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2017 Legislation

2017 Legislation by Bill Number

The status of each bill, resolution, proclamation, and memorials listed on this page are updated when the offices of the Secretary of the Senate and the Chief Clerk of the House publish the un-official daily journals and should not be deemed official. The official bill actions are located in the final journal, which are maintained by the offices of the Secretary of the Senate and the Chief Clerk of the House.  The daily journals are published at the end of each legislative day.

House Bills

Senate Bills

(*) indicates previous days action
(+) indicates ADOPTED or LAW




H0001     Admin procedure, rule review     LAW +
H0002     Pharmacists, reciprocal licensing     LAW +
H0003     Pharma/tuberculin protein products     LAW +
H0004     Pharmacists, tobacco cessation prod     LAW +
H0005     Controlled substances, opioids     LAW +
H0006     Controlled substances     LAW +
H0007     Massage therapists, bd authority     S FAILED   
H0008     Massage therapists, crim back check     S FAILED   
H0009     Massage therapy, board compensation     LAW +
H0010     Chiropractic practice/licensur revd     LAW +
H0011a   Optometrists, license provs revised     LAW +
H0012a   Elections, registered elector     H Held at Desk   
H0013     Elected officials, party change     LAW +
H0014     Liquor by drink, license actual use     H Jud   
H0015     Urban renewal, stat ref correction     LAW +
H0016     Approp, pest deficiency transfer     LAW +
H0017     Military div, contracting authority     LAW +
H0018     Military, nat guard/recruit/retentn     LAW +
H0019     Armory, definition revised     LAW +
H0020     Vehicles, plug-in hybrid, fees revd     LAW +
H0021     Retirement system, police, fire     H Jud   
H0022     Spousal tax relief     LAW +
H0023     Taxes, rts after perfected protest     LAW +
H0024     Taxes, admin redetermination, staff     LAW +
H0025     Tobacco permits, terminology     LAW +
H0026     Internal revenue code     LAW +
H0027     Air flight, electrical lines     LAW +
H0028     State lottery, electronic display     H FAILED   
H0029     Grocery tax credit amount estab     LAW +
H0030     Electric utilities, discount rate     LAW +
H0031     Prop tax relief/Roth IRA distrib     LAW +
H0032     Sales tax, nonresidnt vehicl exempt     LAW +
H0033     Wine direct shipper license/suspend     LAW +
H0034     Dog racing, applicability exceptn     H St Aff   
H0035     Scholarship/adult postsec complet     H Educ   
H0036     Ed, frat/soror restrictns repealed     LAW +
H0037     School prop/senior centers repealed     LAW +
H0038     Mental health, cite ref added     LAW +
H0039     Medicaid, H&W dept agreements     H Health/Wel   
H0040     Hosp, mentally ill, release notice     H Health/Wel   
H0041     Indivs with disabilities/ABLE accts     LAW +
H0042     Behavioral health, council, board     H Health/Wel   
H0043     Med asist eligiblty/emotion disturb     LAW +
H0044     Secure treatment facility act     H Health/Wel   
H0045     Dieticians, licensing provs revised     H Health/Wel   
H0046     Sign language interpreters     LAW +
H0047     Approp, energy resources, chg     LAW +
H0048     Approp, public utilities com, add’l     LAW +
H0049     Approp, HAZMAT deficiency transfer     LAW +
H0050     Approp, historical society, add’l     LAW +
H0051     Outfitters/guides, definition revsd     LAW +
H0052     Interstate compact, conserv oil/gas     LAW +
H0053     State/school lands, oil/gas develop     LAW +
H0054     Business entities, filing fees revd     LAW +
H0055     Wine, retail beer licens reqs revd     H St Aff   
H0056     Lottery comm/prize winner disclosur     H St Aff   
H0057     Lottery, definition revised     LAW +
H0058     Teaching certs/prior to 1947/repeal     LAW +
H0059     Pres election/popular vote agreemnt     H W/M   
H0060     Motor voter act, reg applications     H W/M   
H0061     Employers/employees, reqs removed     H W/M   
H0062     Youth mental health, conversion     H W/M   
H0063     Workforc innovation/opportunity act     LAW +
H0064     Oil and gas, permits, fees, hearing     LAW +
H0065     State sovereignty     H St Aff   
H0066     Vacation rentals, limits, tax     H Rev/Tax   
H0067a   Tax exemption, food human consumpt     VETOED   
H0068     Personal property tax, exemption     H Rev/Tax   
H0069     Civil rights, sex orientatn/gender     H W/M   
H0070     STEM school designation     LAW +
H0071     Human rts comm, employer acts     H W/M   
H0072     Minimum wage     H W/M   
H0073     Cmty colleges, upper div courses     LAW +
H0074     Pub charter school cmsn, appts     LAW +
H0075     Ed, expectant mothers, repeal prov     LAW +
H0076     Immigration/local compliance/enforc     H St Aff   
H0077     Info disclosure, reference correctn     LAW +
H0078     Motor vehicles/unattended     LAW +
H0079     Civil rights/ship, store firearms     H St Aff   
H0080     Pub health districts/bd of trustees     H Health/Wel   
H0081     Health care, J-1 visa waiver prog     LAW +
H0082     Sales tax, exempt free med clinics     S Loc Gov   
H0083     Taxation, new construction roll     S Loc Gov   
H0084     Eng/surv, employ unlicensed, misdem     H Com/HuRes   
H0085     Personnel system, physicians     H FAILED   
H0086     Public wrks construct mgmnt licens     LAW +
H0087     Plumbing bd, compensation revised     LAW +
H0088     Electricians, licensure     H Bus   
H0089     F&G, set-aside account     H Res/Con   
H0090     F&G, upland game bird shooting hrs     LAW +
H0091     Immunization/register/pro licens bd     H FAILED   
H0092     Wine, retail beer licens reqs revd     LAW +
H0093     Concealed weapons, prov revised     LAW +
H0094     Foreign laws, court app prohited     H St Aff   
H0095     Lottery, prize winner disclosure     S St Aff   
H0096     Bear river commission     LAW +
H0097     Attorney’s fees     LAW +
H0098     Real estate ads/business name clear     LAW +
H0099a   Real estat licns/out-of-state brokr     LAW +
H0100     Insurance, own risk/solvency assess     LAW +
H0101     Insurance, credit for reinsurance     LAW +
H0102     Insurance, corp govern/disclosure     LAW +
H0103     Taxing districts, budgets     H Rev/Tax   
H0104a   Dog racing, exception     LAW +
H0105     Teacher prep, mult measures assess     LAW +
H0106     Residential schools, reports     S FAILED   
H0107     Ed, WICHE compact, Alaska, Hawaii     LAW +
H0108     Proprietary schools, yoga     LAW +
H0109     Elections, deadlines     H Loc Gov   
H0110     Motor vehicles, front license plate     H FAILED   
H0111a   Motor vehcls, special licenses     LAW +
H0112     Approp, gov, exec office, add’l     LAW +
H0113     Teachers/retiremnt benefit, 60+ yrs     LAW +
H0114     Park model recreation vehicles     H Transp   
H0115     Physicians, license background chks     LAW +
H0116     Urban renewal, construction roll     H Rev/Tax   
H0117     Property tax/exemption amt increase     H Rev/Tax   
H0118a   Cemeteries, endowment care funds     LAW +
H0119     Appraisal management company fees     LAW +
H0120     Morticians, inactive licenses     LAW +
H0121     Driving business/license provs revd     LAW +
H0122     Architects, license by endorsement     LAW +
H0123     Motorcycles, profiling     S FAILED   
H0124     Approp, commerce, add’l     LAW +
H0125     Notarial act, uniform law     H St Aff   
H0126a   Appointment of officers     LAW +
H0127     Tribal gaming, slot machines     H St Aff   
H0128     Medicaid, payment agreements     LAW +
H0129     Dietitians, dietetic practice     S FAILED   
H0130     Local govt treasurer/fiscal officer     LAW +
H0131a   Motor vehicles, license eligibility     LAW +
H0132     Motor vehicles, max passing speed     LAW +
H0133     Soil & water com, audit requirement     LAW +
H0134     Public expenditures, elections     H St Aff   
H0135a   Farm equipment agreements     S Com/HuRes   
H0136     Insurance, penalty cause included     LAW +
H0137a   Electricians, exemption revised     LAW +
H0138     Accountant licensees/enforce author     LAW +
H0139     Barber/cosmetology services act     VETOED   
H0140     Water plan     LAW +
H0141     Wildlife tanneries     LAW +
H0142     State procurement, higher ed     LAW +
H0143     Procurement/cooperative purch agree     LAW +
H0144     Keep Idaho safe act     H Com/HuRes   
H0145a   PERSI, employer definition revised     LAW +
H0146     Sexual assault evidence, med exam     LAW +
H0147     Change of names, notice     H Jud   
H0148     Guardians and conserv, co-guardians     LAW +
H0149     Elections, ID, concealed carry     LAW +
H0150     Elections, early voting begin time     S St Aff   
H0151     Sled dog racing prohibitn/exception     S St Aff   
H0152     Unclaimed prop, exemption, telecomm     LAW +
H0153     Forest lands tax, timber valuation     LAW +
H0154a   Prop tax notice     S Loc Gov   
H0155     Sales/use tax, definition revised     H Rev/Tax   
H0156     Park model recreational vehicles     LAW +
H0157     Hwy distrib acct/apportionment revd     H FAILED   
H0158     Transport fund/strateg inititv prog     H Transp   
H0159     Budget stabilizaton fund     H Transp   
H0160     Health care assistance program     H Health/Wel   
