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Legislation by Number

2016 Legislation by Bill Number

The status of each bill, resolution, proclamation, and memorials listed on this page are updated when the offices of the Secretary of the Senate and the Chief Clerk of the House publish the un-official daily journals and should not be deemed official. The official bill actions are located in the final journal, which are maintained by the offices of the Secretary of the Senate and the Chief Clerk of the House.  The daily journals are published at the end of each legislative day.

House Bills

Senate Bills

(*) indicates previous days action
(+) indicates ADOPTED or LAW




H0331a   Alcoholic bevs, powdered alcohol     LAW +
H0332     Residential care, license renewal     LAW +
H0333     Optometrists, license renewal     LAW +
H0334     Physical therapy license renewal     LAW +
H0335     Controlled substances, sched II     LAW +
H0336     Pharmacy board terms     LAW +
H0337     Prescriptions, med examiners/dbase     LAW +
H0338     Legend drug possession     LAW +
H0339     Controlled substance storage     LAW +
H0340     Pharm brd, contraceptives     LAW +
H0341     Patient freedom of info act     LAW +
H0342     Approp, deficiency fund transfer     LAW +
H0343     Fuels, revenue distribution     LAW +
H0344     Tax hardship application deadline     LAW +
H0345     Forest land designation appeals     LAW +
H0346     Alcoholic beverages, income tax act     LAW +
H0347     Sales and use tax, hand tools     LAW +
H0348     Sales and use tax, paddleboards     LAW +
H0349     Approp, Fish & Game, add’l     LAW +
H0350     F&G, upland game bird permits     LAW +
H0351     Water resources, design criteria     LAW +
H0352     Income tax, employer reports     LAW +
H0353     Income tax withholding, employers     LAW +
H0354     Tax, internal rev code, marriage     H Rev/Tax   
H0355     Mil div/emerency managment division     LAW +
H0356a   Military div, adjutant gen duties     LAW +
H0357     STEM action center/incom tax credit     LAW +
H0358     Tax commission, requirement removed     LAW +
H0359     Operating property, taxable value     LAW +
H0360     Taxing district date requirement     LAW +
H0361     Sales and use tax, aircraft     LAW +
H0362a   Retail sale/liquor by the drink     LAW +
H0363     Approp, transportation, add’l     LAW +
H0364     Approp, labor dept, add’l     LAW +
H0365     Approp, bld safety div, add’l     LAW +
H0366     Arch examiners board, compensation     LAW +
H0367     Morticians, resid training license     LAW +
H0368     Real estate appraisers     LAW +
H0369     Funeral establishments     LAW +
H0370     Barbers, schools and colleges     H Bus   
H0371a   Factory built structrs, advis brd     LAW +
H0372     Auxiliary containers     LAW +
H0373     Legend drugs, clinic donat/dispense     LAW +
H0374     Control subs prescription database     LAW +
H0375     Health care task force     LAW +
H0376     Cigarette tax, wholesaler bonding     LAW +
H0377     Global entreprenrl mission program     LAW +
H0378     F&G, trapping ed programs     LAW +
H0379a   Computer sci initiative/pub schools     LAW +
H0380     Income taxes, grocery tax credit     S Loc Gov   
H0381     Veterinarians/humane euthanasia com     LAW +
H0382a   Veterinarians, formal discipline     LAW +
H0383     Aquaculture commission, repealed     LAW +
H0384     Approp, secretary of state, add’l     LAW +
H0385     Veterans plates, surviving spouse     LAW +
H0386     Production exemption, term     LAW +
H0387     Community colleges, trustee zones     S Educ   
H0388     Public records act exemptions     H St Aff   
H0389     Ag liens, notice of lien claims     LAW +
H0390     Benefit corporation report, filing     LAW +
H0391     Adjusted market value report     LAW +
H0392     Education, youth ed acct, repealed     LAW +
H0393     Conservation officers, retirement     H Res/Con   
H0394     Fish and game, inspection, search     H Res/Con   
H0395     Safe check stations, min standards     H Res/Con   
H0396     Employment security law/notice     LAW +
H0397     Employmnt security, notice/appeal     LAW +
H0398     Rev’d uniform athlete agents act     LAW +
H0399     Animal care/companion animal/tortur     H W/M   
H0400     Minimum wage/tipped employees     H W/M   
H0401     Absentee voting, mail-in ballots     H W/M   
H0402     Hire Idaho act/public wrks contract     H W/M   
