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1-2405.  Interim and supplemental membership of court of appeals. (1) Commencing July 1, 1981, until funds have been appropriated for, and the governor has filled by appointment, three (3) positions on the Idaho court of appeals, and continuing thereafter as needed, the supreme court may provide for the assignment of active or senior district judges, active or senior attorney magistrate judges, senior justices of the supreme court and senior judges of the court of appeals to serve on a panel of the court of appeals. Assignments may be made for a time certain, for a term of court, or specifically for one (1) or more cases on the docket of the court of appeals.
(2)  An active or senior district judge or active or senior attorney magistrate judge may not be assigned to hear cases in which he or she participated while serving on the district court, nor may an active district judge or an active attorney magistrate judge hear cases which originated in his or her judicial district.
(3)  Active district judges or active attorney magistrate judges serving on the court of appeals shall be entitled to no additional compensation, but shall be reimbursed for expenses, as provided by section 1-711, Idaho Code, for active district judges, or as provided by section 1-2219, Idaho Code, for active attorney magistrate judges. Compensation for senior justices or senior judges serving on the court of appeals shall be paid in the manner provided for in section 1-2005 or section 1-2221, Idaho Code.

[1-2405, added 1980, ch. 245, sec. 1, p. 566; am. 1999, ch. 148, sec. 1, p. 420; am. 2002, ch. 95, sec. 2, p. 264.]

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