H0161     Medical lab science practitioners     H Health/Wel   
H0162     Motor vehicles, financial responsib     H Bus   
H0163     Insurance, underinsured motor cover     H Bus   
H0164     DOL, criminl hist background checks     H FAILED   
H0165     Engineers, surveyors     H Bus   
H0166     State procurement, contracts     LAW +
H0167     State procurement, multiple awards     H Com/HuRes   
H0168     F&G, set-aside accounts     LAW +
H0169     Const defense council, species     LAW +
H0170     ID primacy, fish/wildlife/water res     LAW +
H0171     Fishways/Hells Canyon hydro project     LAW +
H0172     Civil forfeitures     H Jud   
H0173     Peace officers, extraterritorial     H Jud   
H0174     County records/law enforc media rec     H Jud   
H0175     Staff attorneys, salaries     H Jud   
H0176     Fines, district court fund     H Jud   
H0177     Asbestos bankrup trust claims tranp     H Jud   
H0178     Homicide, heroin     H FAILED   
H0179     Controld subs, mand minimum traffik     H Jud   
H0180     Debt collectors     S Jud   
H0181     Local govt investment pool     LAW +
H0182     Treasurer, investment admin fee     LAW +
H0183     State treasurer/language modernized     LAW +
H0184a   Treasurer, authority/acct transfers     LAW +
H0185     Tax adjust, college savings program     LAW +
H0186a   Ed opp resource act/wireless servic     LAW +
H0187     Secure treatment facility     H Health/Wel   
H0188     Campaign finance, electronic filing     LAW +
H0189a   Govt noninterference in elections     H St Aff   
H0190a   Scholarships, adults     H Educ   
H0191     Pharmacy/prescripts authorization     LAW +
H0192     Tax exemptions, plants     H Rev/Tax   
H0193     Sec of state, electronic record     LAW +
H0194     Child care licensing reform act     H Health/Wel   
H0195     Clinical nutrition, certification     LAW +
H0196     Schools, election dates/instruction     H Educ   
H0197     Elections/vacancy fill procedure     VETOED   
H0198     Immigration, local govt enforcement     H St Aff   
H0199     Ed, pay for success contract reqs     LAW +
H0200     Court fee/electronic payment     S Jud   
H0201     Change of names, notice     LAW +
H0202a   Civil forfeitures     VETOED   
H0203     Electronic filing system     LAW +
H0204     Personal delivery devices/sidewalks     LAW +
H0205     Recorder’s fees/certain instruments     LAW +
H0206     Income tax, precious metals bullion     S Loc Gov   
H0207     Tax distcts/disclaim forgon balance     LAW +
H0208     Approp, agriculture, add’l     LAW +
H0209     Revd uniform law on notarial acts     LAW +
H0210     Fines and forfeits/district ct fund     H Jud   
H0211     Invasive species/nonres sticker fee     LAW +
H0212     Psychologists, prescribing drugs     LAW +
H0213     Behavioral health services     S FAILED   
H0214     Tax credit/volunt against violence     H Rev/Tax   
H0215     Reimbursement incentive     LAW +
H0216     Short-term/vacation rental marketpl     LAW +
H0217     Sales and use tax rebate, info tech     S Loc Gov   
H0218     Law enforcement fund, distrib revd     H Rev/Tax   
H0219     Approp, drug policy office     LAW +
H0220     Barber/cosmetol, thermal styl equip     S Com/HuRes   
H0221     Asbestos bankruptcy trust claims     H Jud   
H0222     Secure treatment facility act     LAW +
H0223     Rural ed support network project     S Educ   
H0224     Approp, arts comm, orig     LAW +
H0225     Approp, PERSI, orig     LAW +
H0226     Approp, public hlth districts, orig     LAW +
H0227     Approp, veterans srvcs div, orig     LAW +
H0228     Schools, adult ed online portal     LAW +
H0229     Veterinarians, license renewal fee     H Agric Aff   
H0230     Fish and game, fees     LAW +
H0231     Noxious weed, Japanese yew     H Agric Aff   
H0232     Oil/gas, comm duties provs revd     H Res/Con   
H0233     Public records act, exemptions     H St Aff   
H0234     Tax credit rate/certn scholarships     H Rev/Tax   
H0235     Property tax, existing plants     LAW +
H0236     First informer broadcasters     H Educ   
H0237     Approp, lava hot springs, orig     LAW +
H0238     Approp, energy resources, orig     LAW +
H0239     Approp, blind com, orig     LAW +
H0240     Ed, firearms safety ed/sec schools     H Educ   
H0241     Schools, pub charter school reqs     H Educ   
H0242     Schools, minimum hours     LAW +
H0243     Labor, criminal history check reqs     LAW +
H0244     Insurance, notic of laps/terminatn     LAW +
H0245     Approp, human resources div, orig     LAW +
H0246     Approp, juvenile corrections, orig     LAW +
H0247     Approp, edu bd, hlth ed prgrm, orig     H Approp   
H0248     Approp, st indpend liv cncl, orig     LAW +
H0249     Wage claims, stat of limit revised     H Com/HuRes   
H0250     Abortion     LAW +
H0251     Highways, maintenance     H Transp   
H0252     Ed data system security     H Educ   
H0253     Education, terms defined/revised     LAW +
H0254     Charter school cmsn, term limits     LAW +
H0255     Alcohol     H St Aff   
H0256     Invasive species, administrator     H W/M   
H0257     Postsecondary credit scholarship     LAW +
H0258     Charter schools, teach cert exemptn     H Educ   
H0259     Approp, libraries com, orig     LAW +
H0260     Approp, edu bd, special prgrm, orig     LAW +
H0261     Approp, edu bd, career tech, add’l     LAW +
H0262     Schools, college career advising     LAW +
H0263     Tax credits, med res placement orgs     S Loc Gov   
H0264     Schools, labor negotiations     H Educ   
H0265     Approp, military division, orig     LAW +
H0266     Approp, medical boards, orig     LAW +
H0267     Budget stabiliz fund, sunset     H Transp   
H0268     Transport, new routes, safety     H Transp   
H0269     Sales tax, revenue distrib revised     H Rev/Tax   
H0270     Govmental noninterferenc bond/levy     S St Aff   
H0271     Quality educatr loan assist program     H Educ   
H0272     Approp, edu bd, hlth prgm, orig     LAW +
H0273     Open meetings law, definition rev’d     S St Aff   
H0274a   Invasive species     VETOED   
H0275     Approp, lieutenant gov, orig     LAW +
H0276     Approp, Hispanic affairs com, orig     LAW +
H0277     Approp, lottery, state, orig     LAW +
H0278     Emergencies, first informers     S St Aff   
H0279     Schools, pub charter schools reqs     LAW +
H0280     Approp, Gov, exec office, orig     LAW +
H0281     Approp, legislative branch, orig     LAW +
H0282     Approp, financial mgmt div, orig     LAW +
H0283     Rev and tax, prop tax/budget adjust     S Loc Gov   
H0284     Approp, pub schls admin, orig     LAW +
H0285     Approp, pub schls teachers, orig     LAW +
H0286     Approp, pub schls operations, orig     LAW +
H0287     Approp, pub schls children’s, orig     LAW +
H0288     Approp, pub schls facilities, orig     LAW +
H0289     Approp, pub schls cntrl srvs, orig     LAW +
H0290     Approp, pub schls deaf blind, orig     LAW +
H0291     Co records, law enforce recordings     H Jud   
H0292     Water, volume limits     H W/M   
H0293     Veterinarians, renewal fees     LAW +
H0294     Approp, edu bd, comm college, orig     LAW +
H0295     Approp, edu bd, career tech, orig     LAW +
H0296     Approp, soil & water conserv, orig     LAW +
H0297     Approp, wolf control fund transfer     LAW +
H0298     Approp, STEM action center, orig     LAW +
H0299     Approp, administration, orig     H Approp   
H0300     Approp, edu bd, off of, orig     LAW +
H0301a   Oil and gas     LAW +
H0302     Approp, regulatory boards     LAW +
H0303     Approp, PUC/tax/industrial salaries     LAW +
H0304     Approp, treasurer, state, orig     LAW +
H0305     Approp, appellate defender, orig     LAW +
H0306     Approp, pardons parole, orig     LAW +
H0307     Administrative rules, extended     LAW +
H0308     Approp, agriculture, orig     LAW +
H0309     Approp, millennium fund, orig     LAW +
H0310     Accountability community care act     H W/M   
H0311     Students/pilot project/under 5 yrs     H Educ   
H0312     Approp, st indepd liv cncl, trailer     LAW +
H0313     Approp, H&W mental health, trailer     LAW +
H0314     Approp, transportation, orig     LAW +
H0315     State bldgs/acquisition of facility     LAW +
H0316     Approp, legislature, trailer HCR 12     LAW +
H0317     Approp, fish and game, trailer     LAW +
H0318     Approp, gov, exec office, trailer     VETOED   
H0319     Water/uses, temp approval, duration     LAW +
H0320     Approp, various agencies, trailer     LAW +
H0321     Approp, legislature, trailer HCR13     LAW +
H0322     Dental insurance, thrid-party payer     H W/M   
H0323     Insurance, certain notice     H W/M   
H0324     Transportation/cooprativ agreements     H W/M   
H0325     Medical imaging, radiation therapy     H W/M   
H0326     Approp, administration, trailer     LAW +
H0327     Approp, tax com, trailer HCR29     H Approp   
H0328     Approp, administration, orig     LAW +
H0329     Approp, tax com, trailer HCR29     LAW +
H0330     Tax, decrease indiv/corp tax rate     H Held at Desk   
H0331     Fish and game, inspections     H W/M   
H0332     Public notices, government websites     H Held at Desk   
H0333     Alcohol regulation     H W/M   
H0334     Transportation, strategic initvs     LAW +