H0403     Approp, state police, chg     LAW +
H0404     Telecom service reimbursement     H Loc Gov   
H0405     Fire protection, residence req     LAW +
H0406a   Water sewer districts, zones, annex     LAW +
H0407     Electronic voter registration     H W/M   
H0408     Universal service fund, comm access     H W/M   
H0409     Workforce dev progrms, tax exempt     H W/M   
H0410     Earned incom tax credit/fed percent     H W/M   
H0411     Ed, quality ed loan assist program     H W/M   
H0412     Ed, tuition stabilization account     H W/M   
H0413a   License plates, Orofino hs maniacs     S Transp   
H0414     Tax credit, charitable     H W/M   
H0415     Political contribs/shareholdr apprv     H W/M   
H0416     Chip plan B, eligibility requirmnts     H W/M   
H0417     Rural development partnership act     LAW +
H0418     Wheat commission, exec dir duties     H Agric Aff   
H0419     Tax review commission, members/term     H W/M   
H0420     Smarter balanced assessment     H W/M   
H0421     Health insurance exchange     H W/M   
H0422     Concealed weapons without license     H W/M   
H0423     Concealed weapons, private property     H W/M   
H0424     Income tax credit, tuition/employee     H W/M   
H0425     Taxes, internal rev code, marriage     LAW +
H0426     Bond guaranty     LAW +
H0427     Bond bank authority     LAW +
H0428     College savings accounts, unclaimed     LAW +
H0429     Controlled subs, withheld judgment     LAW +
H0430     Uniform probate code, minor claim     H Jud   
H0431     Taxation, exempt property     LAW +
H0432     Insurance policies, valuation     LAW +
H0433     Massage students, compensation     H Bus   
H0434     Courts/debt paymnts/criminal cases     H Jud   
H0435     Worker’s comp/medical fees/employer     H Com/HuRes   
H0436     Idaho day celebration, weekday     LAW +
H0437     Off-hwy vehicle program account     H Transp   
H0438     Hospital districts, brd apptments     H Health/Wel   
H0439     Appellate pub defendr/appeals     LAW +
H0440     Insurance, principal place     LAW +
H0441     Cosmeticians, license renewal     LAW +
H0442     Ed, supplemental contracts     H Educ   
H0443a   Municipal records, retentn/storage     LAW +
H0444     Vintage snowmobiles, certs/stickers     H Transp   
H0445     Approp, agriculture, chg     LAW +
H0446     Approp, water resources, add’l     LAW +
H0447a   Public records/ disclosure exemptio     LAW +
H0448     Taxing district budgets, notice     H Rev/Tax   
H0449     Girl scouts/boy scouts, tax exempt     S Loc Gov   
H0450     Ed support progrm, literacy     H Educ   
H0451     Ed/reading instruction/intervention     LAW +
H0452a   Education, employee accrued sick lv     LAW +
H0453     Medical lab science practice act     H Health/Wel   
H0454     Underground, damage prevent board     LAW +
H0455     Apple commission     LAW +
H0456     Grapes/wine, tax provision revised     LAW +
H0457     Motor vehicls/special plates     H FAILED   
H0458a   Education, advanced opp/rulemaking     LAW +
H0459     Ed, comm college start-up account     LAW +
H0460     Contracts, transportation service     H Educ   
H0461     Fees/surcharge general fund deposit     LAW +
H0462a   Hunting/trapping, age limits removd     S Res/Env   
H0463     Minimum wage     LAW +
H0464     Treasurer/duties/pub endowmnt funds     LAW +
H0465     Code provisions/gender neutral lang     H St Aff   
H0466     Inspector general office establishd     H W/M   
H0467     Local improvement districts     H Rev/Tax   
H0468     Cemetery maintenance districts     H Loc Gov   
H0469     Noxious weeds, research facility     LAW +
H0470     Dogs, dangerous dog regs     H Agric Aff   
H0471     Rec activities, motorbikes, enforce     LAW +
H0472     License plates/same number request     LAW +
H0473     Military, definitions revised     LAW +
H0474     Taxing district budgets, pub notice     LAW +
H0475     Sales tax, public hwy/street     H Rev/Tax   
H0476     Ed, statewide avg class size estab     LAW +
H0477a   Ed, postsecondary credit scholarshp     LAW +
H0478     Pub records, firearm, disclosure     LAW +
H0479     Pub utility law/pipeline facilities     H St Aff   
H0480     Exec directors, licensure     LAW +
H0481     Right to try act     LAW +
H0482     Boards/qualifications/consumr membr     LAW +
H0483     Pharmacy, communicatn, bio products     LAW +
