Idaho Statutes

39-6111B.  criteria for the national interest waiver petitioning physician. The national interest waiver petitioning physician must:
(1)  (a) Provide direct patient care full time; and
(b)  Be trained in:
(i)   Family medicine;
(ii)  Internal medicine;
(iii) Pediatrics;
(iv)  Obstetrics and gynecology;
(v)   General surgery; or
(vi)  Psychiatry and its subspecialties.
(2)  Apply and be eligible for an active Idaho medical license. The physician may be participating in an accredited residency program for this application, but must have successfully completed the third year of his residency training program for his employment contract to be activated. The physician must have an unrestricted license to practice in the state of Idaho and be board certified or eligible in his respective medical specialty at the commencement of employment. A copy of the acknowledgment of receipt form from the state board of medicine must be included in the waiver request.
(3)  Have at least one (1) recommendation from their residency program and one (1) from a previous employer, if applicable, that:
(a)  Addresses the physician’s interpersonal and professional ability to effectively care for diverse and low-income persons in the United States;
(b)  Describes an ability to work well with supervisory and subordinate medical staff, and adapt to the culture of United States health care facilities;
(c)  Documents the level of specialty training, if any;
(d)  Is prepared on residency program letterhead or the employer’s business letterhead and is signed by residency program staff or faculty; and
(e)  Includes name, title, relationship to physician, address and phone number of signatory.
(4)  Agree with all provisions of the employment contract as described in section 39-6109A, Idaho Code. Other negotiable terms of the contract are between the physician and the hiring agency.
(5)  (a) Agree to work full time for no less than five (5) years in an area of underservice in the state of Idaho unless the physician qualifies for the three (3) year service provision under the applicable national interest waiver rules and regulations or the physician is transferring from another area of underservice;
(b)  Provide health care to medicare and medicaid beneficiaries;
(c)  Post and implement a sliding fee discount schedule;
(d)  Serve the low-income population;
(e)  Serve the uninsured population; and
(f)  Serve the shortage designation population; or
(g)  Serve the population of a local, state or federal governmental institution or corrections facility as an employee of the institution.

[(39-6111B) 39-6111A, added 2009, ch. 106, sec. 13, p. 333; am. 2014, ch. 61, sec. 3, p. 146; am. and redesig. 2017, ch. 72, sec. 10, p. 178.]

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