HCR001     State of the state address     ADOPTED +
HCR002     State police/rule rejected     H St Aff   
HCR003     Lifespan fam caregiver action plan     ADOPTED +
HCR004     Labor dept, rule rejected     S Com/HuRes   
HCR005     Lands, rule rejection     ADOPTED +
HCR006     Procurement study committee     S Com/HuRes   
HCR007     Police, rule rejection     H Jud   
HCR008     H&W, rule rejected     ADOPTED +
HCR009     Rare diseases/efforts to alleviate     ADOPTED +
HCR010     Immigrants/contributions recognized     H St Aff   
HCR011     Ray Houston, honored     ADOPTED +
HCR012     Pub school funding formula, study     ADOPTED +
HCR013     Employee group insurnc plan, study     ADOPTED +
HCR014     Civics test/rule adoption/questions     S Educ   
HCR015     Wheat commission, rule rejected     ADOPTED +
HCR016     Wheat comm, rule rejected     ADOPTED +
HCR017     Legal immigrants/contribs recognizd     ADOPTED +
HCR018     Fed power abuse/constit amendment     H St Aff   
HCR019     Foster care study committee     ADOPTED +
HCR020     Endowment land use, DOL report     H FAILED   
HCR021     Logging safety, rule rejection     S Com/HuRes   
HCR022     Insurance, fire code rule rejection     S Com/HuRes   
HCR023     University of Idaho, 125th anniv     ADOPTED +
HCR024     State police, rule rejected     S Transp   
HCR025     National speech and debate ed day     ADOPTED +
HCR026     Sonia Galaviz, recognized     ADOPTED +
HCR027     Ed board, rule rejected     ADOPTED +
HCR028     Jim Jones, honored     ADOPTED +
HCR029     Building authority, dept of admin     ADOPTED +




HJM001     Agriculture memorial     H Agric Aff   
HJM002     Hells Canyon complex     ADOPTED +
HJM003     Fed facility agreemnt/consent order     ADOPTED +
HJM004     Invasive species/west states assist     ADOPTED +
HJM005     Wildlife, wilderness access     H Res/Con   
HJM006     Farmers, compete, markets     ADOPTED +
HJM007     Affordable care act, replacement     ADOPTED +
HJM008     Invasive mussels, protection     ADOPTED +
HJM009     U.S. Air Force, F-35, Gowen Field     ADOPTED +




HJR001     Const amendment, sex equality     H W/M   
HJR002     Same-sex marriage, constitution     H W/M   
HJR003     Bonding requirements     H Loc Gov   
HJR004     Manner of passing bills, reading     H W/M   




HR001     House rule 24, revised     H W/M   
HR002     Remote testimony     H Held at Desk   
HR003     House rule 78, contest of election     ADOPTED +