H0484     Primary care access program     H Health/Wel   
H0485     Employment security act/benefits     LAW +
H0486     Barbers, schools/add’l requirmnts     LAW +
H0487     Agreement/covenants/employee breach     LAW +
H0488     Prospecting/sm scale dredge mining     H Res/Con   
H0489     F&G, employees, permit drawings     H Res/Con   
H0490     F&G, controlld hunt permit drawings     H Res/Con   
H0491a   Lien/ nonconsensual common law lien     LAW +
H0492     Staff attorneys/apptmnts, salaries     H Jud   
H0493     Fines, fund deposits     S Jud   
H0494a   Alcohol, age infractions     LAW +
H0495     Alcohol violation, expunged/sealed     LAW +
H0496     Cemeteries, lots, recover/resell     LAW +
H0497a   Lobbyists, state entity reports     LAW +
H0498     Electronic cigarettes, sale permits     S St Aff   
H0499     Food regulation, dept of ag     LAW +
H0500     Medicare reimbursement rate     LAW +
H0501     Worker’s comp, security instrument     LAW +
H0502     Probate code, minor claim     H Jud   
H0503     Trust deeds, trustees     LAW +
H0504     Public defense     LAW +
H0505     Sex exploit child, electronic means     H Jud   
H0506     Public servants, pecuniary benefits     H Jud   
H0507     Sexual assault evidenc kits/testing     H Jud   
H0508     Bail enforcement agents, requirmnts     S Jud   
H0509     Oil and gas     LAW +
H0510     Prospecting/sm scale suction mining     H Res/Con   
H0511     Homeowner’s assoc, prohibit conduct     LAW +
H0512     Community college trustee zones     LAW +
H0513a   Real ID act, 2015, implementation     LAW +
H0514     Ed, school safety and security     LAW +
H0515     School districts/writn perform eval     LAW +
H0516     Abortion, ultrasounds     LAW +
H0517     Gaming agency, established     H St Aff   
H0518     Mental illness, admit, detention     H Jud   
H0519     Massage therapy/studnt tuitn credit     LAW +
H0520     Contracts, design professionals     H Bus   
H0521a   Alcoholic bevs, minor/med emegency     LAW +
H0522     Juveniles, custody, foster     H Jud   
H0523     Foster care program, annual report     LAW +
H0524     Animal cruelty, companion animals     LAW +
H0525a   Dangerous, at-risk dogs     LAW +
H0526     Educational support program     LAW +
H0527     Comm colleges/out-of-district studn     LAW +
H0528     Sexual assault evidence kits     LAW +
H0529     Ed, continuous improvement plans     H Gen Ord   
H0530     Public records act/disclosur exempt     H St Aff   
H0531     Ag facilities/ops, penalties     LAW +
H0532     Approp, fire deficiency transfer     LAW +
H0533     Hospital districts, board trustees     LAW +
H0534     Energy tax, solar enegy     LAW +
H0535     Income tax, cap gain deduct/cattle     LAW +
H0536     Highways, out-of-county judges     LAW +
H0537     Ed, supplemental contracts     LAW +
H0538     Procurement act, established     LAW +
H0539     Recreational park trailers     H Transp   
H0540     Sales/use tax, aircraft, wildfire     LAW +
H0541     Puchasing laws/local govt exclusion     LAW +
H0542     Election ads, precinct committeeman     LAW +
H0543     Id women’s commission, repealed     H St Aff   
H0544     Alcohol, films, indecency/obscenity     LAW +
H0545     Local inovation schools     H Educ   
H0546     Approp, endow fund invest, orig     LAW +
H0547     Approp, lava hot springs, orig     LAW +
H0548     Approp, public utilities com, orig     LAW +
H0549     Approp, public hlth districts, orig     LAW +
H0550     Approp, drug policy office, orig     LAW +
H0551     Approp, energy resources, orig     LAW +
H0552     Approp, veterans srvcs div     LAW +
H0553     ATV, UTV, SOHV, motorbikes/hwy use     LAW +
H0554     Worker’s compensation, firefighters     LAW +
H0555a   Sexual exploitation of a child     LAW +
H0556a   Juvenile, adoptions, foster     LAW +
H0557     Ed/youth athletes/concussion monitr     LAW +
H0558     Uniform probate, minor’s claim     LAW +
H0559     Comm drivr’s licens/skill test fee     H 3rd Rdg   
H0560     Ed, add’l requirement, term defined     LAW +
H0561     Approp, aging com, orig     LAW +
H0562     Approp, juvenile corrections, orig     LAW +
H0563     Approp, secretary of state, orig     LAW +
H0564     Approp, species conservation, orig     LAW +
H0565     Approp, fish & game, orig     H Approp   
H0566     Approp, H&W public hlth srvcs, orig     LAW +
H0567     Approp, Hispanic affairs com, orig     LAW +
