Idaho Statutes

40-913.  Resolution for use of day labor — Materials or supplies purchased on the open market. After twice rejecting all bids received for the same project, the county or district commissioners may, after preparing a cost estimate and finding it to be a fact, pass a resolution declaring that the project can be performed more economically by day labor, or the materials or supplies furnished at a lower price in the open market. Upon adoption of the resolution it may have the project accomplished in the manner stated. The work performed or the materials or supplies provided shall be in accordance with the same plans and specifications upon which the bids were based. A complete and accurate record shall be kept of the cost of performing the work and this cost record shall be in a form that allows easy comparison with the cost estimate. The record shall show the totals of all classes and kinds of work performed, the total cost and unit cost of each class, together with the costs of executing the work including the costs of labor, material, equipment purchased, rental of equipment, insurance, fringe benefits, superintendence and all other overhead allocable to that project, including the reasonable value of the use of equipment owned by the county or district.

[40-913, added 1985, ch. 253, sec. 2, p. 641; am. 1987, ch. 79, sec. 7, p. 151.]

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