S1001     Elections, nonpartisan     S St Aff   
S1002     Motor vehicles, accident duties     S Jud   
S1003     Nurses licenses, emeritus/reinstate     LAW +
S1004     Nursing, bd compensation revised     LAW +
S1005     Child protection act, terms revised     LAW +
S1006     Motor vehicles, driving priv card     S Transp   
S1007     Eng/surveyors, dispute mediation     S Com/HuRes   
S1008     Eng/surv, basis of bearing     LAW +
S1009     DEQ, crop residue burning     LAW +
S1010     Approp, fish & game, add’l     LAW +
S1011     Juv corr, code ref correction     LAW +
S1012     Juv corr, actual release, notify     S Jud   
S1013     Marijuana/drug paraphenalia, repeal     LAW +
S1014     School technology plans     S Educ   
S1015     Education, definitions revised     H Educ   
S1016     Tax appeals bd, compensation     LAW +
S1017     Fire districts, election notice     H Gen Ord   
S1018     School accountability report cards     LAW +
S1019     School safety patrols, penalties     LAW +
S1020     Approp, secretary of state, add’l     LAW +
S1021     Approp, public defense com, chg     LAW +
S1022     Approp, voc rehab div, add’l     LAW +
S1023     Funeral processions, penalties revd     LAW +
S1024     Child protectiv act/definition revd     LAW +
S1025     Admin judges, certain power removed     LAW +
S1026     Criminal procedure, apply relief     LAW +
S1027     F&G, license/tags/permits provs rvd     LAW +
S1028     Underground storage tank prog fund     LAW +
S1029     Postsecond ed, career tech counsel     LAW +
S1030     Dual enrollment, pub charter school     LAW +
S1031     Veterans, transport fund grant prog     LAW +
S1032     Permanent bldg fund, obsolete refs     LAW +
S1033     Ed data system, dept/bd security     H Educ   
S1034a   Broadband grant, bd duty revised     LAW +
S1035     Endowmnt fund invest bd, compensatn     LAW +
S1036     Approp, transportation, add’l     LAW +
S1037     Dentists, licensing provs revised     LAW +
S1038a   Dentistry bd, emergency proceedings     LAW +
S1039a   DOL career info staff, classified     LAW +
S1040     Idaho Code codifier’s corrections     LAW +
S1041     Public ed stabilization fund/approp     LAW +
S1042     Approp, perm bldg fund, add’l     LAW +
S1043a   Motor vehicles, widths exceptions     LAW +
S1044     Dyed fuels, vehicle inspections     S Transp   
S1045     Global entrepreneur mission council     LAW +
S1046     Health savings acct/hi deduct plan     VETOED   
S1047     Submersible well pumps, ref revised     LAW +
S1048     Insurance, statement     H Bus   
S1049     Insurance, portable electronics     LAW +
S1050     Immunizations, exemptions, forms     S Health/Wel   
S1051     Support animals, public places     S Health/Wel   
S1052     Dyed fuels, provisions revised     S Transp   
S1053     Transport, board add’l duties     S Transp   
S1054     Eminent domain, damage assessment     S Transp   
S1055     Personnel, bonuses, legal remedies     LAW +
S1056     Bail forfeiture provs revised     S Jud   
S1057     Employee comp, job eval/survey     VETOED   
S1058a   Telehealth access, cost coverage     S FAILED   
S1059     Mastr teachr prem/pupil serv staff     LAW +
S1060     Health care/cytomegalovirus     LAW +
S1061     Personnel/elected officials/overtim     H Com/HuRes   
S1062     Approp, military division, add’l     LAW +
S1063     Irrigation, assessments     LAW +
S1064     Irrigation, exclusion petition fees     LAW +
S1065     Land ownership, state agencies     S Res/Env   
S1066     Identity theft, tax preparers     S Loc Gov   
S1067     Building code/owner-builder defined     S Loc Gov   
S1068     Invasive species/estab policy offic     S Agric Aff   
S1069     REAL ID, driver’s lic/ID card     LAW +
S1070     Specialty licens plate/rotary club     H Transp   
S1071     License plates, visibility     S Transp   
S1072     Dyed fuels/vehicle inspects/penalty     S FAILED   
S1073     Comm drivrs licens/skills test fees     S Transp   
S1074a   Pub procurement/pol subdivisions     LAW +
S1075     Insurance, dividends/distributions     LAW +
S1076a   Public employees, adverse actions     LAW +
S1077a   Motor vehcl servic contract act     H FAILED   
S1078     Insurance, motor vehicle coverage     S Com/HuRes   
S1079     Limited lines travel insurance act     LAW +
S1080     Prop taxes/co auditor/tax collector     LAW +
S1081     Immunization assessmt bd/sunset rvd     LAW +
S1082     Community primary care program     S Health/Wel   
S1083     Emergncy comm officers/certificatn     LAW +
S1084     Irrigatn distr/increase filing fee     LAW +
S1085     County comm bd, meeting notice     LAW +
S1086     Hwy district comm/replacement commr     LAW +
S1087     Horse racing/source market fee dist     S St Aff   
S1088     DNA database, sex offenders/samples     LAW +
S1089     Criminal proceedings, facility dogs     LAW +
S1090a   Health care, advance directives     LAW +
S1091     LLCs, dissolution     LAW +
S1092     Renewal of judgments, lien     LAW +
S1093a   Criminal offens, unlawful entry     LAW +
S1094     Teacher applicant/criminal hist chk     LAW +
S1095     Special ed reimbursement act     S Educ   
S1096     Schools, employee health care plans     S Educ   
S1097     Master schools premium, alt     S Educ   
S1098     Oil/gas, statements to tax comm     LAW +
S1099a   Lands, division heads     LAW +
S1100     Oil and gas     S Res/Env   
S1101     Water, stock watering claims     LAW +
S1102     Stockwater rights     S Res/Env   
S1103a   School districts, precinct boundary     S Educ   
S1104     Magistrates, reassignment     S Jud   
S1105     Theft, types, other equipment     LAW +
S1106     Tobacco, age     S St Aff   
S1107     Driver’s licenses, fees     LAW +
S1108     Judges, salary increases     LAW +
S1109     Correctn bd, exec sess/firearm rest     LAW +
S1110     Motor vehicles, releas of emissions     S Transp   
S1111     Stockwater rights/ownership/transfr     LAW +
S1112     Approp, agriculture, add’l     LAW +
S1113     Criminl justice, pardon/parole comm     LAW +
S1114     Alcohol reg, prohibited act/penalty     S St Aff   
S1115     Approp, Idaho state police, add’l     LAW +
S1116     Approp, correction dept, chg     LAW +
S1117     Self-funded insurance     LAW +
S1118     F&G, landowners/kill permit issuanc     LAW +
S1119     Public records, pub defense cmsn     LAW +
S1120     Real property, forcible detainer     LAW +
S1121     Safe rts to school healthy kids     H Transp   
S1122     Uniform state law commissioners     H Jud   
S1123     Schools/fund/bd-authorized trips     LAW +
S1124     Parents and guardians, powers revd     S Jud   
S1125     Courts, set-off/written objection     LAW +
S1126a   Safe haven definition revised     LAW +
S1127     Approp, finance dept, orig     LAW +
S1128     Approp, insurance dept, orig     LAW +
S1129     Approp, labor dept, add’l, orig     LAW +
S1130a   Motor vehicles, emissions release     S FAILED   
S1131     Abortion, H&W dept website posting     S St Aff   
S1132     Approp, public utilities com, orig     LAW +
S1133     Approp, blind com, add’l     LAW +
S1134     Approp, species conservation, orig     LAW +
S1135     Approp, endow fund invest, orig     LAW +
S1136     Approp, fish & game, orig, add’l     LAW +
S1137     Approp, secretary of state, orig     LAW +
S1138     Approp, public television, orig     LAW +
S1139a   Health care/hospitl admit authority     LAW +
S1140     Paraprof pathways to certification     S Educ   
S1141     Approp, military, disaster relief     LAW +
S1142a   Health care assistance program     S FAILED   
S1143     Moter vehicls/driving w/out insurnc     S Jud   
S1144     Alcohol, prohibited acts     LAW +
S1145     Approp, H&W welfare division     LAW +
S1146     Approp, bld safety div, orig     LAW +
S1147     Colleges/univ, transfer colleg cred     S Educ   
S1148     School improv/leadrship improv prog     S Educ   
S1149     Career tech ed, performance     S Educ   
S1150     Insurance, high risk, pool, premium     LAW +
S1151     Warrants, procedure when lost revd     LAW +
S1152     Approp, edu bd, college univ, orig     LAW +
S1153     Approp, catastrophic hlth care     LAW +
S1154     POST council     LAW +
S1155     Administrative procedures act     S Jud   
S1156     Approp, voc rehab div, orig     LAW +
S1157     Approp, historical society, orig     LAW +
S1158     Approp, attorney gen, orig     LAW +
S1159     Approp, public defense com, orig     LAW +
S1160     Approp, supreme court, orig     LAW +
S1161     Use of force, habitation, felony     S St Aff   
S1162     Highways, GARVEE     S Transp   
S1163     Highways, GARVEE bonding authority     S Transp   
S1164     Approp, H&W chld wlfr DDS srv     LAW +
S1165     Approp, H&W public hlth srvcs     LAW +
S1166     Approp, Idaho state police, orig     LAW +
S1167     Approp, parks & rec, orig     LAW +
S1168     Approp, lands dept, orig     LAW +
S1169     Approp, aging com, orig     LAW +
S1170     Approp, public instruc supt, orig     LAW +
S1171     Approp, bond payment program, orig     LAW +
S1172     Approp, liquor div, state, orig     LAW +
S1173     Approp, capitol com, orig     LAW +
S1174     Approp, H&W medicaid     LAW +
S1175     Approp, controller state, orig     LAW +
S1176     Approp, water resources, orig     LAW +
S1177     Approp, commerce, orig     LAW +
S1178     Approp, rev&tax, tax appeals, orig     LAW +
S1179     Approp, rev&tax, tax com, orig     LAW +
S1180     Prop tax, exemption criteria rev’d     S Loc Gov   
S1181     Child protect act, court/med author     S St Aff   
S1182     Children, treatment by prayer     S FAILED   
S1183     Firearms, property owners, immunity     S St Aff   
S1184     Hwys, construction/maintenance     S Transp   
S1185     Approp, industrial com, orig     LAW +
S1186     Approp, edu bd, ag research, orig     LAW +
S1187     Approp, environmental quality, orig     LAW +
S1188a   Transportation plan, GARVEE     S FAILED   
S1189     Approp, H&W mental hlth     LAW +
S1190     Election contests, offenses     LAW +
S1191     Dietitians, licensing     LAW +
S1192     Approp, correction dept, orig     LAW +
S1193     Approp, H&W indirect support     LAW +
S1194     Approp, perm bldg fund, orig     LAW +
S1195a   Employment security law     S FAILED   
S1196     Unborn infants dignity act     LAW +
S1197     Approp, water resources, trailer     LAW +
S1198     Approp, H&W public health, trailer     LAW +
S1199     Approp, pardons/parole, trailer     LAW +
S1200     Approp, Idaho state police, trailer     LAW +
S1201     Approp, supreme court, trailer     LAW +
S1202     Garnishments     LAW +
S1203     Approp, lands dept, trailer     LAW +
S1204     Approp, administration, trailer     H Approp   
S1205     Approp, legislature, trailer SCR116     LAW +
S1206     Hwys, GARVEE     LAW +




