Idaho Statutes

39-413.  District health director — Appointment — Powers and duties. A district health director shall be appointed by the district board. The director shall have and exercise the following powers and duties in addition to all other powers and duties inherent in the position or delegated to him or imposed upon him by law or rule, regulation, or ordinance:
(1)  To be secretary and administrative officer of the district board of health;
(2)  To prescribe such rules and regulations, consistent with the requirements of this chapter, as may be necessary for the government of the district, the conduct and duties of the district employees, the orderly and efficient handling of business and the custody, use and preservation of the records, papers, books and property belonging to the public health district;
(3)  To administer oaths for all purposes required in the discharge of his duties;
(4)  With the approval of the district board to:
(a)  Prescribe the positions and the qualifications of all personnel under the district health director on a nonpartisan merit basis in accordance with the objective standards approved by the district board.
(b)  Fix the rate of pay and appoint, promote, demote, and separate such employees and to perform such other personnel actions as are needed from time to time in conformance with the requirements of chapter 53, title 67, Idaho Code.
(c)  Create such units and sections as are or may be necessary for the proper and efficient functioning of the duties herein imposed.

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