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36-1103.  Fur-bearing animals — Seasons — Methods — Amounts. No person shall trap or take by any method or means, at any place or time, in any amount, or have in possession any wild fur-bearing animals or pelts thereof, except as permitted by provisions of this title and commission rules and proclamations promulgated pursuant thereto.
(a)  Trapping. No person shall:
1.  Use any edible portions as defined in section 36-1202, Idaho Code, of a game bird, game animal, or game fish for bait in trapping or taking of any wildlife, except wildlife parts salvaged pursuant to section 36-506, Idaho Code, may be used for bait in trapping wildlife.
2.  Destroy, disturb, or remove the trap or traps of any licensed trapper within this state, provided, however, that the director may inspect such traps and seize same when unlawfully set.
(b)  Seizure and Sale of Unclaimed Traps. Traps or other trapping equipment unlawfully set shall be seized by the director or any officer charged with the enforcement of the wildlife laws and may be sold, and the moneys of such sale shall be credited to the state fish and game account.
(c)  Muskrat House Protected. No person shall trap in or on or destroy or damage any muskrat house at any time. For the purpose of this section, what is known as a push-up is not construed to be a muskrat house in the sense of the law pertaining to trapping in or on muskrat houses.

[36-1103, added 1976, ch. 95, sec. 2, p. 355; am. 1992, ch. 81, sec. 29, p. 243; am. 1998, ch. 170, sec. 9, p. 584; am. 2021, ch. 91, sec. 1, p. 319.]

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