Idaho Statutes

39-3614.  Duties of the basin advisory group. Each basin advisory group shall meet as necessary to conduct the group’s business and to provide general coordination of the water quality programs of all public agencies pertinent to each basin. Duties of the basin advisory groups shall include, but not be limited to, providing advice to the director for:
(1)  Determining priorities for monitoring;
(2)  Revisions in the beneficial uses designated for each stream and the status and attainability of designated or existing beneficial uses for the water bodies within the basin;
(3)  Assigning water bodies to the categories described in section 39-3609, Idaho Code;
(4)  Reviewing the development and implementation of total maximum daily load processes as described in section 39-3611, Idaho Code;
(5)  Suggesting members of the watershed advisory groups described in section 39-3615, Idaho Code; and
(6)  Establishing priorities for water quality programs within the basin based on the economic resources available to implement such programs.
In carrying out the provisions of this chapter, the director and the basin advisory groups shall employ all means of public involvement deemed necessary, including the public involvement required by section 39-3603, Idaho Code, or required in chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code, and shall cooperate fully with the public involvement or planning processes of other appropriate public agencies.

[39-3614, added 1995, ch. 352, sec. 1, p. 1174.]

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