Ch.127
    Appointments of guardians ad litem, circumstances     H0148 – Ch.221
    Defending attorneys, indigency determination, costs     H0147 – Ch.220
    Garnishment, serving attorney, fees     S1137
    Juvenile offenders, right to counsel outlined     H0149 – Ch.222
    Public defense court reform, legislative study comm     HCR026 – (A)
    Suits/arbitration with insurers, attorney fees     S1165 – Ch.257
    Uninsured motorist insurance disputes, attorney fees     S1110
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    Livestock services lien, licensed auction, public sale     H0175 – Ch.86
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    Legislative audit of H&W Dept, management review     H0328 – Ch.303
    Legislative dept, audit, Legislative Council     S1105 – Ch.212
    School district services consolidation, audit findings     S1088
    Wool growers/goat raisers, state audits     S1024 – Ch.91
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    Bail agent license, delete measure of proof     S1016 – Ch.36
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    College Savings Program Bd, administration     H0177 – Ch.110
    Credit exposure methodology, derivative transactions     H0009 – Ch.55
    Finance Dept, multistate licensing system authorized     H0007 – Ch.53
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    See LIQUOR
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    Beer keg definition, 5+ gallons     S1058 – Ch.95
    Free tastings exempt from sales tax     H0187 – Ch.113
    Wine sales, maximum size of wine container increased     S1025 – Ch.142
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    Eminent domain, paths adjacent to streets     S1046
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    Bingo/raffle laws revised, nonprofits eligible     S1127 – Ch.251
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    Blind/Visually Impaired Com, approp     S1142 – Ch.164
    Blind/Visually Impaired Com, approp, add’l.     S1077 – Ch.27
    Driver disqualification presumption, blind in one eye     H0041 – Ch.129
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    Cord blood banking, inform pregnant women     H0212
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    Behavioral health services, regional boards, duties     S1023
    Behavioral health services, regional boards, duties     S1114
    College Savings Program Bd, administration     H0177 – Ch.110
    Highway dist bds, filling mid-term vacancy     H0085 – Ch.18
    Nursing Bd, administrative fine, $1,000 maximum     S1020
    Pharmacy Bd, diverse practice, retail and hospital     H0109 – Ch.65
    Speech/Hearing Services Bd member qualifications     H0034
    Tax Appeals Bd, approp     S1169 – Ch.218
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    Certificate of title, vessels/snowmobiles/ATVs     H0279
    Freight transportation system review and plan     SCR111
    Freight transportation system review and plan     SCR113
    Registration/titling of various vehicles and vessels     H0116
    Vessels required to have invasive species sticker, fees     H0143
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    Class II injection well permit, surety required     H0048 – Ch.43
    Idaho Bond Bank Authority member salaries     H0053 – Ch.105
    Parole bond, request for return within one year     H0124 – Ch.241
    Port district revenue bonds, fiber optic service     H0240
    Proprietary schools, bond or financial instruments     H0083 – Ch.31
    School district bond requirements     H0218 – Ch.183
    Transportation and Economic Development Zones, bonds     H0267
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    Budget Stabilization Fund, approp     H0345 – Ch.308
    School district funds, increase teachers/contract days     H0307
    School financial emergencies, 1.5% funding decrease     S1146 – Ch.255
    School staff allowance, exceptions to reduction     H0275 – Ch.349
    School web site, budget, labor agreements to be posted     S1055 – Ch.94
    Tax deed sales, excess funds, tax revenue     H0071
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    Approp     H0237 – Ch.120
    Building Safety Div plumbing rule rejected     HCR023 – (A)
    School building safety, codes, Building Safety Div     H0084 – Ch.32
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    Architect qualifications, seal security, foreign corp.     H0074
    Capitol Maintenance Reserve Fund created     H0181 – Ch.111
    Fire escapes and doors requirements repealed     H0046 – Ch.104
    Public building surveillance recordings not public     H0207
    Public charter schools, facilities funding     H0206 – Ch.342
    School building safety, codes, Building Safety Div     H0084 – Ch.32
    School maintenance money, use for personnel     H0319 – Ch.300
    Steam/boiler system piping, installer certification     H0026 – Ch.101
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    Beer brewer, divest financial interest in dealers     S1118
    Business inventory tax exemption, site improvements     H0204
    Correctional industries, printing contracts, gov’t only     H0331
    Dental practice naming and ownership standards     H0031
    Household products, encourage use of safer ingredients     SCR116
    Opportunity Fund, grants, infrastructure, new jobs     H0100 – Ch.106
    Personal property taxation, excludes fixtures     H0249
    Property tax exemption, property under $3000     H0315 – Ch.243
    Road construction affecting businesses, minimize impact     S1084
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    Dental practices, business entities, managed care plans     H0142 – Ch.281
    Entity Transactions Act, repeal     S1198
    Irrigation dist, formation as limited liability company     S1157 – Ch.333
    Uniform Business Organization Code     S1198
    Uniform Limited Liability Company Act, repeal     S1198
    Uniform Limited Partnership Act, repeal     S1198
    Uniform Partnership Act, repeal     S1198
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    Irrigation director election requirements, terms     H0130 – Ch.133
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    Abraham Lincoln Auditorium designated in the Capitol     HCR005 – (A)
    Administration Dept, Capitol Mall use rules rejected     SCR118 – (A)
    Administration Dept, Capitol Mall use rules rejected     SCR119 – (A)
    Capitol Maintenance Reserve Fund created     H0181 – Ch.111
