Idaho Statutes

40-405.  Tolls, fixing and collecting. (1) The board is authorized to fix, revise, charge and collect tolls for the use of each turnpike project and the different parts or sections of the project, and to contract with any person, partnership, association or corporations desiring the use of any part of the project, including the right-of-way adjoining the paved portion, for the placement of telephone, telegraph, electric light or power lines, gas stations, garages, stores, hotels, and restaurants, or for any other purpose except for tracks for railroad or for railway use, and to fix the terms, conditions, rents and rates of charge for that use.
(2)  The board shall construct any gasoline service facilities which it may determine are needed on the project, and to afford users of the project a reasonable choice of motor fuels of different brands. Each gasoline service station shall be separately offered for lease upon sealed bids. Notice of the offer shall be published once a week in three (3) successive weeks in a newspaper having general circulation in the state. If acceptable bids are received, in the judgment of the board, each lease shall be awarded to the highest and best bidder, but no person shall be awarded or have the use of, nor shall motor fuel identified by trade marks, trade names or brands of any one (1) supplier, distributor or retailer of such fuel be sold at more than one (1) service station if they would constitute more than twenty-five per cent (25%) of the service stations on the entire project.
(3)  No contract shall be required and no rent, fee or other charge of any kind shall be imposed for the use and occupation of any turnpike project for the installation, construction, use, operation, maintenance, repair, renewal, relocation or removal of tracks, pipes, mains, conduits, cables, wires, towers, poles or other equipment or appliances in, on, along, over or under any turnpike project by any public utility, person or corporation paying a tax for the privilege of using the public highways or other public places in the state.
(4)  Tolls shall be so fixed and adjusted as to carry out and perform the terms and provisions of any contract with or for the benefit of bondholders. Tolls shall not be subject to supervision or regulation by any other department, division, bureau, commission, board, or agency of the state. The use and disposition of tolls and revenues shall be subject to the provisions of a resolution by the board in authorizing the issuance of bonds or of a trust agreement securing them.

[40-405, added 1985, ch. 253, sec. 2, p. 607.]

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