SCR101     American legion youth programs day     ADOPTED +
SCR102     Vet medicine bd, rule rejected     ADOPTED +
SCR103     Kristin Armstrong, 2016 Olympics     ADOPTED +
SCR104     Admin dept/medical diversion prog     ADOPTED +
SCR105     Cybercore integ/collab comp center     ADOPTED +
SCR106     Minoru Yasui, honored     ADOPTED +
SCR107     Gene Harris, honored     ADOPTED +
SCR108     Federal budget, constit amendment     S FAILED   
SCR109     Cathy Holland-Smith, honored     ADOPTED +
SCR110     Post-traumatic stress injury     H Health/Wel   
SCR111     Cecilia Violetta Lopez, honoring     ADOPTED +
SCR112     Building safety div, rule rejected     ADOPTED +
SCR113     Medical residencies/Idaho hospitals     ADOPTED +
SCR114     Natural resources, study comm     ADOPTED +
SCR115     Diane Kelly, honoring     ADOPTED +
SCR116     Transport/study comm/annual reg fee     ADOPTED +
SCR117     Education bd, rule rejection     S Educ   
SCR118     Rule rejection, schools, uniformity     ADOPTED +
SCR119     Rule rejection, ed, thoroughness     ADOPTED +
SCR120     Admin rules, agency rules rejected     ADOPTED +
SCR121     Administrative temporary rules     ADOPTED +
SCR122     Interim comm, admin hearing officer     ADOPTED +
SCR123     Session laws, decr printing/expend     ADOPTED +
SCR124     Joint rule 22, contest of election     ADOPTED +




SJM101     Craters of the moon, nat’l park     H St Aff   
SJM102     Sage-grouse, adopt protections     ADOPTED +




SJR101     Crime victim rights/const amendment     S St Aff   
SJR102     Rts of crime victims, constit amend     S St Aff   
SJR103     Rights of crime victims     H St Aff   




SR101     Senate rules, contest of elections     ADOPTED +

2017 Subject Index

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     (A) = Adopted      (V) = Vetoed
     Approp = Appropriation      Assn = Association
     Bd = Board      Com = Commission
     Comm = Committee      Dept = Department
     DEQ = Department of Environmental Quality      Dist = District
     Div = Division      F&G = Fish and Game
     Govt = Government      H&W = Health and Welfare
     PERSI = Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho      PUC = Public Utilities Commission
     UCC = Uniform Commercial Code      Univ = University


