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1-301.  Appointment from district judges — Duties — Compensation and expenses — Removal — Vacancies — Oath. The Supreme Court of the state of Idaho may, at any time, appoint from among the duly elected, qualified and acting district judges of the state of Idaho, from any of the various counties or districts, one or more of such judges to act for such period of time as may be designated in the order appointing them, as commissioners of the Supreme Court; and upon grounds of the public service, the personnel of such commission may be changed from time to time as necessities and business of the several districts may require, by the designation of other district judges to act in the place and stead of those first designated. All that shall be legally required to constitute such commission, and authorize each commissioner to act, shall be the making and entering by the Supreme Court of the order of appointment or substitution of such commissioners. It shall be the duty of said commissioners, under such rules and regulations as the court may adopt, to assist the Supreme Court in the performance of its duties and the disposition of the numerous causes now or hereafter pending in said court, and undetermined. None of such district judges shall be qualified to act for a longer period than that for which they were elected or appointed to serve in the capacity of district judges. None of such commissioners shall receive any salary or emolument whatsoever in addition to the salary already prescribed for them by law, but each and all shall be entitled to and be paid all actual and necessary expenses incurred by him in the performance of his duties hereunder, including when absent from the city of his residence, but not otherwise, actual and necessary expenses of travel and sustenance, all of which expenses shall be paid from the treasury of the state of Idaho in the same manner as are similar expenses of the justices of the Supreme Court, but out of the appropriation made for such purposes for district judges. The Supreme Court shall have the power to remove or substitute any or all members of said commission at any time, permanently or temporarily, and vacancies arising from any cause shall be filled by the Supreme Court. Before entering upon the discharge of their duties, each commissioner will be required to take and subscribe the constitutional oath of office.

[(1-301) 1923, ch. 11, sec. 1, p. 12; I.C.A., sec. 1-301.]

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