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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


25-212A.  Deficiency warrants for disease control. Whenever the director declares an emergency, as provided in section 25-212, Idaho Code, the director shall cause the disease to be controlled and eradicated, using such funds as have been appropriated or may hereafter be made available for such purposes; provided, that whenever the cost of disease control and eradication exceeds the funds appropriated or otherwise available for that purpose, the state board of examiners may authorize the issuance of deficiency warrants against the general fund for up to five million dollars ($5,000,000) in any one (1) year for such disease control and eradication. The director, in executing the provisions of this chapter insofar as it relates to disease control and eradication, shall have the authority to cooperate with federal, state, county and municipal agencies and private citizens in disease control and eradication efforts; provided, that the state funds shall only be used to pay the state’s share of the cost of the disease control and eradication efforts. Disease control and eradication costs may include costs for inspection, diagnosis of disease, indemnity paid to owners for infected, exposed or disease susceptible animals purchased and destroyed by order of the director, costs associated with burial or disposal of animal carcasses, and costs for cleaning and disinfecting of infected premises. Such moneys as the state shall thus become liable for shall be paid as a part of the expenses of the department of agriculture out of appropriations which shall be made by the legislature for that purpose. In all appropriations hereafter made for expenses of the department of agriculture, account shall be taken of and provision made for this item of expense.

[25-212A, added 2002, ch. 291, sec. 1, p. 840.]

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