H0568     Foreign laws, court app prohibited     H Gen Ord   
H0569     Watershed improvement, dissolution     LAW +
H0570     Local innovation schools     LAW +
H0571     Ed, career ladder/ed multiplier     LAW +
H0572     Urban renewal, boards, plans     H Rev/Tax   
H0573     Parent/guardian delegation of power     S Jud   
H0574     Approp, H&W welfare division, orig     LAW +
H0575     Approp, PUC/tax/industrial salaries     LAW +
H0576     Approp, supreme court, orig     LAW +
H0577     Approp, attorney gen, orig     LAW +
H0578     Approp, public defense com, orig     LAW +
H0579     Approp, H&W mental hlth, orig     LAW +
H0580     Sex crimes, rape     LAW +
H0581     Sales and use tax/definition revisd     H Rev/Tax   
H0582     Lands, multiple use sustained yield     S Res/Env   
H0583     Telehealth services, reimbursement     H Health/Wel   
H0584     Casualty insurnc/undrinsured covrag     H Bus   
H0585     Negotiatd rulmaking/add’l requirmnt     H St Aff   
H0586     Public land, sale, cession     H Res/Con   
H0587     Approp, commerce, orig     LAW +
H0588     Approp, rev&tax, tax appeals, orig     LAW +
H0589     Approp, rev&tax, tax com, orig     LAW +
H0590     Ed, staff allowance     H Educ   
H0591     Disability insurance, liability     H W/M   
H0592     Psychologists, prescribing meds     H W/M   
H0593     Chiroprac practic/formulary council     H W/M   
H0594     Boating, fee provisions revised     H Res/Con   
H0595     Ground water management areas     LAW +
H0596     Education support program     H Educ   
H0597a   Breweries, persons under 21 years     H 3rd Rdgaa   
H0598     Approp, medical boards, orig     LAW +
H0599     Approp, lands dept, orig     H Approp   
H0600     Approp, appellate defender, orig     LAW +
H0601     Approp, treasurer, state, orig     LAW +
H0602     Divorce, joint custody     H Jud   
H0603     Ed, staff allowance     LAW +
H0604     Elections, identif, weapons license     S St Aff   
H0605     Income tax, health insurance     H Rev/Tax   
H0606a   Urban renewal     LAW +
H0607     Tax deduction, health care, medical     H Rev/Tax   
H0608     Approp, supreme court, trailer     LAW +
H0609     Approp, public defense com, trailer     LAW +
H0610     Approp, financial mgmt div, orig     LAW +
H0611     Approp, Gov, exec office, orig     LAW +
H0612     Approp, idaho state police, trailer     LAW +
H0613     Elections/school district trustees     H St Aff   
H0614     Property tax, Indian tribes     H Rev/Tax   
H0615     Submersible well pump use     H St Aff   
H0616     Wireless comm/emergncy/state police     H St Aff   
H0617     Approp, pub schls admin, orig     LAW +
H0618     Approp, pub schls teachers, orig     LAW +
H0619     Approp, pub schls operations, orig     LAW +
H0620     Approp, pub schls children’s, orig     LAW +
H0621     Approp, pub schls facilities, orig     LAW +
H0622     Approp, pub schls deaf blind, orig     LAW +
H0623     Approp, pub schls cntrl srvs, orig     LAW +
H0624     Hwy funding/apportionment/exception     S Transp   
H0625     Approp, edu bd, career tech, orig     LAW +
H0626     Approp, special fuels, trailer     LAW +
H0627     Ed, leadership premiums     LAW +
H0628     Ed, rural education support center     S Educ   
H0629     Ed support program, calculation     LAW +
H0630     Career tech ed instructional staff     LAW +
H0631     Municipal detachment, ag lands     H Rev/Tax   
H0632     Tax credits, charitable, med resid     H Rev/Tax   
H0633     Taxation policies     H 3rd Rdg   
H0634     Tax, HB431 trailer, effective date     S Loc Gov   
H0635     Approp, bld safety div, trailer     LAW +
H0636     Approp, future fire suppression     LAW +
H0637     Approp, edu bd, college univ, orig     LAW +
H0638     Approp, edu bd, comm college, orig     LAW +
H0639     Administrative rules extended     LAW +
H0640     Approp, lands dept, orig     LAW +
H0641     Approp, fish & game, orig     LAW +
H0642     Approp, arts com, orig     LAW +
H0643     Submersible well pumps     LAW +
H0644a   Health grant program/med underservd     H Held at Desk   
H0645     Approp, edu bd, specl prgm, trailer     LAW +
H0646     Approp, lands/ fish & game, add’l     LAW +
H0647     Approp, pub schls, trailers     LAW +
H0648     Tax relief, uses, exception     H Rev/Tax   
H0649     Breweries/persons under 21 years     LAW +
H0650     Approp, H&W, hlthcr plcy int, trail     VETOED   