    Aborted infant, remains/stem cells, research projects     S1196 – Ch.298
    Chemical abortion, additional information to patient     S1131
    Inducing drug, via telemedicine, remove ban     H0250 – Ch.242
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    See also EMERGENCIES
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    Idaho Accountancy Act, update professional standards     H0138 – Ch.259
    Information, breach, tax preparer to notify Tax Com     S1066
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    City treasurers, duties, financial reporting procedures     H0130 – Ch.129
    F&G set-aside account, miscellaneous revisions     H0089
    F&G set-aside account, miscellaneous revisions     H0168 – Ch.189
    F&G set-aside account, miscellaneous revisions     H0230 – Ch.195
    Highway Distribution Account, apportionment, revised     H0218
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    Asbestos Bankruptcy Trust Claims Transparency Act, add     H0177
    Asbestos Bankruptcy Trust Claims Transparency Act, add     H0221
    Barber and Cosmetology Services Act, add     H0139 – (V)
    Child Care Licensing Reform Act, residential schools     H0106
    Child Protective Act, abuse, include human trafficking     S1005 – Ch.38
    DNA Database Act, sex offenders, DNA sample, required     S1088 – Ch.213
    Education Opportunity Resource Act, wireless services     H0186 – Ch.141
    Election Contest Act, add     S1190 – Ch.293
    Federal ABLE Act, disability expenses, savings program     H0041 – Ch.65
    First Informer Broadcasters Act, add     H0236
    First Informer Broadcasters Act, add     H0278
    Govt Noninterference Bond and Levy Elections Act, add     H0270
    Govt Noninterference in Elections Act, add     H0189
    Govt Noninterference in Elections Act, add     H0134
    Health Care Assistance Act, add     H0160
    Health Care Assistance Act, add     S1142
    Idaho Accountable Community Care Act, add     H0310
    Idaho Accountancy Act, update professional standards     H0138 – Ch.259
    Idaho Motor Vehicle Service Contract Act, add     S1077
    Idaho Vehicle Theft Protection Program Act, add     S1077
    Keep Idaho Safe Act, add     H0144
    Limited Lines Travel Insurance Act, add     S1079 – Ch.198
    Local Option Sales Tax Act, add     S1184
    Medical Imaging & Radiation Therapy Protection Act, add     H0325
    Medical Laboratory Science Practice Act, add     H0161
    Quality Educator Loan Assistance Program Act, add     H0271
    Reimbursement Incentive Act, agreements, terms revised     H0215 – Ch.149
    Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts, add     H0125
    Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts, add     H0209 – Ch.192
    Secure Treatment Facility Act, add     H0044
    Secure Treatment Facility Act, add     H0187
    Secure Treatment Facility Act, add     H0222 – Ch.240
    Short-term Rental and Vacation Rental Act, add     H0216 – Ch.239
    Special Education Reimbursement Act, add     S1095
    State Procurement Act, contracts in violation     H0166 – Ch.262
    State Procurement Act, contracts, multiple awards     H0167
    State Procurement Act, cooperative purchasing agreement     H0143 – Ch.188
    State Sovereignty Responsibility Act, add     H0065
    Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, references     H0063 – Ch.120
    Youth Mental Health Protection Act, add     H0062
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    Approp     H0299
    Approp     H0328 – Ch.335
    Approp, add’l     S1204
    Approp, bond payment program     S1171 – Ch.224
    Approp, Capitol Com     S1173 – Ch.226
    Approp, Public Works Div     S1194 – Ch.297
    Approp, Public Works Div, add’l     S1042 – Ch.42
    Approp, Public Works Div, add’l     H0326 – Ch.334
    Health savings accounts, state employee high deductible     S1046 – (V)
    State agencies, single-destination complex, HP campus     HCR029 – (A)
    State employee, health insurance, transparency tool     SCR104 – (A)
    State facility acquisition, tenant lease authorization     H0315 – Ch.329
    State institutions of higher education, procurement     H0142 – Ch.187
    State Procurement Act, contracts in violation     H0166 – Ch.262
    State Procurement Act, contracts, multiple awards     H0167
    State Procurement Act, cooperative purchasing agreement     H0143 – Ch.188
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    See also RULES
    Administrative hearing officer, legislative study comm     SCR122 – (A)
    Administrative rules, continue in full force and effect     H0307 – Ch.326
    Contested cases, multiple revisions     S1155
    Rule review, by legislature, accept/reject, whole/part     H0001 – Ch.3
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    Legal notices, publication on govt website option     H0332
    Real estate broker, advertising licensed business name     H0098 – Ch.125
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    Guyed tower standards, poles/structures, exemption     H0027 – Ch.52
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    Approp     S1169 – Ch.222
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    Dept, approp     H0308 – Ch.320
    Dept, approp, add’l     H0208 – Ch.85
    Dept, approp, add’l     S1112 – Ch.101
    DEQ, crop burning, air quality standards, revised     S1009 – Ch.56
    Farm equipment, supplier/dealer transactions, revised     H0135
    Farming, ranching, food processing, standards/education     HJM001
    Farming, ranching, food processing, standards/education     HJM006 – (A)
    Governor, Office of, invasive species administrator     H0256
    Governor, Office of, invasive species administrator     H0274 – (V)
    Idaho invasive species council, established     H0256
    Idaho invasive species council, established     H0274 – (V)
    Invasive species fund, vessels, nonresident, fee     H0211 – Ch.193
    Motor vehicles, dyed fuels, inspections/violations     S1044
    Motor vehicles, dyed fuels, inspections/violations     S1072
    Motor vehicles, fuel tax, remove dyed fuels exemption     S1052
    Office of Invasive Species Policy, established     S1068
    Soil and Water Conservation Com, legislative auditor     H0133 – Ch.130
    Stockwater rights, requirements     S1102
    Stockwater rights, requirements     S1111 – Ch.178
    Univ of Idaho, approp, agricultural research/extension     S1186 – Ch.290
    Vehicle size limitations and implements of husbandry     S1043 – Ch.111
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    Idaho Air National Guard, Gowen Field, F-35 aircraft     HJM009 – (A)
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    See LIQUOR
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    See also WILDLIFE
    Child witness, facility dog, stand with, when     S1089 – Ch.176
    Commercial wildlife tanneries     H0141 – Ch.161
    Dog racing, illegal, county fair exception     H0034
    Dog racing, illegal, county fair/sled dog exceptions     H0104 – Ch.126
    Dog racing, illegal, sled dog racing exception     H0151
    Grizzly bears, disposal, reporting timeframe 72 hours     S1027 – Ch.61
    Hunting infractions, upland game bird shooting hours     H0090 – Ch.124
    Kill permit, may keep one animal for personal use     S1118 – Ch.199
    License, hunting, game tags, black bears     S1027 – Ch.61
    License, hunting, game tags, grizzly bears     S1027 – Ch.61
    License, taxidermists/fur buyers, grizzly bears/wolves     S1027 – Ch.61
    Persons with disabilities, support animals     S1051
    Records, retention, taxidermists/fur buyers     S1027 – Ch.61
    State sage-grouse conservation plans, protect     SJM102 – (A)
    Wolves, disposal, reporting timeframe 10 days     S1027 – Ch.61
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    Tax deficiency, independent appeals process     H0024 – Ch.18
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    County Com’rs, appointments, bd of recreation districts     H0126 – Ch.128
    County Com’rs, appointments, Cemetery Maintenance Bd     H0126 – Ch.128
    County Com’rs, appointments, Fire Protection Bd     H0126 – Ch.128
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    Eminent domain proceedings, assessment of damages     S1054
    Real Estate Appraiser Bd, collect registry fees     H0119 – Ch.183
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    Administration Dept     H0299
    Administration Dept     H0328 – Ch.335
    Administration Dept, add’l     S1204
    Administration Dept, bond payment program     S1171 – Ch.224
    Administration Dept, Capitol Com     S1173 – Ch.226
    Administration Dept, Public Works Div     S1194 – Ch.297
    Administration Dept, Public Works Div, add’l     S1042 – Ch.42
    Administration Dept, Public Works Div, add’l     H0326 – Ch.334
    Aging Com     S1169 – Ch.222
    Agriculture Dept     H0308 – Ch.320
    Agriculture Dept, add’l     H0208 – Ch.85
    Agriculture Dept, add’l     S1112 – Ch.101
    Arts Com     H0224 – Ch.151
    Attorney General     S1158 – Ch.204
    Blind/Visually Impaired Com     H0239 – Ch.157
    Blind/Visually Impaired Com, add’l     S1133 – Ch.167
    Building Safety Div, add’l     S1146 – Ch.164
    Catastrophic Health Care Program     S1153 – Ch.201
    Commerce Dept     S1177 – Ch.286
    Commerce Dept, add’l     H0124 – Ch.46
    Correction Dept     S1192 – Ch.295
    Correction Dept, add’l     S1116 – Ch.103
    DEQ     S1187 – Ch.291
    Disaster emergency fund     S1141 – Ch.279
    Education Bd, Career Technical Education Div     H0295 – Ch.310
    Education Bd, Career Technical Education Div, add’l     H0261 – Ch.244
    Education Bd, community colleges     H0294 – Ch.309
    Education Bd, Idaho Public Television     S1138 – Ch.169
    Education Bd, Office of     H0300 – Ch.314
    Education Bd, Vocational Rehabilitation Div     S1156 – Ch.202
    Education Bd, Vocational Rehabilitation Div, add’l     S1022 – Ch.10
    Education Bd/Univ of Idaho, colleges/universities     S1152 – Ch.283
    Education Bd/Univ of Idaho, health education programs     H0247
    Education Bd/Univ of Idaho, health education programs     H0272 – Ch.246
