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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


41-2854.  Mutualization of stock insurers. (1) A stock insurer other than a title insurer may become a mutual insurer under such plan and procedure as may be approved by the director after a hearing thereon.
(2)  The director shall not approve any such plan, procedure or mutualization unless:
(a)  It is equitable to stockholders and policyholders;
(b)  It is subject to approval by the holders of not less than a majority of the insurer’s outstanding capital stock having voting rights, and by not less than a majority of the insurer’s policyholders who vote on such plan in person, by proxy or by mail pursuant to such notice and procedure as may be approved by the director;
(c)  If a life insurer, the right to vote thereon is limited to holders of policies other than term or group policies, and whose policies have been in force for more than one (1) year;
(d)  Mutualization will result in retirement of shares of the insurer’s capital stock at a price not in excess of the fair market value thereof as determined by competent disinterested appraisers;
(e)  The plan provides for the purchase of the shares of any nonconsenting stockholder in the same manner and subject to the same applicable conditions as provided by the general corporation law of the state as to rights of nonconsenting stockholders, with respect to consolidation or merger of private corporations;
(f)  The plan provides for definite conditions to be fulfilled by a designated early date upon which such mutualization will be deemed effective; and
(g)  The mutualization leaves the insurer with surplus funds reasonably adequate for the security of its policyholders and to enable it to continue successfully in business in the states in which it is then authorized to transact insurance, and for the kinds of insurance included in its certificates of authority in such states.
(3)  No director, officer, agent or employee of the insurer, nor any other person, shall receive any fee, commission or other valuable consideration whatsoever for in any manner aiding, promoting, or assisting therein except as set forth in the plan of mutualization as approved by the director.
(4)  This section shall not apply to mutualization under order of court pursuant to rehabilitation or reorganization of an insurer under chapter 33.

[41-2854, added 1961, ch. 330, sec. 623, p. 645.]

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