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25-3515.  Chapter construed not to interfere with game laws. No part of this chapter shall be construed as interfering with, negating or preempting any of the laws or rules of the department of fish and game of this state or any law for or against the destruction of certain birds, nor must this chapter be construed as interfering with the right to destroy any venomous reptile, or animal known as dangerous to life, limb, or property, or to interfere with the right to kill, slaughter, bag or take all animals used for food or with properly conducted scientific experiments or investigations performed under the authority of the faculty of a regularly incorporated medical college, or university of this state, or any other recognized research facility or institution.

[(25-3515) R.C., sec. 7153j, as added by 1909, p. 175, sec. 2; reen. C.L., sec. 7153j; C.S., sec. 8552; I.C.A., sec. 17-4213; reen. 1972, ch. 336, sec. 1, p. 887; am. and redesig. 1994, ch. 346, sec. 16, p. 1096.]

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