    Education Bd/Univ of Idaho, special programs     H0260 – Ch.269
    Education Dept, public schools, administrators div     H0284 – Ch.252
    Education Dept, public schools, central services div     H0289 – Ch.306
    Education Dept, public schools, children’s programs     H0287 – Ch.255
    Education Dept, public schools, deaf/blind services     H0290 – Ch.307
    Education Dept, public schools, facilities div     H0288 – Ch.256
    Education Dept, public schools, operations div     H0286 – Ch.254
    Education Dept, public schools, teachers div     H0285 – Ch.253
    Emergency relief fund     S1141 – Ch.279
    Endowment Fund Investment Bd     S1135 – Ch.108
    F&G Dept     S1136 – Ch.171
    F&G Dept, add’l     S1010 – Ch.2
    F&G Dept, add’l     H0317 – Ch.331
    F&G Dept, add’l     H0320 – Ch.332
    Finance Dept     S1127 – Ch.104
    General fund     S1141 – Ch.279
    Governor, Executive Office of     H0280 – Ch.250
    Governor, Executive Office of, add’l     H0112 – Ch.37
    Governor, Executive Office of, add’l     H0318 – (V)
    Governor, Office of, Drug Policy, add’l     H0219 – Ch.150
    Governor, Office of, Energy and Mineral Resources     H0238 – Ch.156
    Governor, Office of, Energy Resources, add’l     H0047 – Ch.6
    Governor, Office of, Financial Management Div     H0282 – Ch.209
    Governor, Office of, Human Resources Division     H0245 – Ch.158
    Governor, Office of, Military Division     H0265 – Ch.207
    Governor, Office of, Military Division, add’l     S1062 – Ch.50
    Governor, Office of, Species Conservation Office     S1134 – Ch.107
    Governor, Office of, State Liquor Div     S1172 – Ch.225
    Governor, Office of, State Liquor Division, add’l     H0320 – Ch.332
    Governor, Office of, STEM Action Center     H0298 – Ch.313
    H&W Dept, child welfare, developmentally disabled     S1164 – Ch.218
    H&W Dept, children’s mental health program, add’l     H0313 – Ch.327
    H&W Dept, independent councils/indirect support/license     S1193 – Ch.296
    H&W Dept, Medicaid Div     S1174 – Ch.227
    H&W Dept, mental health, psychiatric, substance abuse     S1189 – Ch.292
    H&W Dept, physical health services, add’l     S1165 – Ch.219
    H&W Dept, physical health services, add’l     S1198 – Ch.299
    H&W Dept, public health services     S1165 – Ch.219
    H&W Dept, Welfare Div     S1145 – Ch.165
    Hazardous substance emergency response fund     H0049 – Ch.8
    Hispanic Affairs Com     H0276 – Ch.247
    Idaho State Historical Society     S1157 – Ch.203
    Idaho State Historical Society, add’l     H0050 – Ch.13
    Idaho State Lottery     H0277 – Ch.248
    Idaho State Police     S1166 – Ch.285
    Idaho State Police, add’l     H0308 – Ch.320
    Idaho State Police, add’l     S1200 – Ch.301
    Idaho State Police, add’l, brand inspection     S1115 – Ch.102
    Industrial Com     S1185 – Ch.289
    Industrial Com, add’l     H0303 – Ch.316
    Insurance Dept     S1128 – Ch.105
    Juvenile Corrections Dept     H0246 – Ch.159
    Labor Dept     S1129 – Ch.106
    Lands Dept     S1168 – Ch.221
    Lands Dept, add’l     S1203 – Ch.304
    Lava Hot Springs Foundation     H0237 – Ch.155
    Legislative Services Office     H0281 – Ch.251
    Legislature     H0316 – Ch.330
    Legislature, add’l     H0321 – Ch.333
    Legislature, add’l     S1205 – Ch.305
    Libraries Com     H0259 – Ch.243
    Lieutenant Governor     H0275 – Ch.208
    Pardons and Parole Com     H0306 – Ch.319
    Pardons and Parole Com, add’l     S1199 – Ch.300
    Parks and Recreation Dept     S1167 – Ch.220
    PERSI     H0225 – Ch.152
    Pest control deficiency fund     H0016 – Ch.1
    Pharmacy Bd, add’l     H0266 – Ch.245
    Public Defense Com, add’l     S1021 – Ch.11
    Public health districts, appropriations, amount revised     H0080
    Public Health Trust Fund     H0226 – Ch.153
    PUC     S1132 – Ch.166
    PUC, add’l     H0048 – Ch.7
    PUC, add’l     H0303 – Ch.316
    Quagga and zebra mussels, Congress, appropriate funds     HJM008 – (A)
    Secretary of State     S1137 – Ch.180
    Secretary of State, add’l     S1020 – Ch.12
    Self-Governing Agencies, medical boards     H0266 – Ch.245
    Self-Governing Agencies, medical boards, add’l     H0320 – Ch.332
    Self-Governing Agencies, Occupational Licenses, add’l     H0320 – Ch.332
    Self-Governing Agencies, Public Defense Com     S1159 – Ch.205
    Self-Governing Agencies, regulatory boards     H0302 – Ch.315
    Soil and Water Conservation Com     H0296 – Ch.311
    State Appellate Public Defender     H0305 – Ch.318
    State Controller     S1175 – Ch.228
    State Independent Living Council     H0248 – Ch.160
    State Independent Living Council, add’l     H0312 – Ch.321
    Superintendent of Public Instruction     S1170 – Ch.223
    Supreme Court     S1160 – Ch.206
    Supreme Court, add’l     S1201 – Ch.302
    Tax Appeals Bd     S1178 – Ch.287
    Tax Com     S1179 – Ch.288
    Tax Com, add’l     H0303 – Ch.316
    Tax Com, add’l     H0329 – Ch.336
    Tax Com, general services program, add’l     H0327
    Tobacco/drug programs, millennium income fund     H0309 – Ch.324
    Transportation Dept     H0314 – Ch.328
    Transportation Dept, add’l     H0320 – Ch.332
    Transportation Dept, add’l, contract construction     S1036 – Ch.9
    Treasurer, State     H0304 – Ch.317
    Univ of Idaho, agricultural research/extension     S1186 – Ch.290
    Veterans Services Div     H0227 – Ch.154
    Water Resources Dept     S1176 – Ch.229
    Water Resources Dept, add’l     S1197 – Ch.323
    Wolf Control Fund     H0297 – Ch.312
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    Licensure by endorsement, revised     H0122 – Ch.186
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    Cecilia Violetta Lopez, opera performer, honor     SCR111 – (A)
    Com, approp     H0224 – Ch.151
    Gene Harris, jazz musician, honor     SCR107 – (A)
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    Community colleges, upper division, taxing district     H0073 – Ch.70
    Electric utility companies, valuation for property tax     H0030 – Ch.15
    Forestry production taxes, extend sunset date     H0153 – Ch.48
    Immunization assessments, extend program to 2019     S1081 – Ch.97
    Insurance, own risk and solvency assessment     H0100 – Ch.75
    Irrigation districts, delinquency list, filing fee     S1084 – Ch.98
    Irrigation districts, petitions for exclusion, revised     S1064 – Ch.94
    Property tax exemptions, improvements, two years     S1180
    Property tax notice, bond of indebtedness     H0154
    Property tax relief, income calculation, Roth IRA     H0031 – Ch.14
    Property tax roll, property exempt and new construction     H0083
    Property tax roll, property exempt and new construction     H0283
    State lands, subject to irrigation district assessments     S1063 – Ch.63
    Urban renewal, base assessment roll, definition revised     H0116
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    American Legion Family Youth Programs Day     SCR101 – (A)
    Kristin Armstrong, 2016 Summer Olympics, honor     SCR103 – (A)
    License plates, special, 2009 Special Olympics, repeal     H0111 – Ch.233
    Proprietary school registration, yoga exempted     H0108 – Ch.127
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    Approp     S1158 – Ch.204
    Jim Jones, Chief Justice/Attorney General, honor     HCR028 – (A)
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    Attorney fees, frivolous/unreasonable/foundation     H0097 – Ch.47
    Credit/debit card, convenience fees, courts may award     H0200
    District judges, staff attorneys are state employees     H0175
    Justices/judges, increase salaries     S1108 – Ch.168
    Legal notices, publication on govt website option     H0332
    Minoru Yasui, civil and human rights advocate, honor     SCR106 – (A)
    Public Defense Com, approp, add’l     S1021 – Ch.11
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    County auditors, missed property roll, remove date     S1080 – Ch.96
    Soil and Water Conservation Com, legislative auditor     H0133 – Ch.130
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    Bail agents, compensating inmates for clients, penalty     H0136 – Ch.258
    Idaho Bail Act, forfeiture, notice to surety insurance     S1056
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    Asbestos Bankruptcy Trust Claims Transparency Act, new     H0177
    Asbestos Bankruptcy Trust Claims Transparency Act, new     H0221
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    Information, breach, tax preparer to notify Tax Com     S1066
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    Barber and Cosmetology Services Act, new     H0139 – (V)
    Licensure, exceptions, event styling     H0220
    Licensure, exceptions, thermal styling equipment demo     H0220
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    License plates, special, Basque, repeal     H0111 – Ch.233
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    See LIQUOR
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    Idaho State Police, Alcohol Beverage Rules, reject     HCR007
    Wine direct shipper’s permit, suspension, revocation     H0033 – Ch.31
    Wine license, dessert wine definition revised     H0055
    Wine license, dessert wine definition revised     H0092 – Ch.73
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    Kristin Armstrong, 2016 Summer Olympics, honor     SCR103 – (A)
    Safe Routes to School Healthy Kids Program, established     S1121
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    House Rule 24, routing slip/bill, ten sponsors, hearing     HR001
    Manner of passing bills, reading title three times     HJR004
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    Hunting infractions, upland game bird shooting hours     H0090 – Ch.124
    State sage-grouse conservation plans, protect     SJM102 – (A)
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    Blind/Visually Impaired Com, approp     H0239 – Ch.157
    Blind/Visually Impaired Com, approp, add’l     S1133 – Ch.167
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    Barber and Cosmetology Services Licensing Bd, new     H0139 – (V)
