2015 Health Care Task Force (1999)

Charge: To ask and find answers for the unprecedented increases in health insurance premiums; to determine a method of limiting the assessments that may be imposed on carriers providing reinsurance by way of excess or stop-loss coverage and on carriers selling insurance in the individual market; to review options regarding initially limiting enrollment of the Individual High-Risk Reinsurance Pool in order to preserve the financial integrity of the pool.

Sen. Lee Heider, Co-chair Rep. Gary Collins, Co-chair
Sen. Steve Vick Rep. Fred Wood
Sen. Marv Hagedorn Rep. Lynn Luker
Sen. Steven Thayn Rep. Brandon Hixon
Sen. Bob Nonini Rep. Luke Malek
Sen. Dan Schmidt Rep. John Rusche
Sen. to be announced Rep. Elaine Smith


Staff: Elizabeth Bowen, Jared Tatro, Secretary: Jackie Gunn

Meeting Agendas:
October 13, 2015

Meeting Minutes:
October 13, 2015

October 13 Meeting – Presentations & Handouts: