Idaho Statutes

40-717.  Deposit and disbursement of funds of the local highway technical assistance council — Administration. (1) Funds apportioned under section 40-709, Idaho Code, to the local highway technical assistance council shall immediately be deposited by the council in one (1) or more banks or trust companies approved under chapter 27, title 67, Idaho Code, as state depositories. All funds so deposited and interest from the same are hereby continuously appropriated for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of chapter 24, title 40, Idaho Code.
(2)  The local highway technical assistance council is charged with the sole and exclusive administration of the council funds and shall follow federal guidelines in providing technical assistance to local highway jurisdictions which may be funded in part with federal funds. Funds can be withdrawn or paid out of such accounts only upon checks or other orders upon such account, signed by two (2) officers of the council or employees designated by the council.
(3)  The right is reserved to the state of Idaho to audit the accounts and expenditures of the council at any time.
(4)  All money received or expended by the council shall be audited annually by a certified public accountant, designated by the council, as provided in section 40-2405, Idaho Code.

[40-717, added 1994, ch. 280, sec. 4, p. 870; am. 1995, ch. 268, sec. 1, p. 866.]

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