HCR027     State of the state address     ADOPTED +
HCR028a   Military families, recognized     ADOPTED +
HCR029     Statue of liberty/130th anniversary     ADOPTED +
HCR030     Anthony Doerr, honored     ADOPTED +
HCR031     Music in schools month/recognized     ADOPTED +
HCR032     Pulse crops, recognizing     ADOPTED +
HCR033     Ed study/pub school funding formula     ADOPTED +
HCR034     Community water fluoridation     S FAILED   
HCR035     Assoc logging contractors     ADOPTED +
HCR036     Nat apprenticeship week, recognized     ADOPTED +
HCR037     Azerbaijan, recognizing     H St Aff   
HCR038     Nationl day of the cowboy, recogniz     ADOPTED +
HCR039     Pardons and parole comm/rule reject     ADOPTED +
HCR040     Rule rejection, Idaho state police     ADOPTED +
HCR041     Idaho great seal, 125th anniversary     ADOPTED +
HCR042     Matt Paradis, congratulated     ADOPTED +
HCR043     Idaho power co, 100 anniv, honored     ADOPTED +
HCR044     Education, rule docket rejection     ADOPTED +
HCR045     Ed, rule rejection     ADOPTED +
HCR046     U.S. Capitol Christmas tree 2016     ADOPTED +
HCR047     Social work recognition month     ADOPTED +
HCR048     Public procurement/study committee     ADOPTED +
HCR049     Wheat commission, rules rejected     ADOPTED +
HCR050     Civics test, Idaho history and gov     S Educ   
HCR051     Public utilities comm/rules rejectd     ADOPTED +
HCR052     Foster care system, study committee     H W/M   
HCR053     Hunter/angler/trapper access     S Res/Env   
HCR054     Behavioral health, report, plan     S Health/Wel   
HCR055     F&G, rule rejected     ADOPTED +
HCR056     Insurance and compensation study     H Com/HuRes   
HCR057     Flags of Idaho and U.S.     ADOPTED +
HCR058     Broadband servc/investigate improve     S Com/HuRes   
HCR059     Foster care, study committee     ADOPTED +
HCR060     Attorney gen, INL/spent fuels waivr     ADOPTED +
HCR061     Empl group insurance, compensation     ADOPTED +
HCR062     Congressnl prayer foundation inc.     S St Aff   
HCR063     Health care study committee     S Health/Wel   




