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33-1808.  educator preparation. (1) The state board of education shall review teacher preparation programs at the institutions of higher education under its supervision and shall assure that the course offerings and graduation requirements are consistent with the Idaho comprehensive literacy plan. To ensure compliance with this requirement, the board may allocate funds, subject to appropriation, to the higher education institutions that have teacher preparation programs.
(2)  The higher education institutions shall be responsible for the preservice assessment measures for all kindergarten through grade 12 teacher preparation programs. The assessment must include a demonstration of teaching skills and knowledge congruent with current research on best reading practices. The assessment may consist of multiple measures, in alignment with best practices, for the demonstration of these skills. Each institution shall report annually to the state board of education the number of preservice teachers who have passed the assessment. The state board of education shall then compile the statewide results and report to the legislature and the governor.
(3)  For all Idaho teachers working on interim certificates, alternate routes, or coming from out of state, completion of a state-approved reading instruction course shall be a onetime requirement for full certification.
(4)  The board of trustees of every school district shall include, in its plan for in-service training, coursework covering reading skills development, including diagnostic tools to review and adjust instruction continuously, and the ability to identify students who need special help in reading. The district plan for in-service training in reading skills shall be submitted to the state department of education for review and approval, in a format specified by the department.

[33-1808, added 2021, ch. 292, sec. 5, p. 879.]

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