Idaho Statutes

34-1813.  Counting, canvassing and return of votes. The votes on measures and questions shall be counted, canvassed and returned by the regular boards of judges, clerks and officers, as votes for candidates are counted, canvassed and returned, and the abstract made by the several county auditors of votes on measures shall be returned to the secretary of state on separate abstract sheets in the manner provided for abstract of votes for state and county officers. It shall be the duty of the secretary of state, in the presence of the governor, to proceed within thirty (30) days after the election, and sooner if the returns be all received, to canvass the votes given for each measure, and the governor shall forthwith issue his proclamation, giving the whole number of votes cast in the state for and against such measure and question, and declaring such measures as are approved by a majority of those voted thereon to be in full force and effect as the law of the state of Idaho from the date of said proclamation; provided, that if two (2) or more measures shall be approved at said election which are known to conflict with each other or to contain conflicting provisions he shall also proclaim which is paramount in accordance with the provisions of sections 34-180134-1822.

[34-1813, added 1933, ch. 210, sec. 13, p. 431.]

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