Idaho Statutes

41-1957.  Disclosure to Owner By Provider Upon Settlement Contract. A life settlement provider shall provide the owner with at least the following disclosures prior to the time the owner signs the life settlement contract. The disclosures shall be conspicuously displayed in the life settlement contract or in a separate document signed by the owner and shall provide the following information:
(1)  The affiliation, if any, between the life settlement provider and the issuer of the insurance policy to be settled;
(2)  The name, business address and telephone number of the life settlement provider;
(3)  If an insurance policy to be settled has been issued as a joint policy or involves family riders or any coverage of a life other than the insured under the policy to be settled, the possible loss of coverage on the other lives under the policy and shall be advised to consult with his or her insurance producer or the insurer issuing the policy for advice on the proposed life settlement;
(4)  The dollar amount of the current death benefit payable under the policy or certificate. If known, the life settlement provider shall also disclose the availability of any additional guaranteed insurance benefits, the dollar amount of any accidental death and dismemberment benefits under the policy or certificate and the extent to which the owner’s interest in those benefits will be transferred as a result of the life settlement contract; and
(5)  The name, business address and telephone number of the independent third party escrow agent, and the fact that the owner may inspect or receive copies of the relevant escrow or trust agreements or documents.

[41-1957, added 2009, ch. 69, sec. 1, p. 199.]

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