Idaho Statutes

39-3601.  Declaration of policy and statement of legislative intent. The legislature, recognizing that surface water is one of the state’s most valuable natural resources, has approved the adoption of water quality standards and authorized the director of the department of environmental quality in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, to implement these standards. In order to maintain and achieve existing and designated beneficial uses and to conform to the expressed intent of congress to control pollution of navigable waters of the United States, the legislature declares that it is the purpose of this chapter to enhance and preserve the quality and value of the navigable waters of the United States within the state of Idaho, and to define the responsibilities of public agencies in the control, and monitoring of water pollution, and, through implementation of this chapter, enhance the state’s economic well-being. In consequence of the benefits resulting to the public health, welfare and economy, it is hereby declared to be the policy of the state of Idaho to protect this natural resource by monitoring and controlling water pollution; to support and aid technical and planning research leading to the control of water pollution, and to provide financial and technical assistance to municipalities, soil conservation districts and other agencies in the control of water pollution. The director, in cooperation with such other agencies as may be appropriate, shall administer this chapter. It is the intent of the legislature that the state of Idaho fully meet the goals and requirements of the federal clean water act and that the rules promulgated under this chapter not impose requirements beyond those of the federal clean water act.

[39-3601, added 1995, ch. 352, sec. 1, p. 1166; am. 2001, ch. 103, sec. 30, p. 274; am. 2011, ch. 116, sec. 1, p. 320.]

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