HJM013     Sage-grouse conservation plan     ADOPTED +
HJM014     Self-sufficient community lands     S Res/Env   




HJR001     Sectarian approps, const amendment     H St Aff   
HJR002     Const amendment/sex equality     H W/M   
HJR003     Same-sex marriage ban/constit rpeal     H W/M   
HJR004     Land comm board, constit amendment     H St Aff   
HJR005     Administrative rules, const amendmt     ADOPTED +




HR001     House rule 24, hearings     H W/M   
HR002     House rule 64, public records reqst     ADOPTED +




S1194     Manufac home resid/park model remvd     S Com/HuRes   
S1195     Presidential primaries, write-ins     S St Aff   
S1196     Sexual orientation, gender identity     S St Aff   
S1197     Mines, reclamation activities     LAW +
S1198     Motr vehicls/driving privilige card     S Transp   
S1199     Approp, medical boards, add’l     LAW +
S1200     Approp, lands dept, add’l     LAW +
S1201     Approp, catastrophic health, reduce     LAW +
S1202     Personnel system/nonclassified empl     LAW +
S1203     Primary elections, party affil     S St Aff   
S1204     Medicaid, eligibility expansion     S Health/Wel   
S1205     Medical assist/eligibility standard     S Health/Wel   
S1206     Approp, H&W indirect support, add’l     LAW +
S1207     Approp, H&W psych hosp, add’l     LAW +
S1208     Scholarships, housing/investment     LAW +
S1209     Ed, brd of trust/comm coll district     S 3rd Rdg   
S1210     Professional-technical education     LAW +
S1211     Catastrophic heath care program     H Loc Gov   
S1212     Emergency communications act, rev’d     LAW +
S1213     F&G, unmanned aircraft and wildlife     LAW +
S1214     Livestock, removal requirements     LAW +
S1215     Pesticide management comm, repealed     LAW +
S1216     Approp, blind com, add’l     LAW +
S1217     Approp, administration, add’l     LAW +
S1218     Codifier’s corrections     LAW +
S1219     Public works contracts     LAW +
S1220     Racing comm, horse council, payment     S St Aff   
S1221     Insurance producer licensing     LAW +
S1222     Ground water, petitions, annexation     LAW +
S1223     Ground water, nonmembers     LAW +
S1224     Ground water, alternative means     LAW +
S1225     Ground water, debt, elections     LAW +
S1226     F&G, penalties, game animals     S Res/Env   
S1227     Corporate benefit report     S Com/HuRes   
S1228     License plate display     S Transp   
S1229     Motor vehicles, noninterstate hwys     LAW +
S1230     Highway distribution account     S FAILED   
S1231     Chiropractic practic/prescrib drugs     H Health/Wel   
S1232     Vocational rehab, federal acts     LAW +
S1233     Approp, juvenile corrections, add’l     LAW +
S1234     Admin proced act, electronic copies     LAW +
S1235     Juv corrections, hearings, applics     LAW +
S1236     Fish and game, partnership tags     S Res/Env   
S1237     Water body priority classification     LAW +
S1238     Water quality records     LAW +
S1239     IPDES permit decisions     LAW +
S1240     Irrigation, admin charges levied     LAW +
S1241     Irrigation, delinquency assesments     LAW +
S1242     Irrigation, unredeemed delinquency     LAW +
S1243     Irrigation districts, contracts     S Res/Env   
S1244     Underground storage tanks     LAW +
S1245     Eminent domain, property value     S Loc Gov   
S1246     Transporation dept/director removal     LAW +
S1247     Ed, testing requirement exception     S Educ   
S1248     Pub charter schls/written contracts     LAW +
S1249     STEM action center board     LAW +
S1250     Adv practic registerd nurse compact     LAW +
S1251     Nursing licensure compact     LAW +
S1252     Nursing, definition revised     S Health/Wel   
S1253     Child protection, caregivers     LAW +
S1254     Motor vehicles, govt car markings     S Jud   
S1255     Attny general/county elect officers     LAW +
S1256a   Motor vehicles/fine amount increase     H Transp   
S1257a   Ed, school district brd trustees     LAW +
S1258     F&G, U of I/animal and vet sci dept     LAW +
S1259     Dairy products comm, ex officio mem     LAW +
S1260a   Beef cattle/dairy farms/environment     LAW +
S1261     Vehicles, allowable lengths/loads     LAW +
S1262     Motor vehicle service contracts     LAW +
S1263     Hwys, GARVEE bond/transport project     S FAILED   
S1264     Pharmacy, durable medical equipment     S FAILED   
S1265a   Insuranc premium tax/high risk pool     LAW +
S1266     School distcts/leadershp activities     H Educ   
S1267     Ed, mastery-based, cohort     LAW +
S1268     Dev disabilities council membership     LAW +
S1269     Environmental protection trust     LAW +
S1270     Approp, H&W benefit payments, add’l     LAW +
S1271     Approp, H&W medicaid, chg     LAW +
S1272     School dist bond credit enhancement     LAW +
S1273     Ed, trustee board vacancies, recall     S St Aff   
S1274     Absentee voting, app deadline     LAW +
S1275     Absentee voting, early     LAW +
S1276     Firearm rights, persons convicted     S FAILED   
S1277     Sex crimes, battery/rape, notice     H Jud   
S1278     Water rights, incidental use, hydro     LAW +
S1279     Stem education fund     LAW +
S1280a   Education, studnt resid requiremnts     LAW +
S1281     EMS personl licensr interstat cmpct     LAW +
S1282     Motor vehicles/licens plate display     S Transp   
S1283     Motor vehicle insuranc verification     LAW +
S1284     Plats/surveys, board promulgt rules     S Com/HuRes   
S1285a   Engineers/surveyors, exams     LAW +
S1286     Engineers/surveyors, term defined     LAW +
S1287     Engineers/surveyors, civil penalty     H FAILED   
S1288     Workforce dev, training fund approp     LAW +
S1289     Ed, support program calculation     S Educ   
S1290     Ed, college and career advisors     LAW +
S1291a   Ed, adult degree completn scholrshp     S FAILED   
S1292     Ed, tuition lock plan/stabil acct     S Educ   
S1293a   Ed, parental rights in education     LAW +
S1294     Pharmacists, immunizations     LAW +
S1295     Public assistnc/provider penalties     LAW +
S1296     Background checks/fed pilot project     LAW +
S1297a   Elections/electronic voter reg     LAW +
S1298     Racing comm/horse council/payment     LAW +
S1299     Elections/ballot reporting required     S St Aff   
S1300a   Estates, divorce, probate transfers     LAW +
S1301     Community property     LAW +
S1302     Estates, family allowances     LAW +
S1303a   Estates, uniform fiduciary access     LAW +
S1304     Irrigation distr, election, hydro     LAW +
S1305     F&G, controld hunt permits, drawing     S Res/Env   