    Capitol parking garage, exempt from planning and zoning     S1192 – Ch.337
    Com, approp     H0335 – Ch.307
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    Bingo/raffle laws revised, nonprofits eligible     S1127 – Ch.251
    Girl Scout cookies, sales tax exemption     H0250
    Idaho Community Foundation, donations, tax credit     H0072 – Ch.40
    National Assistance League, tax deductible donations     H0106
    Private nonprofit homeless shelters, sales tax exempt     H0157
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    Appointments of guardians ad litem, circumstances     H0148 – Ch.221
    Autopsy on minors, notice to parents     H0108
    Autopsy on minors, notice to parents     H0320
    Child custody modification petition, deployed parent     S1122 – Ch.215
    Child Protective Act, aggravating circumstances, plan     H0256 – Ch.287
    Child support withholding, H&W Dept, federal form     S1022
    Emergency mental health care, who may detain patients     H0291 – Ch.293
    Employer child support income withholding, forms     S1119 – Ch.248
    F&G Dept, junior hunting licenses     S1003 – Ch.70
    Household products, avoid toxic substances     SCR116
    Immunization registry, information parents can remove     S1011
    Internet Crimes Against Children, Attorney General unit     S1079 – Ch.245
    Interstate Compact…Education…for Military Children     H0324 – Ch.301
    Juvenile offenders, right to counsel outlined     H0149 – Ch.222
    Lewd conduct with children, mandatory minimum sentence     H0152
    Lottery winnings, withheld, child support or tax debt     S1126 – Ch.250
    Prostituting persons under age 18, property forfeiture     S1060 – Ch.240
    Putative father registry, paternity proceedings, notice     S1015
    Putative father registry, paternity proceedings, notice     H0214 – Ch.138
    Seat belt use, primary offense for minors only     H0119
    Tanning beds, use by minors restricted     H0191
    Tanning beds, use by minors restricted     H0268
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    Boise City, commemorate 150 years anniversary     HCR012 – (A)
    Capitol parking garage, exempt from planning and zoning     S1192 – Ch.337
    Cities over 50,000 population, city election districts     H0281
    City traffic safety education, infraction alternative     H0274 – Ch.292
    Concealed weapons, power to regulate repealed     H0183 – Ch.223
    Highway abandonment procedure     S1006 – Ch.141
    Idaho Bond Bank Authority member salaries     H0053 – Ch.105
    Local improvement dist, benefits must exceed costs     H0094
    Optional planning and zoning, voter approval, council     H0136
    Owner deannexation of property to another fire district     H0200
    Permit approval standards, reconsideration process     S1138 – Ch.216
    Regulatory takings analysis, factors, exceptions     H0160
    Sole source expenditures, exception, Idaho residents     H0231 – Ch.344
    Solid waste disposal operations, hearing, requirements     S1159
    Solid waste/energy facilities, public notice/hearings     S1069
    Speed limits, local authorities, traffic studies     S1052
    Traffic accident response, cost recovery by city/county     S1070
    Urban Renewal agency power to enter property deleted     H0137 – Ch.63
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    Agritourism Promotion Act, limit liability     H0113 – Ch.177
    County officials, investigations by Attorney General     S1080 – (V)
    Eminent domain plan changes, liability for costs     H0104
    Forest/range fires, civil damages limited     H0132 – Ch.62
    Owners of metal property not liable for injuries     H0241 – Ch.286
    Putative father registry, paternity proceedings, notice     S1015
    Putative father registry, paternity proceedings, notice     H0214 – Ch.138
    Regulatory takings analysis, factors, exceptions     H0160
    State employee settlement payments, public record     H0156
    Suits/arbitration with insurers, attorney fees     S1165 – Ch.257
    Tax Com, injunction on seller violating tax rules     H0070
    Teacher appeals, court grounds to affirm/set aside     S1038
    Teacher dismissal, court appeal, grounds to set aside     S1150 – Ch.331
    Uninsured motorist insurance disputes, attorney fees     S1110
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    Codifier’s corrections to the Idaho Code     S1029 – Ch.187
    County boundary descriptions corrected     H0042 – Ch.41
    Drug schedules, incorporate Code of Federal Regs     H0099
    Internal Revenue Code, update version     H0001 – Ch.1
    Online course approval, code citation corrected     H0318 – Ch.299
    School building safety, codes, Building Safety Div     H0084 – Ch.32
    Statutory construction principles, plain meaning     S1189 – Ch.335
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    College campus use by religious student groups     S1078 – Ch.190
    College Savings Program Bd, administration     H0177 – Ch.110
    Colleges, self-funded health care plans, requirements     H0199 – Ch.181
    Education Bd authority over colleges and universities     H0264
    Education Bd, exclusive authority over universities     H0282
    Education Bd, exclusive authority over universities     H0314
    Education Bd/Univ of Idaho, approp, medical education     S1183 – Ch.319
    Education Bd/Univ of Idaho, approp, special programs     S1180 – Ch.316
    Education Bd/Univ of Idaho, approp, universities     S1186 – Ch.320
    High school online, dual/college credit classes, funds     S1091 – Ch.154
    Higher education students, worker’s comp coverage     H0082 – Ch.46
    Proprietary schools, bond or financial instruments     H0083 – Ch.31
    Proprietary schools, information to prospective student     H0294
    Public charter school, operation by colleges     S1124
    Purchasing by colleges, repeal sunset date     H0081 – Ch.30
    State scholarship programs revised     S1027 – Ch.72
    Univ of Idaho, approp, agricultural research/extension     S1144 – Ch.166
    Unmanned aircraft system test site, Idaho proposal     SCR103 – (A)
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    Animal cruelty law, fish/aquatic animals exempt     H0064
    China/Taiwan – Idaho relationship, support     SCR104 – (A)
    Dept, approp     S1174 – Ch.311
    Dept, approp, revised     S1197 – Ch.325
    Economic Advisory Council, members, terms     H0043 – Ch.102