Idaho Statutes

39-3908.  Hearing. (1) The court shall set a hearing on the petition upon receipt of the recommendation of the evaluation committee and shall order that copies of the evaluation committee’s reports and notice of the time and place of the hearing be provided the person subject to this chapter, their guardian, their counsel, their guardian ad litem, and such other persons as the court may designate.
(2)  The person subject to this chapter is entitled to be present at the hearing, and to see and hear all evidence bearing on the petition. The person subject to this chapter may be absent from the hearing if he or she is unwilling or is unable to participate.
(3)  A hearing shall be held in district court with the right of cross-examination preserved at all stages. The members of the evaluation committee may be subpoenaed and questioned by any party to the proceedings. Any party to the proceedings may submit additional evidence.
(4)  The court must enter findings of fact and conclusions of law as well as an order either directing sterilization of the person subject to this chapter or dismissing the petition for insufficiency of evidence or any other reason.

[39-3908, added 2003, ch. 189, sec. 2, p. 513.]

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