S1306     Oil and gas, app procedures/permits     S Res/Env   
S1307     Ed, election date, school trustees     S Educ   
S1308     Ed, school trustee elections     S Educ   
S1309     Animals, court order, psych evals     S Agric Aff   
S1310     Dyed diesel fuel testing     S Transp   
S1311     Vehicles/fee except/electric/hybrid     H Transp   
S1312a   Safety restraints/warnings/citation     S FAILED   
S1313     Auto insurance, unfair practices     S Com/HuRes   
S1314     Trust institutions, trustees     LAW +
S1315a   Trustee’s sale, property disposal     LAW +
S1316     Life insurance, termination protect     S Com/HuRes   
S1317a   Homeowner’s assoc, attorney’s fees     LAW +
S1318     Appraisal management companies     LAW +
S1319     State employees health savings acnt     S Com/HuRes   
S1320     Ed, comm coleg brd trustees/powers     LAW +
S1321     Public schools, Bible use in school     S St Aff   
S1322a   Epinephrine auto-injectors     LAW +
S1323     State independent living council     LAW +
S1324     Wineries, minors, entry     S St Aff   
S1325     Regulatory takings, written request     LAW +
S1326     Suicide preventn/diretor authority     LAW +
S1327     Vulnerable adults/definition rvised     LAW +
S1328a   Child protect act/hearing requirmnt     LAW +
S1329     Government vehicles, markings     S Jud   
S1330     Ed, school district trustees/meds     LAW +
S1331     Ed, public ed stabilization fund     S Educ   
S1332a   Ed, industry partner fund     LAW +
S1333     Ed, broadband infrastructure grants     LAW +
S1334     Education opportunity resource     LAW +
S1335     Open mtg laws, executive sessions     S St Aff   
S1336     Ed, civics test, individual ed plan     LAW +
S1337     Public charter schools     S Educ   
S1338     Public nuisance abatement/procedure     LAW +
S1339     Oil and gas, wells, permits     LAW +
S1340     F&G, damage claims from bears/bees     LAW +
S1341a   Residential care, citations     LAW +
S1342a   Public schools, use of the Bible     VETOED   
S1343     Parole, violation allegations     LAW +
S1344     F&G, controlled hunts, drawings     LAW +
S1345     Insur producr licens/dept director     H Bus   
S1346     State employee health plans, admin     H Com/HuRes   
S1347a   Tax deed sales, state treasurer     LAW +
S1348     Tax deeds, encumbrances     S Loc Gov   
S1349     Unborn infants dignity act     S St Aff   
S1350     Limited article V convention act     S FAILED   
S1351     Prisoners, community service     LAW +
S1352     Guardians of minors, terminat/resig     LAW +
S1353     Approp, correction dept, chg     LAW +
S1354a   Alcohol beverage catering permits     LAW +
S1355     Invasive species, peace officers     S Agric Aff   
S1356     Alcohol beverg/winery licens permit     LAW +
S1357     Bingo and raffles, advisory board     S St Aff   
S1358     Equipment dealer protection/notice     S Com/HuRes   
S1359     Farm implements/equip, repurchase     LAW +
S1360     Admin proced act/admin rule amends     LAW +
S1361     Public defense, funding admin     LAW +
S1362     Liens, renewed judgmnts, time     LAW +
S1363     Approp, PERSI, orig     LAW +
S1364     Approp, st indpend liv cncl, orig     LAW +
S1365     Approp, lottery, state, orig     LAW +
S1366     Approp, liquor div, state, orig     LAW +
S1367     Approp, human resources div, orig     LAW +
S1368     Approp, arts comm, orig     H FAILED   
S1369     Approp, military division     LAW +
S1370     Approp, public television, orig     LAW +
S1371     Approp, finance dept, orig     LAW +
S1372     Approp, regulatory boards, orig     LAW +
S1373     Protections orders, harassmnt/stalk     LAW +
S1374     Guardian of minor/ inter vivos appt     S Jud   
S1375     Parental powers, delegatn/minors     S Jud   
S1376     Public charter schools     LAW +
S1377     Elections/judges posting requiremnt     LAW +
S1378     Concealed weapons     S St Aff   
S1379     Approp, bld safety div, orig     LAW +
S1380     Approp, industrial com, orig     LAW +
S1381     Approp, insurance dept, orig     LAW +
S1382     Nursing, definition revised     LAW +
S1383     Firearm restoration, crimes     H 3rd Rdg   
S1384     Limited lines travel insurance     S Com/HuRes   
S1385     Motr vehicls/financl responsibility     S Com/HuRes   
S1386     Dismemberment abortions     S St Aff   
S1387     Pharm board, durable med equipment     H Health/Wel   
S1388a   Tax deeds/ party of interest defind     LAW +
S1389     Concealed weapons/prohibitd conduct     LAW +
S1390     Approp, Idaho state police, orig     LAW +
S1391     Approp, H&W medicaid, orig     LAW +
S1392     Approp, libraries com, orig     LAW +
S1393     Approp, catastrophic hth care, orig     LAW +
S1394     Approp, blind com, orig     LAW +
S1395     Approp, voc rehab div, orig     LAW +
S1396     Approp, lieutenant gov, orig     LAW +
S1397     Approp, controller state, orig     LAW +
S1398     Approp, edu bd, special prgrm, orig     LAW +
S1399     Approp, edu bd, hlth ed prgrm, orig     LAW +
S1400     Approp, labor dept, orig     LAW +
S1401     Approp, parks & rec, orig     LAW +
S1402     Approp, water resources, orig     LAW +
S1403     Approp, H&W chld wlfr DDS srv, orig     LAW +
S1404a   Unborn infants dignity     LAW +
S1405     Approp, pardons parole, orig     LAW +
S1406     Approp, capitol com, orig     LAW +
S1407     Approp, historical society, orig     LAW +
S1408     Approp, bond payment program, orig     LAW +
S1409     Approp, correction dept, orig     LAW +
S1410     Approp, millennium fund, orig     LAW +
S1411     Approp, legislative branch, orig     LAW +
S1412     Approp, edu bd, off of, orig     LAW +
S1413     Approp, H&W indirect support, orig     LAW +
S1414     Approp, wolf control fund transfer     LAW +
S1415     Approp, environmental quality, orig     LAW +
S1416     Approp, soil & water conserv, orig     LAW +
S1417     Approp, agriculture, add’l, orig     LAW +
S1418     Approp, secretary of state, trailer     LAW +
S1419     Approp, administration, add’l, orig     LAW +
S1420     District judges, salaries     LAW +
S1421     Approp, legal costs leg/admin, add’     LAW +
S1422     Approp, perm bldg fund, add’l, orig     LAW +
S1423     Approp, transportation, add’l, orig     LAW +
S1424     Approp, public instruc, reduc, orig     LAW +
S1425     Approp, STEM action center, orig     LAW +
S1426     Approp, edu bd, ag research, orig     LAW +
S1427     Approp, supreme court, trailer     LAW +
S1428     Approp, legislature, addl     LAW +
S1429     Approp, education, trailers     LAW +
S1430     Approp, pub schls, debt reserve     LAW +