    County Com’rs, appointments, bd of recreation districts     H0126 – Ch.128
    County Com’rs, appointments, Cemetery Maintenance Bd     H0126 – Ch.128
    County Com’rs, appointments, Fire Protection Bd     H0126 – Ch.128
    Dentistry Bd, emergency proceedings against licensee     S1038 – Ch.196
    Endowment Fund Investment Bd, approp     S1135 – Ch.108
    Endowment Fund Investment Bd, compensation     S1035 – Ch.90
    Engineers and Surveyors Bd, disputes, mediation     S1007
    Examiners Bd, contracts, military, approval, threshold     H0017 – Ch.28
    Highway districts, commissioner vacancy, fill, 30 days     S1086 – Ch.212
    Juvenile Corrections Dept, meetings, code reference     S1011 – Ch.87
    Massage therapy schools, curriculum review by Bd     H0007
    Massage therapy, Bd, members, compensation, increase     H0009 – Ch.51
    Medical boards, approp     H0266 – Ch.245
    Medical boards, approp, add’l     H0320 – Ch.332
    Medical Imaging & Radiation Therapy Examiners Bd, new     H0325
    Morticians Bd, may issue inactive licenses     H0120 – Ch.184
    Nursing Bd, members, compensation increase     S1004 – Ch.49
    Pharmacy Bd, approp, add’l     H0266 – Ch.245
    Plumbing Bd, members, compensation     H0087 – Ch.123
    Plumbing Bd, members, compensation     H0087 – Ch.123
    Public health districts, district boards, trustees     H0080
    Real Estate Appraiser Bd, collect registry fees     H0119 – Ch.183
    Regional behavioral health board, membership, revised     H0213
    Tax Appeals Bd, members, compensation, increase     S1016 – Ch.39
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    Bond elections, local, threshold requirements lowered     HJR003
    GARVEE bonds, highway construction, issuance     S1162
    GARVEE bonds, highway construction, issuance     S1163
    GARVEE bonds, highway construction, issuance     S1184
    GARVEE bonds, highway construction, issuance     S1188
    GARVEE bonds, highway construction, issuance     S1206 – Ch.322
    Govt Noninterference Bond and Levy Elections Act, new     H0270
    Property tax notice, bond of indebtedness     H0154
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    First Informer Broadcasters Act, new     H0236
    First Informer Broadcasters Act, new     H0278
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    Budget stabilization fund, sunset clause/effective date     H0159
    Budget stabilizaton fund, transfers, when made     S1188
    Cathy Holland-Smith, Legislative Services Office, honor     SCR109 – (A)
    Constitutional convention, balanced budget amendment     SCR108
    Ray Houston, Legislative Services Office, honor     HCR011 – (A)
    Taxing districts, property tax, may budget less than 3%     H0103
    Taxing districts, property tax, may budget less than 3%     H0207 – Ch.148
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    Cybercore Center and Collaborative Computing Center     SCR105 – (A)
    State agencies, single-destination complex, HP campus     HCR029 – (A)
    State facility acquisition, tenant lease authorization     H0315 – Ch.329
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    Approp, add’l     S1146 – Ch.164
    Construction management, licensure     H0086 – Ch.122
    Public Works Contractors License Bd rules, rejected     SCR112 – (A)
    Safety standards/practices for logging rules, rejected     HCR021
    Submersible well pumps, national electrical code     S1047 – Ch.113
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    Building code, owner-builder exemption     S1067
    Permanent building fund, remove obsolete references     S1032 – Ch.41
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    Driver training businesses, certificate of occupancy     H0121 – Ch.185
    Driver training businesses, instructors licensed     H0121 – Ch.185
    Employer, prohibited acts, applicant salary history     H0071
    License plates, special, Rotary International, new     S1070
    Limited liability companies, dissolution, revised     S1091 – Ch.100
    Minimum wage, calculations revised     H0072
    Online lodging marketplaces, standards, transaction tax     H0066
    Property tax exemption, eligible projects, revised     H0192
    Property tax exemption, eligible projects, revised     H0235 – Ch.263
    Property tax exemptions, improvements, two years     S1180
    Proprietary school registration, yoga exempted     H0108 – Ch.127
    Retailer, engaged in business in Idaho, when     H0155
    Short-term Rental and Vacation Rental Act, new     H0216 – Ch.239
    Tax rebate, information technology equipment     H0217
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    Limited liability companies, dissolution, revised     S1091 – Ch.100
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    Govt Noninterference Bond and Levy Elections Act, new     H0270
    Govt Noninterference in Elections Act, new     H0189
    Govt Noninterference in Elections Act, new     H0134
    Secretary of State, duties, electronic reports     H0188 – Ch.142
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    Park model recreational vehicle, defined     H0114
    Park model recreational vehicle, defined     H0156 – Ch.134
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    Capitol Com, approp     S1173 – Ch.226
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    Cemetery endowment care fund, administration     H0118 – Ch.257
    County Com’rs, appointments, Cemetery Maintenance Bd     H0126 – Ch.128
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    Tax credit, charitable, K-12 scholarship     H0234
    Tax credit, charitable, medical residency placement     H0263
    Tax credit, charitable, volunteers against violence     H0214
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    Abuse, victim, include human trafficking     S1005 – Ch.38
    Children, treatment by prayer through spiritual means     S1182
    Protective order, definition revised     S1024 – Ch.174
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    Aborted infant, remains/stem cells, research projects     S1196 – Ch.298
    American Legion Family Youth Programs Day     SCR101 – (A)
    Child Care Licensing Reform Act, residential schools     H0106
    Child Protective Act, abuse, include human trafficking     S1005 – Ch.38
    Child Protective Act, protective order, definition     S1024 – Ch.174
    Child witness, facility dog, stand with, when     S1089 – Ch.176
    Children, treatment by prayer through spiritual means     S1182
    Court appointment, co-guardians and temporary guardians     H0148 – Ch.261
    Court visitors, miscellaneous revisions     H0148 – Ch.261
    Delegation of parental powers, counseling, religious     H0194
    Delegation of parental powers, when effective     S1124
    Emergency medical treatment, court order     S1181
    Foster care system, legislative study comm     HCR019 – (A)
    Immunization assessments, extend program to 2019     S1081 – Ch.97
    Immunizations, required for minors, religious exemption     S1050
    Keep Idaho Safe Act, prohibited communications, minors     H0144
    License plates, special, boy scout, repeal     H0111 – Ch.233
    Marijuana/drug paraphernalia, minor, possession, repeal     S1013 – Ch.163
    Medical assistance, children, emotional disturbances     H0043 – Ch.66
    Name change, emancipated minors, revise provisions     H0147
    Safe haven, children, emergency custody, fire stations     S1126 – Ch.200
    Safe Routes to School Healthy Kids Program, established     S1121
    School age, early start for high-ability learners     H0311
    School safety patrols, failure to obey, unlawful     S1019 – Ch.60
    Sexual orientation/gender identity, conversion therapy     H0062
    Tobacco, raise minimum age to twenty-one (21) years     S1106
    Youth Mental Health Protection Act, new     H0062
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    Chiropractic physician, licensure and fees     H0010 – Ch.26
    Chiropractic physician, licensure and fees     H0195 – Ch.190
    Chiropractic physician, nutrition certification     H0195 – Ch.190
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    Bond elections, local, threshold requirements lowered     HJR003
    City treasurers, duties, financial reporting procedures     H0130 – Ch.129
    Initiatives/referenda elections, allowed annually     H0109
    License plates, special, historic Lewiston, repeal     H0111 – Ch.233
    Liquor license, authorize counties and cities to issue     H0255
    PERSI rule of 80, emergency communications officers     H0021
    Procurement, may utilize request for proposal option     S1074 – Ch.197
    Public transportation authority, cooperative agreements     H0324
    Sales tax, distribution to counties/cities, formula     H0269
    Surveys, basis of bearing, two monumented corners     S1008 – Ch.86
    Urban renewal, base assessment roll, definition revised     H0116
    Urban renewal, project costs definition revised     H0015 – Ch.27
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    Asbestos Bankruptcy Trust Claims Transparency Act, new     H0177
    Asbestos Bankruptcy Trust Claims Transparency Act, new     H0221
    Civil asset forfeitures, property subject to forfeiture     H0172
    Civil asset forfeitures, property subject to forfeiture     H0202 – (V)
    Eminent domain proceedings, assessment of damages     S1054
    Garnishment proceedings, miscellaneous revisions     S1202 – Ch.303
    Property owner, tenant not paying rent, expedited trial     S1120 – Ch.276
    Tax deficiency, perfected protest, hearing, evidence     H0023 – Ch.19
    Wage claims, damages limited to two times unpaid wages     H0249
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    Discrimination, gender identity/sexual orientation     H0069
    Minoru Yasui, civil and human rights advocate, honor     SCR106 – (A)
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    Building code, owner-builder exemption     S1067
    Commissioners on uniform laws, include former members     S1122
    Idaho Code codifier’s corrections     S1040 – Ch.58
    Internal Revenue Code, update reference     H0026 – Ch.5
    Submersible well pumps, national electrical code     S1047 – Ch.113