Idaho Statutes

41-2010.  Provisions required in group contracts. No policy of group life insurance shall be delivered in this state unless it contains in substance the provisions set forth in sections 41-2011 through 41-2020 of this chapter or provisions which in the opinion of the director are more favorable to the persons insured, or at least as favorable to the persons insured and more favorable to the policyholder; except, however, that:
(1)  Sections 41-2016 to 41-2020 inclusive shall not apply to policies issued to a creditor to insure debtors of such creditor;
(2)  The standard provisions required for individual life insurance policies shall not apply to group life insurance policies; and
(3)  If the group life insurance policy is on a plan of insurance other than the term plan, it shall contain a nonforfeiture provision or provisions which in the opinion of the director is or are equitable to the insured persons and to the policyholder, but nothing herein shall be construed to require that group life insurance policies contain the same nonforfeiture provisions as are required for individual life insurance policies.

[41-2010, added 1961, ch. 330, sec. 475, p. 645.]

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