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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


19-5117.  Powers of the council — Standards of training, education and employment of county detention officers — Certification — Penalties. (1) It shall be the duty of and the council shall have the power:
(a)  To establish the requirements of minimum basic training which county detention officers shall complete in order to be eligible for permanent employment as a county detention officer;
(b)  To establish such basic training and certification so that it can be completed within one (1) year of employment as a county detention officer;
(c)  To establish the requirements of minimum training standards for employment as a county detention officer in probationary, temporary, part-time and/or emergency situations;
(d)  To certify county detention officers as having completed all requirements established by the council in order to be eligible for permanent employment as a county detention officer;
(e)  To receive applications for financial assistance from counties and disburse available state funds to the counties for salaries and allowable living expenses or any part thereof, incurred while in attendance at approved training programs and schools, as authorized by the council. The annual reimbursement authorized by this section shall not exceed the funds available for such purpose and authorized by section 31-3201B, Idaho Code;
(f)  To maintain permanent files and transcripts for all county detention officers certified by the council to include any additional courses or advance courses of instruction successfully completed by such county detention officers while employed in this state and to include the law enforcement employment history by agency and dates of service of the officer. Such information shall be made available to any law enforcement agency upon request when a person applies for employment at the requesting law enforcement agency.
(2)  Any county detention officer employed after July 1, 1997, shall be trained and certified within one (1) year of employment. Current county detention officers, who were employed prior to July 1, 1997, shall comply with the training and certification provisions of this section by July 1, 1999.

[19-5117, added 1997, ch. 84, sec. 4, p. 203; am. 2009, ch. 115, sec. 2, p. 372.]

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