Idaho Statutes

41-1415.  Rating organizations — Licensing. (1) Any person, corporation, unincorporated association, partnership or individual, whether located within or outside this state, not an officer or employee of any insurer, may apply to the director for a license as a rate making organization for such kinds of insurance or subdivisions or classes of risk or part or combination thereof as are specified in its application. Any property insurance rating bureau licensed under the provisions of this chapter, except a crop hail or nuclear energy insurance rating bureau, shall be entirely independent in its operation and management and shall not be a branch or division of any other property insurance rating bureau. A property insurance rating organization shall establish and maintain a rate making office in this state, and to the extent reasonably possible shall maintain in such office all the files and records relating to the rates currently made by such rating organization and the making thereof; but this provision does not apply as to marine or inland marine or crop hail insurance rating organizations.
(2)  As part of its application the rating organization shall file with the director:
(a)  Copy of its constitution, its articles of agreement or association or its certificate of incorporation, and of its by-laws, rules and regulations governing the conduct of its business;
(b)  A list of its members and subscribers;
(c)  The name and address of a resident of this state upon whom notices or orders of the director or process affecting the rating organization may be served; and
(d)  A statement of its qualifications as a rating organization.
(3)  If the director finds that the applicant is competent, trustworthy and otherwise qualified to act as a rating organization, and that its constitution, articles of agreement or association or certificate of incorporation, and its by-laws, rules and regulations governing the conduct of its business conform to the requirements of law, he shall issue a license specifying the kinds of insurance or subdivision or class of risk or part or combination thereof for which the applicant is authorized to act as a rating organization. Every such application shall be granted or denied in whole or in part by the director within sixty (60) days of the date of its filing with him.

[41-1415, added 1961, ch. 330, sec. 320, p. 645; am. 1966 (2nd E.S.), ch. 2, sec. 1, p. 12; am. 1969, ch. 306, sec. 4, p. 917.]

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