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31-4328.  Recreation facilities reserve fund election. In any recreation district in which a recreation facilities reserve fund has been created, the board may submit to the qualified electors of the district, the question of applying the levy of six hundredths percent (.06%) of the market value for assessment purposes on all taxable property [within the] in a district or ten (10) mills in a district created pursuant to section 31-4304A, Idaho Code, authorized in section 31-4318, Idaho Code, or a portion thereof, to the credit of the recreation facilities reserve fund.
The notice of such election shall state the number of mills proposed to be levied, the period of years in each of which the levy is proposed to be made, and the purposes for which such funds shall be used. Said notice shall be given, the election shall be conducted and the returns canvassed as provided in sections 31-4323 through 31-4326, Idaho Code, and the levy shall be approved only if a majority, in the amount which is now, or may hereafter be, set by the constitution of the state of Idaho for approval of indebtedness, if the qualified voters vote in favor.
If the question be approved, the board may make a levy in each year according to the terms so approved, and may again submit the question at the expiration of the period of such levy, for the number of mills and the number of years which the board may at that time determine, or, during the period approved at any such election, if such period be less than ten (10) years or the number of mills be less than three (3), the board may submit to the qualified electors in the same manner as before, the question whether the number of years, or the number of mills, or both, be increased, but not to exceed the maximum herein authorized. If such increase or increases be approved by the electors, the terms of such levy shall be in lieu of those approved in the first instance, but disapproval shall not affect any terms theretofore in effect.

[I.C., sec. 31-4328, as added by 1971, ch. 71, sec. 7, p. 161; am. 1995, ch. 82, sec. 9, p. 223; am. 1995, ch. 353, sec. 8, p. 1197.]

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