SCR132     Peace officers     ADOPTED +
SCR133     Black history month     ADOPTED +
SCR134     Ed, support goal/postsecondary grad     ADOPTED +
SCR135     Water, settlement agreement support     S Res/Env   
SCR136     ESPA managed recharge goals     ADOPTED +
SCR137     Aquifers, managed recharge     ADOPTED +
SCR138     Water, settlement agreement     ADOPTED +
SCR139     Education brd, rule rejected     ADOPTED +
SCR140     Education brd, rule rejected     ADOPTED +
SCR141     Education brd, rule rejected     ADOPTED +
SCR142     Joint rule 18, amended, sop/fn     S Jud   
SCR143     Joint rule 20, amended     ADOPTED +
SCR144     Joint rule 21, amended     ADOPTED +
SCR145     Veterans cemetery, eastern Idaho     H St Aff   
SCR146     Purple heart state/day, designated     ADOPTED +
SCR147     Women’s history month/commemorating     ADOPTED +
SCR148     Hecla mining co, 125th anniversary     ADOPTED +
SCR149     Veterans cemetery, eastern Idaho     ADOPTED +
SCR150     Joint rule 18, amended, sop/fn     ADOPTED +
SCR151     Admin hearing officer interim comm     ADOPTED +
SCR152     Admin dept/mall parking/rule reject     H St Aff   
SCR153     Administrative fee rules     ADOPTED +
SCR154     Administrative temporary rules     ADOPTED +
SCR155     Income tax study committee     H Held at Desk   




SJM104     Aquatic invasive species prevention     ADOPTED +
SJM105     USPS, budget priorities restructurd     ADOPTED +
SJM106     Columbia river treaty, consultation     H St Aff   




SJR101     Reconsideration, bill veto     H St Aff   




SR101     Senate rule 20, amended     ADOPTED +